Bar Price

Usually used as helpful shorthand when talking about large field events, with long lists of participants. It refers to the odds of all those at the last quoted price and bigger. An example might be odds to win the English Premier League, which would read: 2/1 Manchester United, 3/1 Liverpool, 5/1 Arsenal, 8/1 Newcastle, 12/1 BAR. This shows that every other team in the betting list has odds of 12/1 or bigger.

Best Book

Term used for referring to the market which had the lowest over-round or book percentage figure. We have a page on Oddschecker dedicated to finding which markets have the "best book" and therefore, the best margin for the punter.

Bet Slip

i) Details of a bet written out and usually held by the punter as receipt of a transaction in a betting shop.
ii) A screen for the same purpose where you can check the details of a bet before placement in online betting. This should state the event, selection and odds. To speed up the process, you can normally log in to your account from the bet slip screen when betting online.


US term for person placing a bet. In the UK they are known as a punter or customer.

Bookmaker (also Bookie)

A business or person that lays odds and takes bets.

Book Percentage

This is a term which refers to how much of a profit margin there is in a particular market for a bookmaker.