NFL Draft: Who were the Biggest Winners

A look at which teams impressed in this year’s NFL Draft

Sun, 30 Apr, 6:48 AM


Cleveland Browns


The Browns are so familiar with taking losses that these L’s usually extend to the draft as well. This year they must've missed the memo. The Browns made some Smart choices.


Cleveland took Myles Garrett with the first pick adding a big disruptive body on the defensive line and still managed to find a quarterback in DeShone Kizer with the 52nd pick which has the potential to offer great value.


Their picks of Jabrill Peppers and David Njoku also offer a NFL ready talent on defence. The Browns are building the right way for once. Don’t expect them to contend but I would expect them to make life more difficult for the opposition this time around.


New Orleans Saints


Not a popular opinion but nobody got anywhere by relying on popularity alone. The Saints have the chance to disprove a lot of doubters.


No secret the Saints defence last season sucked tremendously. In the Draft, New Orleans managed to find value and potential stopgaps for that leaky defence.


The Saints managed to somehow land one of the best defensive players on the board in Marshon Lattimore at pick 11. New Orleans also managed to provide depth to an offensive line that will have to protect an ageing Drew Brees by grabbing Ryan Ramczyk out of Wisconsin who’ll have potential to be a week 1 starter.


From round 2 onwards I like what the Saints managed to do. Marcus Williams is a great safety to stick with Vaccaro and co in the backfield. Kamara the RB has the potential to be a stud. Although not a priority, this pick up is one that can definitely provide a future for New Orleans at this position.


The rest of the selections in Anzalone, Hendrickson and Muhammad can really prove to bring more talent than their draft position indicates. Look for the Saints to still be leaky on defence but improved from last year.


Houston Texans


Houston had one major void to fill from last year. Any guesses what it was? Yep, Quarterback. Osweiler was a drain on resources in Houston and it wasn’t a surprise when they practically paid the Browns to take on his rubbish contract.


The Texans managed to get Deshaun Watson with the 12th pick. In my opinion, I don’t care how Trubisky or Kizer ranked and both were pegged to go before Watson, Watson will translate better in the Pro’s. Watson has that intangible factor. That win at all costs mentality that is vital to succeed in the NFL.


Pairing Watson with Bill O’Brien can be a magical combination and considering the Texans have the other pieces in place, this could be a Dak Prescott effect going into next season.


Other than Watson, the Texans varied their picks in a good way. At 57 they took Cunningham who’ll be a great addition to defence, at 89 they took Foreman who’s a quality running back and picks 130 and 142 brought them a defensive and offensive tackle. A nicely balanced draft in my opinion addressing their one major need at quarterback.


I consider this draft a success for Houston.


By Nik Hatzi

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