Related Contigency

When the result of one event has a direct influence on the outcome of another, there is a related contingency. Selections from related events cannot be combined in an accumulator. E.g. Liverpool to beat Chelsea in a league match, and Liverpool to win the league.


Total money paid out (including stakes) on a winning bet.

Rule 4

When a horse is withdrawn shortly before a race and there is insufficient time to form a new market, a deduction is made from all winnings. The amounts deducted are set by Rule 4, which is laid down by the Tattersalls Committee, the body which controls horse race betting in the UK. The shorter (lower) the price of the horse at the time of withdrawal the bigger the deduction. (The returned stake money is not subjected to a percentage deduction.) These deductions will also be made from odds bets which have been placed prior to the withdrawal of the horse. For example, if you placed a bet on a horse at 10/1 and then the 5/4 favourite was withdrawn, your winnings would be subject to a 40p in the pound deduction. This would apply even if the market had been reformed and a new price given to your horse because you have placed your bet at fixed odds.

Price of runner at time of withdrawal Amount deducted from winnings
3/10 or shorter 75p in £
2/5 to 1/3 70p in £
8/15 to 4/9 65p in £
8/13 to 4/7 60p in £
4/5 to 4/6 55p in £
20/21 to 5/6 50p in £
Evens to 6/5 45p in £
5/4 to 6/4 40p in £
13/8 to 7/4 35p in £
15/8 to 9/4 30p in £
5/2 to 3/1 25p in £
10/3 to 4/1 20p in £
9/2 to 11/2 15p in £
6/1 to 9/1 10p in £
10/1 to 14/1 5p in £
Over 14/1 No deduction
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