According to the bookmakers' one duo have a 44% chance of winning The Block

One couple are clear favourites to take home the cash this season

Tue, 10 Sep, 11:49 AM

Mitch and Mark have a very strong grip on the market since the season premiered last month, and that stranglehold doesn’t appear to be loosening. According to the bookmakers, the Sydney couple now have a 44% chance of winning the fifteenth season of the show.

Despite the corporates favouring Mitch and Mark, the majority of bets on the market have actually been on the second favourites, Jesse and Mel. The Victorian couple are currently $4 to win the series.

The rank outsiders for this season are Tess and Luke, who are currently priced at $8 to win the show. The odds imply just a 12.5% of winning this season. However, despite being the least likely to win the show, the bookmakers have priced Tess and Luke up at $4.5 to have the highest selling townhouse, which makes them third favourites in that market.

Bookmakers are predicting success for all contestants when it comes to selling the townhouses, as they’ve priced it at $1.22 for all five townhouses selling. It’s $41 that no townhouses sell.

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