Hollywood heartthrob dominates James Bond betting

Over half of all bets in the last 24 hours have been placed on the self-proclaimed Bond fan.

Callum Wilson
Mon, 17 Sep, 1:01 PM

Hollywood heartthrob Orlando Bloom is currently dominating the betting on who will be announced as the next James Bond, with over half of all bets being placed on the English actor.


Over the past 24 hours, a flurry of unusual bets have been placed on Bloom taking over Daniel Craig’s duties as 007, with 54% of all bets being placed on the 41-year-old.


For context, that’s considerably more than the likes of favourites Tom Hardy, Henry Cavill and Idris Elba.


One bookmaker, in particular, has taken severe precautions on the hunk getting the gig, cutting him from $81 just over a week ago, into $41 as of today (September 17).


Bloom has hinted in the past that he would be more than interested in the iconic role, indicating that he'd be incredibly interested in the gig.


"I grew up loving those (Bond) films. Who didn't?" Bloom said. "I'm sure they'll probably do more with Daniel, and who knows where they'll go with that?


"Again, that franchise is a part of the fabric of our society, isn't it? It's something that people really relate, and laugh and enjoy… That little wink and twinkling behind the eyes is what I always saw in Sean Connery and Roger Moore.


"I love what Daniel Craig did — muscular, dynamic. I think there's a combination of all of that that's really interesting.


"I think it'd be very English, but that sort of twinkle with the muscular dynamic," he explained. "Who knows? They could do a woman, the world that we live in today.


"Who knows where they'll go with it? I don't know, but I do love that (James Bond) world. Who doesn't?"


Oddschecker spokesperson George Elek said: “Famed for his roles in Lord of the Rings and Pirates of the Caribbean, the muscleman is no stranger to major franchise films. And, if punters are correct – he could be set to don the infamous Bond tuxedo.


“Known as Legolas to millions across the world, over half of all bets in the popular market have seen bookies sit up and take notice, as money continues to pile in on the Englishman taking up one of the biggest roles in world cinema.”

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