NFL Preview AFC Edition

Sat, 3 Sep, 12:00 AM
Turning our attention to the AFC in this one, most teams are undergoing some cosmetic changes and are looking quite different to how they finished the last season. Here are some teams who you may not recognise and could provide some value if you play them right in the upcoming season.

Cleveland Browns

Never thought I’d say this but the Cleveland Browns might actually be an exciting team to watch. And no my employer can’t drug test me for making this statement, I don’t work for the NFL.

They’re not your conventional grab the popcorn style of team but they boast a reclamation project in RG3 (Robert Griffin III) at quarterback, a quarterback turned wide receiver in Terrelle Pryor who’s been a gun on the deep ball, Josh Gordon who’s has the talent of a future Hall of Famer but hasn’t been able to stop smoking that mary-jane and a defence that leaks like a sieve. That means points, points, and points.

At least this year the Browns have one side of the ball that can actually cause some headaches for the opposition.

Tennessee Titans

Well haven’t the Titans got something cooking down in little old Tennessee. This offence looks like an absolute force! Marcus Mariota is undoubtedly one of the most dynamic quarterbacks in the game. If they can keep him upright has the potential to be a real game winner.

They’ve drafted Derrick Henry who was the starting running back for college champions Alabama and paired him with DeMarco Murray who is an absolute stud in the backfield.

Anyone heard of Tajae Sharpe? Didn’t think so, don’t worry I’ll fill you in. This guy is a rookie and has looked lights out in training and the preseason. For the #140 pick the Titans may have uncovered a gem. He’s a lock to be one of their starting wide receivers.

We could be seeing Remember the Titans 2.0.

Denver Broncos

Possibly one of the most intriguing stories this preseason is Sanchez v Lynch v Siemian for the Broncos quarterback position.

Siemian has beaten out Sanchez until he copped a bit of a knock. If healthy, Siemian should wrap this role up especially given his strong performance against the Rams over the weekend.

Paxton Lynch is showing signs of being the future Denver signal caller… so where does that leave Sanchez? My guess is that he won’t be on the Broncos roster come week 1.

Jacksonville Jaguars

Do you have any idea how hard it is to construct a team and succeed in the NFL? After draft day every man and his dog was banging on about how the Jaguars were going to be genuine contenders. If this was you, please stop. Pump the brakes. Stop spreading lies. The jaguars have done the first part, constructed the team, but they need at least another season under their belt to genuinely be in contention for some playoff football.

Bortles, Robinson, Hurns and Ivory on offence Jackson, Ramsey and Fowler on defence. The pieces are well and truly there, but it took Cam Newton and his Panthers 5 years of being the epitome of average before they had their breakout season last year. Lets put the cork back in the champagne for now.

I’d love to dissect how Jimmy Garoppolo will play for New England or how Brock Osweiler will live up to his juicy contract. One thing is for sure. The NFL almost goes out of its way to provide quality storylines, especially throughout the season. Saddle up for what is looking like an entertaining season on the gridiron.

Nik Hatzi

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