NFL Draft: Who were the Biggest Losers

A look at which teams under impressed in this year’s NFL Draft

Sun, 30 Apr, 6:38 AM

Chicago Bears


A pretty obvious choice here for the #1 loser of this year's draft. To put some context here, if Trubisky turns out to be a stud then the Bears will look like a very competent franchise. I just don’t buy Trubisky being the answer for anyone. He should grade out to be a Blake Bortles type player. He’s got talent but he’ll never be upper echelon.


The Bears traded up 1 spot from 3rd to 2nd to grab Mitchell Trubisky. He is a slightly above mediocre college prospect who won’t be setting the world alight in his career (just my humble opinion).


The worst thing about this trade is that the 49’ers were never going to choose Trubisky. So why unnecessarily trade 3 additional picks to get him?


The Bears recently signed Mike Glennon to a fairly decent contract as well. Glennon will surely be starting. He’s not exactly a prime candidate to teach your quarterback of the future either.


Los Angeles Rams


Should we kick them while they’re down? Yeah, why not. The Rams had no first round picks this year because of that boneheaded trade that brought Goff to LA last year. Well done.


So what do you do when your quarterback is struggling? You buy him time. How do you buy him time? By drafting talent on the offensive line of course. How many Offensive linemen did the Rams draft? 0. That’s right. Not one offensive lineman drafted.


The rams chose to focus on Receivers and defence. The Rams failed to impress yet again. The receivers in Kupp and Reynolds will hardly get opportunities to show their stuff at the rate this Rams team is going.


Cincinnati Bengals


So many things I don’t like about Cincinnati’s draft.


Firstly, many teams have proven that you can win without a big name receiver. They’re luxury additions as opposed to absolute necessities.


Using the 9th pick on a receiver with injury questions in a physical division such as the AFC North doesn’t make sense to me.


Pick 48 brought a whole lot of unwanted attention to the Bengals. Notorious Joe Mixon who’s recently been seen in a video assaulting a woman was picked up. Well done Cincinnati, because after taking on basket cases like Vontaz Burfict you need another reclamation project to hang your hat on.


Other than those flops of picks from the Bengals a couple of Linebackers who I don’t really see setting the world alight.


The first two picks of every team’s draft is super crucial and taking an injury prone receiver in the top 10 and a guy who could well and truly end the year in jail isn’t good business.


By Nik Hatzi

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