Tom Brady the G.O.A.T

Tom Brady has cemented himself as the best to have ever played American Football

Thu, 9 Feb, 12:00 AM

Tom Brady aka TB12 aka Tom Terrific aka the bloke who’s dating that Victoria’s secret model has just cemented himself in the annals of the NFL as the best to have ever played the game.

The New England Patriots were facing a 28-3 deficit midway through the 3rd quarter and many spectators found themselves saying, “Well that’s the game”.

The Patriots systematically went on to erase the 25-point margin completing the biggest comeback in Super Bowl history. Brady led the team to 19 4th quarter points. This was capped with two 2-point conversions eventually taking the game to overtime.

Brady did this with an offensive line that almost looked like it wanted Brady to wake up in the E.R. Every second play it seemed as though Brady was getting cracked from the front, back or sides after he got the ball away.

The Exclamation point was put in the opening drive of overtime when Brady, with surgeon-like precision, marched his team downfield and overcame a plucky Falcons defence for the final touchdown.

Please, write a better script for that ending. I’ll wait…

Brady is the first ever quarterback to secure 5 Super Bowl rings. Now in the essence of full disclosure, I wasn’t in touch with the NFL when the Montana’s, Marino’s and the Elway’s were running the league. What I do remember is walking into my friends house as a 10 year old, and his older brother was playing madden. He turned to me and said, “I’ll let you be the Patriots. They’re the best team. Tom Brady is one of the best players.” Almost two decades later and the same sentiment can be attached to Brady’s name, only this time, He IS the best player.

But what about Deflategate!? Think what you want, but for me, I didn’t see enough evidence to justify Brady being found guilty let alone suspended 4 games. There’s no way it was worthy of a 4 game suspension. Goodell is clueless when it comes to punish people.

They played with regulation footballs in the second half of that Colt’s game and smacked Indianapolis by more than when the balls were deflated!

Without a doubt Brady’s 208 combined regular season and postseason wins will be a record that should stand for quite some time as the most wins by a quarterback. His four Super Bowl MVP’s are more than most quarterbacks have Superb Bowl appearances.

Without rattling off the laundry list of statistics and records that this man holds, it should be fair to say we haven’t seen anyone like him.

Brady’s sustained excellence should be what young quarterbacks try to emulate. All Hail GOAT Brady!

By Nik Hatzi

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