How to get the best odds on all your bets...

What is Oddschecker?

Oddschecker is a free tool designed to help punters always get the best odds on their bets! Users can compare odds from all the major bookmakers on their racing and sports bets. By checking Oddschecker the punter has the potential to win bigger on every bet.

How it works?

Finding The Market

The punter will select which sport they want to bet on (exactly the same as using a bookmaker).


Finding the best odds

Once they’ve got to the market, the user will be shown an odds grid, this highlights all the odds from the major bookmakers. If you are using a desktop the bookmakers are listed at the top and the betting selections down the side. If you are using a mobile device, you will need to click the button labeled “All Odds” to compare the odds of all available bookmakers. Mobile users will automatically get shown the best odds, the bookmaker offering these odds is highlighted by the little logo next to the selection.

The user doesn’t need to have an account with all the bookmakers on Oddschecker, but if they do find they don’t have an account with a bookmaker who has best odds, they can follow the same instructions below which will take you directly to the bookmaker. The user will be able to sign-up there.


Once the punter has chosen which bookmaker to use, they will click the odds on offer which will bring up a betslip.

At this point the user can either choose to add more selections to the betslip (making a multi) or just back the single. To back the single the user presses “Bet With This Bookie”, this will direct the user to the bookie they’ve picked.

A new window of the users chosen bookmaker will open in your browser.


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