Betting Terms - A

Accumulator (or Multi)

A bet in which a single stake is used to generate two or more bets in succession. The punter makes a series of selections each from a different race or event. Every time a selection wins, the stake plus winnings is put onto the next selection. If any selection loses, the whole bet is a loser. (Accumulators are also known as doubles, trebles, four-folds, five-folds, six-folds, etc, depending on the number of selections.)

Ante Post

Betting prior to the day of the race or event and in some cases many months or even years in advance. The odds are likely to be better at this early stage, but be warned: you will lose your stake if your selection does not take part. Exceptions to this (where your stake is returned) include:
*Your selection is balloted out of a race and the bet is void.
*Your selection is withdrawn but the race is abandoned.
*You bet 'with a run' which returns your money in the event of a withdrawal.


Also known as arbing, this is where variations in odds on an event allows all selections to be backed and profit guaranteed. In theory, if the overround figure on a market is below 100% arbitrage is possible.

Asian Handicap

The idea of Asian Handicap betting is to eliminate the draw, so that there are only two possible bets on each match: you bet either home or away. Consequently the handicap will often include 1/2 goal, thereby eliminating the chance of a draw. (i.e. if the match is drawn the bookie will payout on the team with the +1/2 goal handicap). Sometimes however the handicap will not include 1/2 goals and in these situations if the match results in a draw the stake will be refunded. There is also a third possible handicap and that is the 1/4 goal handicap. This can often be misunderstood and is in fact a combination of the bets described above (i.e. it is two separate bets - 50% of your stake goes on the single goal handicap and 50% of your stake goes on the half goal handicap). See our Asian Handicap Tutorials for examples.
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