NSW State Elections 2019 - Betting, Odds & Tips

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23rd March 2019

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All day



New South Wales, Australia




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Liberal/National Coalition 2015

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NSW State Elections History


The first NSW Legislative Assembly Election was the 1856 NSW Colonial Election, which saw a first-past-the-post system elect all 54 seats of the assembly. Stuart Donaldson assumed the premiership. Polling days ran from 11 March to 19 April 1856. The 58th election will contain 93 seats in the New South Wales Legislative Assembly.


Terms of office for the current 93 seats of the New South Wales Legislative Assembly last for four years. The quadrennial elections are held on the fourth Saturday in March. The 2015 victor, the Liberal/National Coalition, was helmed by Mike Baird, who stepped down as Premier in 2017, allowing current incumbent Gladys Berejiklian to take his place.



NSW State Elections Format


NSW imposes compulsory voting, with preferential voting for the lower house and proportional representation in the upper house. Since 1944, the two major parties have been the Labor Party and the Liberal Party, while the Liberal/National Coalition and the Labor Party have led the two-party state elections since 1978, alternating the majority in the assembly. In 2011, the Greens gained their first seat and have gained seats with no party leader in every election since.



NSW State Elections Betting


Odds are given on majority party and Premiership of the Legislative assembly. Full NSW State Elections 2019 odds can be found here.



NSW State Elections Betting Tips


Voter opinion polls are regularly held to give an indication as to which party may gain the majority based on approval of the public, previous experience in office, and how they compare with other parties. For all tips for the NSW State Elections 2019 – and for all other major events - please visit the tips section of the Oddschecker AU Website.



NSW State Elections Odds




Past NSW State Elections Results


Year Winner Runner-up
2015 Liberal/National Coalition Labor
2011 Liberal/National Coalition Labor
2007 Labor Liberal/National Coalition



Event Records:


The largest majority for the winning party was 69 seats out of 98 for the Labor Party. The smallest majority was for the Liberal/National Coalition in 1965 with 47 out of 94 seats.


In the past 50 years, the Liberal/National Coalition have held the majority for seven terms, while the Labor Party have held it for eight terms.

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