Thursday 11th February 2016

Sunderland BAGS - 11:03

All Odds

Daring Thunder

Druids Garabaldi

Poormans Gamble



Slaneyside Gooch

Sheffield BAGS - 11:11

All Odds

Bodell Bolt

Cimla Cash

Dunbolg Cygnus

Noesey Chimes

Rosies Petal

Solid Bella

Sunderland BAGS - 11:19

All Odds

Aero Voyage

Denwill Hawkeye

Druids Fernando

Late Arrival

Moneygall Nico

Rathcoole Blue

Sheffield BAGS - 11:28

All Odds

Ballistic Moment

Compass Ray

Leah Ciaire

Oulartleigh City

Townside Xenia

Were Mad

Sunderland BAGS - 11:34

All Odds

Autumn Hotdog

Cormac The Flyer

Darlo Dawsy

Frankies Fly

Lady Midas

Sarahs Flame

Sheffield BAGS - 11:42

All Odds

Geelo Lilo

Her In Doors

Powerful Trend

Russanda Roslea

Swift Bush

Whats Her Name

Sunderland BAGS - 11:48

All Odds

Ardera Kitty

Barnagrane Oak

Castlegore Myia

Mill Perrier

Sans Treve

Utopia Scream

Sheffield BAGS - 11:57

All Odds

Bodell Katie

Gatelodge Dinky

Kilcotton Cab

That Man Again

Vigorous Chuckie

West Of Dromin

Sunderland BAGS - 12:04

All Odds

Ballymac Star

Charity Bet

Dash Time

Jacobs Boy

Jelly Baby

Live Flight

Sheffield BAGS - 12:12

All Odds

Ballycowen Tess

Bodell Pearl

Boherash Cougar

Jazz Hero

Mals Lad

Rashers Legend

Sunderland BAGS - 12:18

All Odds

Chaotic Seraph

Denwill Dotty

Derrylough Annie

Loughside Stefi

Market Cutbacks

Zulu Lady

Sheffield BAGS - 12:27

All Odds

Adamant Pele

Clerihan Polly

Coles Hawk

Ola Triangle

Russanda Peachy

Swift Darius

Sunderland BAGS - 12:32

All Odds

After Helen

Glasmeen Paris

Glenside Poppy

Metron Blue

Micks Tiger

Rainham Flower

Sheffield BAGS - 12:42

All Odds

Farley Boy

Garryglass Swift

Katies General

Marinas Lord

Slaneyside Heany

Swift Minstral

Sunderland BAGS - 12:47

All Odds

Autumn Diamond

Dynamo Blue

Group Flyer

Mill Foggy

Shauns Ace

Tullymurry Sea

Sheffield BAGS - 12:58

All Odds

Drumcrow River

Head Iton Cheeky

Meagans Hope

Storming Isi Lil

Stunning Tommy

Whinmoor Diamond

Sunderland BAGS - 13:04

All Odds

Adraville Crash

Coeliac Jean

Etherley Milano

Gaffers Rumble

Riu Britney


Sheffield BAGS - 13:12

All Odds



Renaboula Royle

Sasa Papin

Solo Princess

Sullane Legacy

Sunderland BAGS - 13:19

All Odds

Jennys Oak

Morell Scooter

Olympic Talks

Rookey Girl

Ryecroft Johnina

Tourig Black

Sheffield BAGS - 13:27

All Odds

Goulane Mystery

Lostrigg Belle

Russelena Jessie

Slaneyside Sive

Springwell Pops

Texas Severide

Sunderland BAGS - 13:33

All Odds

Crafty Borgo

Lisnakill Paudie

Suncroft Jeanie

Tenerife Playa

Tullig Sunshine


Sheffield BAGS - 13:44

All Odds


Bodell George

Droopys Ewing

Ferndale Tiger

Mardine Queenie


Sunderland BAGS - 13:51

All Odds

Group Tiger

Letsgo James

Nikki Bella

Offaly Lady

Patchys Tara

Witton Galileo

Sheffield BAGS - 13:58

All Odds

Barntick Bound

Headiton Rowland

Kildare Wizard

Resident Hawk

Swift Metro

Ulster Ypres

Romford BAGS - 14:08

All Odds

Adamant Rose

Borwick Joker



Kummel King

Sneezys Maura

Crayford BAGS - 14:18

All Odds

Fearsome Ferno

Lemming Womble

Moyar Eske

Peteles Gem

Premarket Honey


Romford BAGS - 14:27

All Odds

Curragh Vic



Swabys Woody

Wychwood Bronze

Young Melody

Crayford BAGS - 14:37

All Odds

Ace Of Clubs

Bling Bling Cara

Brownsbridge Gem

Newlawn Aoife

Oghill Sarah

Tinas Western

Romford BAGS - 14:47

All Odds


Gemmas Cookie

Opera Buff

Phoenix Rocky

Ticks Every Box

Young Cuba

Crayford BAGS - 14:57

All Odds

Barra Bounty

Blonde Junior

Comeragh Captain

Have Anice Day

Mullrook Da Girl

Snowdon Amy

Romford BAGS - 15:07

All Odds

Daniels Dream

Frollein Jaxx

Keeperhill Fran

Out Of Sight

Tractor Ben

Vigilant Emily

Crayford BAGS - 15:17

All Odds

Boomtown Vic

Boots Of Pride

Clash Tenor

Clonavaddy Dream

Tonetta Form

Westmead Ellie

Romford BAGS - 15:28

All Odds

Big Nose Kate

Catunda Roma

Halls Bay

Says Laura

Sonic Stream

Vics Venus

Crayford BAGS - 15:38

All Odds

Buglys Causeway

Chuckles Girl

Farran Dusty

Get There Topps

Lemming Noodles


Romford BAGS - 15:48

All Odds

Borwick Dubh

Dinner Osidge

Masambula Girl

Millwards Ozil


Two Lilys

Crayford BAGS - 15:58

All Odds

Blackrose Mag

Ickle Frank

Maggies Image

Smell The Money

Suirview Fire

Trapstyle Yam

Romford BAGS - 16:08

All Odds

Carry On Poppy

Confident Rogue

Piemans Rocket

Regal Spirit

Saucy Sam

Skylers Ice

Crayford BAGS - 16:18

All Odds

Cash And Go

Hatfield Elvis

Ilewin Foryou

Luani Beauty

Precious Leah

Seen Better Days

Romford BAGS - 16:27

All Odds

Crokers Oscar

Dinner Frosty

Jaytee Dave

Roadside Rocky

Rough Mystery

Sneezys Saver

Crayford BAGS - 16:37

All Odds

Balistic Dinny

Black Fusion

Black Selection

Diesel Marco

Newlawn Victoria

Shanbally Swift

Romford BAGS - 16:47

All Odds

Bigwood Thomas

Bluestorm Darwin

Borwick Paradise

Chopchop Josh


Rising Bouncer

Crayford BAGS - 16:57

All Odds

Abbeys Sandy

Alittle Bit More

Barrack Bound

Genestone Lady

Minnies Serene

Newlawn Mandy

Romford BAGS - 17:07

All Odds

Bonamassa Tom


Global Spirit

Lemming Chloe

Liosgarbh Nadal

Rock The Jespah

Crayford BAGS - 17:17

All Odds


Brown Bess

Castlehill Dino

Derrew Pixie

Stunning Jojo

Trumpers Gemma

Romford BAGS - 17:22

All Odds

African Princess

Andys Amanda

Little Blitz

Lybes Supreme

Mumbas Vieri

Sharp Amy

Crayford BAGS - 17:33

All Odds

Airforce Thunder

Blackrose Jo

Daretobe Smart


Princely Pennie

Skinny Minnie

Romford BAGS - 17:38

All Odds


Enzo Tiger

Ruby Ruso

Totti Hodgey

Vics Me Daddy

Young Katie

Crayford BAGS - 17:47

All Odds

Blackrose Linda

Darkcat Vadar

Farran Major

Milltown Molly


Very Bold

Romford BAGS - 17:56

All Odds

Archers Bullet

Chopchop Elvis

Dudleys Spark

Herbies Revenge

Swabys Norah

To Tone Steve

Crayford BAGS - 18:04

All Odds

American Beauty

Castlebride King

Lordsbury Dolly

Quick Bolt

Too Many Pints

Zenas Marino

Romford BAGS - 18:11

All Odds

Cos I Can

Earls Spartan

Kay Aitch


Never So Sure


Crayford BAGS - 18:18

All Odds

Besomi Lewis

Butterbridge Lil


Old Father Time

Swift Breasley

Townsend Rebel

Hove - 18:28

All Odds

Berkshire Hodgo

Guinness Super

High Hawk

Mallogs Nina

Nods Jack


Monmore - 18:33

All Odds

Celtic Queen

Invisible Spirit


Kranky Scott

Nifty Girl Shell


Newcastle Dogs - 18:39

All Odds

Ex Toby

Offshore Louis

Queenies Joker


Target Layla

Till Acer

Hove - 18:44

All Odds

Cavies Misty

Farmers Sky

Get On Jayden

Get On Pippa

Mallogs Suarez

Wonkers Nod

Monmore - 18:49

All Odds

Armchair Eileen

Elderberry Atios

Get There Emmie

Kilcarrig Aoibh

Letsgo Moody

No Na Never

Newcastle Dogs - 18:56

All Odds

Canny Agnes

Effernogue Andy

Mr Loy

Romeo Alvaro

Rory Jane

Viking Glen

Hove - 19:01

All Odds

Burgess Master

Coolykereen Bank

Geneva Des

Spot Spirit

Swift Botha


Monmore - 19:06

All Odds

Filey Jet

Head Iton Teecee

Narabane Flyer

Polska Star

Uncle Magic

Windgap Coke

Newcastle Dogs - 19:11

All Odds

Banana Dale

Canny Laura

Scarlet Fiadh

Selkirk Marches


Vics Paddys

Hove - 19:16

All Odds

Jump The Gun

Knoxs Brother

Nans Bolt

Priceless Sand


Southern Saint

Monmore - 19:22

All Odds

Agent Gemma

Beaming Angel

Farloe Lynx

Montys Survivor

Shaneboy Selma

Tagalong Storm

Henlow - 19:25

All Odds

Blue Queen


Clounanna Holly

Dance Dolly

Farrany Fernando

Nells Pride

Newcastle Dogs - 19:27

All Odds

Clampett Beauty

Hipsway Luas

Romeo Bacana

Steel Twirl

Troopers Para

Vics Desnhelen

Wimbledon - 19:31

All Odds

Droopys Cumbria

Fizzypop Oscar

Melwood Bolt

Opening Lucere

Raparee Betty

Shendus Sound

Hove - 19:32

All Odds

Liosgarbh All

Malbay Jacko

Phat Phoebe

Razldazl Brian

Rowfolds Olly

Starring Storm

Monmore - 19:37

All Odds

Ava Owen Charley

Ballymac Zara

Damson Jam

Gortkelly Nidge

Lucky Oscar

Swift Hastings

Henlow - 19:39

All Odds

Derrylahan Girl

Fatboyz Missy

Indigo Tom


Savana Isla

Swift Dali

Newcastle Dogs - 19:43

All Odds

Banana Fille

Dickies Lass

Hypnotic Django

Romeo Squadron

Slaneyside Scoot

Till Laird

Wimbledon - 19:46

All Odds

Drohobych Star

Effernogue Fly


Letsgo Bullet

Pennys Susie

Salthill Magic

Hove - 19:48

All Odds

Allianz Park

Dromana Angel

Maui Mustang

Piercestown Jane

Sporting Oscar

Swift Hope

Monmore - 19:53

All Odds

Astra Secret

Beatties Wild

Indalo Ace

Moss Lane Sue

Riverside Harry

Toosey Penny

Henlow - 19:54

All Odds

Archies Gem

Bodell Lovemedo

Help Me Rhonda

Kilgraney Pippa

Mallogs Pluto

Wood Millie

Newcastle Dogs - 19:58

All Odds

Colliery Jazz

Elusive Time

Guinness Eagle

Jumeirah Lord

Killacolla Ka Ka

Oakvale Papa

Wimbledon - 20:02

All Odds

Aegean Razl

Give Me Patience

Hows Our Beauty

Lisnakill Laszlo

Sat Nav Suzy

Warm Reception

Hove - 20:04

All Odds


Castlemary Rebel

Droopys Six

Last Legs

Ronnies A Legend

Woodmancote Bert

Monmore - 20:09

All Odds


Droopys Turin

Fred The Shred

Highfire Eagle

Klockwork Konk

Tyrur Mata

Henlow - 20:10

All Odds


Millview See

Rylees Sky

Savana Hilda

Sharons Knight

Westcali Cushie

Newcastle Dogs - 20:14

All Odds

Ballysteen Rose

Elwick Spirit

Highclere Potter

Keel Rumble

Malbay Ivy

Romeo Native

Wimbledon - 20:18

All Odds

Bam Bams Teddy

Classy Whistler

Close The Book

Come On Quick

Izzy A Buzzer

My Miss Molly

Hove - 20:19

All Odds

Ballyregan Cain

Drive To Dubin

Du Cane Road

Maireads Dandy

Shirleys Whisky

Swift Nemo

Monmore - 20:24

All Odds

Dilly Savings

Marlies Clampett

Michaels Ace

Montys Jay Jay

Rooty Hill

Toryview Dot

Henlow - 20:26

All Odds

Cong River

Heather Belle

Payyaway Sadie

Priests Place

Savana Clarky

Savana Scarlett

Newcastle Dogs - 20:31

All Odds

Attykitt Viking

Blakefield Diva

Chaotic Star

Oor Hope

Risky Rosy

Target Carla

Wimbledon - 20:34

All Odds

Mac Foiche (13/8)

Queen Asia (11/4)

Comrades All (9/2)

Swamp Thing (9/2)

Balboa Buzz (16)

Black Dam Boy (20)

Hove - 20:36

All Odds

Blenhiem Zeta

Clairkeith Tilda

Droopys Fota

Rowfolds Snowy

Ruthless Savage

Southgate Bullet

Monmore - 20:41

All Odds

Aero Nasimi


Hather Kim

Racenight Sadie

Sapphire Belle

Scruffs Scully

Henlow - 20:42

All Odds

Another Royal

Goldberry Star

Russelena Laddo

Savana Amelia

Savana Eddie

Savana Stevie

Newcastle Dogs - 20:47

All Odds

Alnwick Katie

Blackhouse India

Cambois Jeanie

Carmen Titch

Liamsirish Steel

Queenies Hi

Wimbledon - 20:50

All Odds

King Dec (9/4)

Borna Cheyne (4)

My Real Mutley (4)

Honest John (11/2)

Mystical Charlie (6)

My Mate Max (7)

Hove - 20:52

All Odds

Ardrath Rumble

Boherash Dazzle

Get On Joe

January Bride

Liosgarbh Brandy

Rowfolds Cindy

Monmore - 20:57

All Odds

Cloncunny Rumble

Knockroe Mill

Loughlea Pretty

Monroe Hondo

Relentless Storm

Sarasota Rose

Henlow - 20:58

All Odds

Droopys Fund

Frisky Possum

Joe Monk

Micks Dream

Savana Taz

Westmead Castro

Newcastle Dogs - 21:02

All Odds

Alnwick Tony

Ear We Go

Fire Thorn

Havanas Arrived

Russelena Boyo

Unknown Alex

Wimbledon - 21:06

All Odds

Cheeky Ambition

Diesel Senna

Dublinhill Blue

Piercestown Line

Rummy Spitfire

Tintreach Willy

Hove - 21:07

All Odds

Aldwick Ace

Fenbay Roller

Justice Matters

Kebab Grace

Swift Maddy

Thanks Roulette

Monmore - 21:12

All Odds

Ballymac Mairead

Danzey Exception

Droopys Alabama


Lowgate Deene

Pointless Pearl

Henlow - 21:15

All Odds

Boy Bert Tae

Bunny Queen

Dapper Wee Man

Galtymoore Dolly

Quivers Lad

Swift Nixon

Newcastle Dogs - 21:17

All Odds

Blackhouse Ben

Exchange Trigger

Geordie Jasper

Lisacaha Debi

Mineola Mama

Mollys Clyde

Hove - 21:22

All Odds

Ashgrove Jet

Champagne Maura

Elijahs Dream

Leahs Power

Noreens Friend

Steeple Rd Jason

Wimbledon - 21:24

All Odds

Avit On Charlie

Barnish Panther

Gingers Dream

Griffin Park

Kyletaun Boy


Monmore - 21:30

All Odds

Bjerregaard Bing


Get There Lilly

Melodys Cancan

Petershill Road

Scarlet Dubh

Henlow - 21:32

All Odds

Ballymac Niall

Billis Impact

Coral Bound

Quivers Warrior

Savana Damian

Savana Lenny

Wimbledon - 21:40

All Odds

Ballymac Manix

Glenpadden Oak

Paradise Alberto

Top Speed

Uncle Rooney

Westmead John

Monmore - 21:45

All Odds

Ballymac Genoa

Farloe Rizzo

Kilfinny Rusty

Nifty Roy

Steeple Rd King

Worthy Ace

Henlow - 21:48

All Odds

Abbey Dawn

Beech Hill

Mallogs Ronaldo

Memphis Holdem

Perdys Paddy

Pound Manor

Wimbledon - 21:56

All Odds

Aero Frenzy


El Pedro

Elaines Boy

King Jake

Razldazl Raidio

Monmore - 22:00

All Odds

Cloneen Duke

El Nino

Express Foster

Gowlane Puma



Henlow - 22:03

All Odds


Leahs Sailor

Mays Musicbox

Quivers Duchess

Savana Minstrel

Viva Las Vegas

Wimbledon - 22:11

All Odds

Mystical Dreamer (7/4)

Fizzypop Magic (4)

Opus Sky (4)

Borna Champ (5)

There It Is (6)


Henlow - 22:18

All Odds

Burgh Legion

Catunda David

Cong Island

Savana Glenn

Savana Graham

Shimmering Zeus

Wimbledon - 22:26

All Odds

Fire Height Tosh (8/11)

Thats The Dream (11/2)

Swift Kidman (13/2)

Badmoonrising (10)

Manic Pellegrini (10)

Brookside Queen (14)