Premier League - Relegation Treble Betting Odds

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Burnley/Hull and Middlesbrough12
Burnley/Hull and Watford16
Burnley/Hull and West Brom18
Hull/Middlesbrough and Watford22
Burnley/Hull and Bournemouth25
Burnley/Middlesbrough and Watford25
Burnley/West Brom and Middlesbrough25
Hull/West Brom and Middlesbrough25
Burnley/Crystal Palace and Hull28
Burnley/Hull and Sunderland28
Burnley/Hull and Swansea28
Burnley/West Brom and Watford28
Hull/West Brom and Watford28
Hull/Bournemouth and Middlesbrough33
Hull/Swansea and Middlesbrough33
Burnley/Bournemouth and Middlesbrough40
Burnley/Bournemouth and Watford40
Burnley/Crystal Palace and Middlesbrough40
Burnley/Hull and Stoke40
Burnley/Sunderland and Middlesbrough40
Burnley/Swansea and Middlesbrough40
Crystal Palace/Hull and Middlesbrough40
Hull/Bournemouth and Watford40
Hull/Sunderland and Middlesbrough40
Hull/Sunderland and Watford40
Hull/Swansea and Watford40
Hull/Swansea and West Brom40
Hull/West Brom and Bournemouth40
West Brom/Middlesbrough and Watford40
Burnley/Crystal Palace and Watford50
Burnley/Crystal Palace and West Brom50
Burnley/Sunderland and Watford50
Burnley/Sunderland and West Brom50
Burnley/Swansea and Watford50
Burnley/Swansea and West Brom50
Burnley/West Brom and Bournemouth50
Crystal Palace/Hull and Watford50
Crystal Palace/Hull and West Brom50
Hull/Sunderland and West Brom50
Bournemouth/Middlesbrough and Watford66
Burnley/Stoke and Middlesbrough66
Hull/Stoke and Middlesbrough66
Hull/Sunderland and Bournemouth66
Hull/Swansea and Bournemouth66
Sunderland/Middlesbrough and Watford66
Sunderland/West Brom and Middlesbrough66
Swansea/Middlesbrough and Watford66
Swansea/West Brom and Middlesbrough66
West Brom/Bournemouth and Middlesbrough66
Burnley/Crystal Palace and Bournemouth80
Burnley/Stoke and Watford80
Burnley/Stoke and West Brom80
Burnley/Sunderland and Bournemouth80
Burnley/Sunderland and Swansea80
Burnley/Swansea and Bournemouth80
Crystal Palace/Hull and Bournemouth80
Crystal Palace/Hull and Sunderland80
Crystal Palace/Hull and Swansea80
Crystal Palace/Middlesbrough and Watford80
Crystal Palace/West Brom and Middlesbrough80
Hull/Stoke and Watford80
Hull/Stoke and West Brom80
Hull/Sunderland and Swansea80
Sunderland/West Brom and Watford80
Swansea/West Brom and Watford80
West Brom/Bournemouth and Watford80
Burnley/Crystal Palace and Sunderland100
Burnley/Crystal Palace and Swansea100
Burnley/Hull and Southampton100
Crystal Palace/Swansea and Middlesbrough100
Crystal Palace/West Brom and Watford100
Hull/Stoke and Swansea100
Stoke/Middlesbrough and Watford100
Stoke/West Brom and Middlesbrough100
Sunderland/Bournemouth and Middlesbrough100
Sunderland/Swansea and Middlesbrough100
Swansea/Bournemouth and Middlesbrough100
Burnley/Crystal Palace and Stoke150
Burnley/Hull and West Ham150
Burnley/Southampton and Middlesbrough150
Burnley/Stoke and Bournemouth150
Burnley/Stoke and Sunderland150
Burnley/Stoke and Swansea150
Crystal Palace/Bournemouth and Middlesbrough150
Crystal Palace/Bournemouth and Watford150
Crystal Palace/Hull and Stoke150
Crystal Palace/Sunderland and Middlesbrough150
Crystal Palace/Sunderland and Watford150
Crystal Palace/Sunderland and West Brom150
Crystal Palace/Swansea and West Brom150
Crystal Palace/West Brom and Bournemouth150
Hull/Southampton and Middlesbrough150
Hull/Stoke and Bournemouth150
Hull/Stoke and Sunderland150
Stoke/West Brom and Watford150
Sunderland/Bournemouth and Watford150
Sunderland/Swansea and Watford150
Sunderland/Swansea and West Brom150
Sunderland/West Brom and Bournemouth150
Swansea/Bournemouth and Watford150
Swansea/West Brom and Bournemouth150
Burnley/Southampton and West Brom200
Crystal Palace/Stoke and Middlesbrough200
Crystal Palace/Swansea and Watford200
Hull/Southampton and Watford200
Stoke/Bournemouth and Middlesbrough200
Stoke/Sunderland and Middlesbrough200
Stoke/Swansea and Middlesbrough200
Burnley/Everton and Hull250
Burnley/Everton and Middlesbrough250
Burnley/Hull and Leicester250
Burnley/Southampton and Bournemouth250
Burnley/Southampton and Swansea250
Burnley/Southampton and Watford250
Burnley/West Brom and West Ham250
Burnley/West Ham and Middlesbrough250
Crystal Palace/Stoke and Watford250
Crystal Palace/Stoke and West Brom250
Crystal Palace/Sunderland and Bournemouth250
Crystal Palace/Sunderland and Swansea250
Crystal Palace/Swansea and Bournemouth250
Everton/Hull and Middlesbrough250
Hull/Southampton and Bournemouth250
Hull/Southampton and Sunderland250
Hull/Southampton and West Brom250
Hull/West Ham and Middlesbrough250
Southampton/Middlesbrough and Watford250
Southampton/West Brom and Middlesbrough250
Southampton/West Brom and Watford250
Stoke/Bournemouth and Watford250
Stoke/Sunderland and Watford250
Stoke/Sunderland and West Brom250
Stoke/Swansea and Watford250
Stoke/Swansea and West Brom250
Stoke/West Brom and Bournemouth250
Sunderland/Swansea and Bournemouth250
Burnley/Crystal Palace and Southampton500
Burnley/Everton and Watford500
Burnley/Everton and West Brom500
Burnley/Leicester and Middlesbrough500
Burnley/Leicester and Watford500
Burnley/Leicester and West Brom500
Burnley/Southampton and Stoke500
Burnley/Southampton and Sunderland500
Burnley/Sunderland and West Ham500
Burnley/Swansea and West Ham500
Burnley/West Ham and Bournemouth500
Burnley/West Ham and Watford500
Crystal Palace/Hull and Southampton500
Crystal Palace/Southampton and Watford500
Crystal Palace/Stoke and Bournemouth500
Crystal Palace/Stoke and Sunderland500
Crystal Palace/Stoke and Swansea500
Everton/Hull and Sunderland500
Everton/Hull and Watford500
Everton/Hull and West Brom500
Hull/Leicester and Middlesbrough500
Hull/Leicester and Watford500
Hull/Leicester and West Brom500
Hull/Southampton and Stoke500
Hull/Southampton and Swansea500
Hull/Swansea and West Ham500
Hull/West Brom and West Ham500
Hull/West Ham and Watford500
Southampton/Bournemouth and Middlesbrough500
Southampton/Bournemouth and Watford500
Southampton/Sunderland and Middlesbrough500
Southampton/Swansea and Watford500
Stoke/Sunderland and Bournemouth500
Stoke/Sunderland and Swansea500
Stoke/Swansea and Bournemouth500
West Brom/West Ham and Middlesbrough500
West Ham/Middlesbrough and Watford500
Crystal Palace/Hull and West Ham750
Crystal Palace/Southampton and Middlesbrough750
Everton/Hull and Bournemouth750
Everton/Middlesbrough and Watford750
Hull/Sunderland and West Ham750
Southampton/Swansea and Middlesbrough750
Southampton/West Brom and Bournemouth750

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