<div style="background:white; padding:20px;"> <h1>Pick 6 Terms and Conditions</h1> <p>Pick 6 is being conducted by Cyan Blue Odds Australia Pty Limited (trading as ‘Oddschecker’) (ABN: 50 620 353 059) c/o Polyglot Group Pty Ltd, 25 Burton Street, Glebe NSW 2037 Australia, contactable via australia@oddschecker.com (the “Promoter”).</p> <p>Pick 6 is being administered by Horses Mouth Limited (trading as ‘Racecaller’) (the “Administer”).</p> <ul> <br><br/> <h3>Players</h3> <br><br/> <li>1. This Competition is open to persons aged 18 years or over resident in Australia. Proof of age and identity will be required in order to take receipt of any prizes. Entry to the Competition is free. This is a game of skill. </li> <li>2. Employees and family members of the Promoter, Administer or persons associated with the selected racing events are not eligible to win prizes. </li> <li>3. In order to enter the Competition players are required to register with Pick 6 via www.pick6.oddschecker.com/au or its related mobile apps (the “Pick 6 Website”). Only one account is allowed per person. Multiple accounts will be closed. Only one entry per week is allowed per person. If the Promoter has reasonable grounds to believe that multiple accounts have been opened by or are under the control of the same person, all such accounts shall be closed and all entries by such player and/or accounts will be disqualified from participating in the Competition or receiving any prizes. Players are required to register in their own name and any player found to be registering in the name of any other person will be disqualified. </li> <li>4. Players will be deemed to have accepted these terms and conditions and agreed to be bound by them when registering and entering this Competition. These terms and conditions will apply for the duration of the Competition which runs on the following dates: </li> <ul> <li>Rd 1: Saturday 22nd September</li> <li>Rd 2: Saturday 29th September</li> <li>Rd 3: Saturday 6th October</li> <li>Rd 4: Saturday 13th October</li> <li>Rd 5: Saturday 20th October</li> <li>Rd 6: Saturday 27th October</li> <li>Rd 7: Saturday 3rd November</li> <li>Rd 8: Saturday 10th November</li> </ul> <br><br/> <h3>The Competition</h3> <br><br/> <li>5. The Promoter will use each player’s personal details for the purpose of administering this Competition. All information provided to the Promoter or submitted via the Pick 6 Website will be stored and used strictly in accordance with the Privacy Policy available on the Pick 6 Website. </li> <li>6. By registering with Pick 6, the player creates a Pick 6 account and consents to receiving weekly emails from the Promoter containing details relating to the Competition. If you wish to stop receiving these service emails from the Promoter, click the “unsubscribe” link in the email. </li> <li>7. Each player will also have the option to create an Oddschecker account and sign-up to receiving Oddschecker marketing. By opting in to receive marketing communications, you agree that the Promoter may use the details you provide to contact you about its products and services which may be of interest to you. If you wish to stop receiving marketing communications, click the "unsubscribe" link in direct marketing emails from us. </li> <li>8. To take part in each round of the Pick 6 Competition, a player must select one horse in all six Pick 6 races and submit an answer to the tie-break question before submitting their Pick 6 entry. </li> <li>9. Pick 6 selections must be made before the official scheduled cut-off time of each round which is 12pm AEDT on the dates specified in clause 4 above. The competition will then close for the round however all selections are editable up until this time. </li> <li>10. If a player selects a non-runner, their selection automatically transfers on to an alternative runner in that race which is randomly generated by the Administer. </li> <li>11. In order to win the Pick 6 Competition Prize of $10,000, which is available for each round, a player must correctly select all six official winners of the selected Pick 6 races. The $10,000 prize can only be won if all six Pick 6 races are run (i.e. no abandoned races). See clause 14 below for prize details if any Pick 6 race does not run. If two or more players select all six winners, then the winner will be the player who whose answer to the tie-break question is correct or if there are no correct answers, the player whose answer is the closest to the official result (see clause 13 for details of how this is determined). If the responses to the tie-breaker question cannot produce a clear winner then the Competition prize will be split equally amongst the players who tied at the tie-breaker question level. </li> <li>12. In the event of a race resulting in an official result of a dead heat (see clause 13 for details of how this is determined) then both selections count as winners. </li> <li>13. Racing Australia declares and publishes the official racing results, which are available at http://www.racingaustralia.horse. </li> <li>14. If any Pick 6 race is postponed, abandoned or not completed the race will be considered void. If only five Pick 6 races are completed for any reason during any round, the Jackpot Competition prize available for that round will be reduced to $5,000. If four or less Pick 6 fixtures are completed during any Pick 6 round, the round will be considered void and no prize will be awarded. </li> <li>15. All prize amounts are in Australian dollars. </li> <li>16. The Promoter will not be liable for prizes that do not reach the winners for reasons beyond its reasonable control. </li> <br><br/> <h3>Winners</h3> <br><br/> <li>17. Winners will be notified by the email address registered on their account within seven (7) days of the completion of the round. It is each player’s sole responsibility to ensure that their contact details are supplied correctly and are up to date. Winners will be required to verify (with evidence satisfactory to the Promoter) their age, identity, residence and other requested verification information to the satisfaction of the Promoter before they are eligible to receive a prize. In addition, all winners will be published on pick6.oddschecker.com.au for a minimum period of twenty-eight (28) days. Any public announcement including on the website will be pending verification. </li> <li>18. If any player is, for whatever reason, (i) not able to verify their registration information to the satisfaction of the Promoter; (ii) found to have breached these terms and conditions by the Promoter; or (iii) cannot be contacted within forty (40) Business Days (a day other than a Saturday, Sunday or gazetted public holiday in New South Wales, Australia, the Promoter reserves the right to disqualify that player (and their eligibility to receive any prizes under the Competition) and award the prize to another player. This player would be selected based on overall leaderboard order at the completion of the competition period (i.e. the person who finished second in that competition round). </li> <li>19. Entry into the Competition constitutes permission for the Promoter and/or its associated, affiliated, partnered and/or subsidiary companies to use the names and photographs of winners for publicity purposes at its discretion. All winners may be required to participate in such publicity without further compensation as the Promoter reasonably requires. </li> <li>20. The prizes will be paid to the winner by bank transfer by or on behalf of the Promoter. </li> <li>21. Allow sixty (60) Business Days for prizes for payment of prizes. </li> <h3>Submission of entries</h3> <li>22. The Promoter does not accept responsibility for network, computer hardware or software failures of any kind, which may restrict or delay the sending or receipt of your entry. Under no circumstances can a user submit their entry via e-mail or by any method other than via the Pick 6 Website. </li> <li>23. So far as is permitted by law, the Promoter and its associated and partner companies and agents exclude responsibility and all liabilities arising from: a. any postponement, cancellation, delay or changes to the prizes, promotions, Competition or relevant racing fixtures beyond the Promoter’s reasonable control; b. any technical failures or unavailability of the Pick 6 Website; c. obvious errors or omissions relating to the awarding of prizes; or d. any act or default of any third party supplier including without limitation errors relating to fixtures and scoring data. </li> <li>24. The terms and conditions of any third party supplier will apply to the prize where applicable. </li> <li>25. If any provision or part-provision of these terms and conditions are or becomes invalid, illegal or unenforceable, it shall be deemed modified to the minimum extent necessary to make it valid, legal and enforceable. If such modification is not possible, the relevant provision or part-provision shall be deemed deleted. Any modification to or deletion of a provision or part-provision under this clause shall not affect the validity and enforceability of the rest of these terms and conditions. </li> <br><br/> <h3>The Law</h3> <br><br/> <li>26. This promotion and the Competition are governed by the laws of the resident state or territory of the Player in Australia. </li> <li>27. The Promoter's decision is final and legally binding on all players in relation to all aspects of the Competition including (without limitation) allocation of the prizes and no correspondence will be entered into. Entries that do not comply in full with the Competition’s rules or terms and conditions will be disqualified and will not be eligible to receive any prizes. </li> <li>28. The parties submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of New South Wales, Australia. </li> <br><br/> <p>These Terms and Conditions were last updated on 17th September 2018.</p> </div>
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