The Super Bowl Ads that were

With a brand new batch of Super Bowl commercials hitting our screens, we take a look back at some of the greats over the years.

Sat, 2 Feb, 12:00 AM


Whether amusing, clever, adorable or just plain weird, Super Bowl ads have become a big event in their own right. Each year companies invest millions of dollars for half a minute of airtime in the hopes of grabbing the attention of consumers. Fortunately for them, it seems to be a time when people willingly take time out of their lives to deliberately engage with the commercials presented to them.


A few lucky advertisers have managed to not only capture our attention for the duration of the ad but their ideas have actually become ingrained into the fabric of society... well, for a short time anyway.


Case in point: Budweiser just seems to know wassup...




Perhaps they're just BUD-WEI-SER than rest.




Some have been so influential that they manage to circle back into our lives whether it be a remake, parody or homage.


Coca-Cola  –"Hey Kid, Catch!"



Shows such as Sesame Street, Family Guy, Frasier and Futurama gave a nod to the ad featuring 'Mean Joe Greene'.


Family Guy - Peter & Mean Joe Greene



Pepsi – Cindy Crawford (1992)


Capitalising on Crawford's popularity at the time, Pepsi drew in viewers who watch on as two boys lust after what all young boys obsess over... Sugary fizzy drinks.



James Corden and Cindy Crawford recreate the 1992 Pepsi commercial



McDonald's – "The Showdown"



Playing off the famous rivalry between Michael Jordan and Larry Bird, this commercial helped to popularise one of the most recognisable phrases in sport – "nothing but net".



Not all Super Bowl ads will stay with us forever but they do manage to capture our attention for just a little while. What is it that draws us in? Perhaps it's the familiar faces we see. After all, many commercials are star-studded affairs.


Amazon – "Alexa Loses Her Voice"




Snickers – "You're Not You When You're Hungry"




But some commercials embody something different. A certain je ne sais quoi.


Old Spice – "The Man Your Man Could Smell Like"




Avocados From Mexico – “Secret Society”




Tide – "It's A Tide Ad"




They say in showbiz you should never work with animals or kids but it seems to be a recurring theme in the Super Bowl ad game. And, quite frankly, we're ok with it!



Volkswagen – "The Force"




Bridgestone – "Screaming Animals"




E-Trade – "It's So Easy"




Budweiser – "Streaker"




Budweiser – "Donkey Dreams"




Ok, Budweiser's been featured heavily in this but we can't look away! They make you feel things!


Budweiser  – "Lost Dog" and "Puppy Love"




So what makes a good Super Bowl commercial? Celebrities? Humour? All-round adorability? Who's to say! But if all else fails, I guess they could just take three ideas they know work well and put them all together. The result?


Mountain Dew  "Puppy Monkey Baby"




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