NFL Week 2 – What we learned

A glance around the NFL, what did we learn from the week 2 slate and how can we use it to make more informed betting decisions.

Tue, 19 Sep, 5:44 AM


Cincinnati is done for this season.


Put a fork in them Jerry, they’re done. The Cincinnati Bengals have opened the season 0-2 and have scored a grand total of 0 touchdowns. They’re head coach has been close to fired for the last three seasons and they’ve just sacked their offensive coordinator.


Unfortunately for the Bengals, teams the start 0-2 in the current finals format have an 18% chance of making the playoffs. I wouldn’t hold the Bengals in too high regard, although it’s not impossible, they were never catching the Steelers on a good day. Can’t see them being competitive enough for a wildcard spot.


What to do with this info? Don’t risk your money on Cincinnati. They’re a bet against or stay away sort of team.



Trevor Siemian is legit


I was one of Siemian’s biggest critics preseason, but the young lad has definitely won me over. I’ll acknowledge he’s far from the Rodgers category let alone a Matt Ryan category, but you could not ask for too much more from the sophomore quarterback.


Siemiean recorded another smart performance logging 4 touchdowns and 1 pick. If this were Roethlisberger we wouldn’t hear the end of it. Now their games have been at home, so be careful betting Denver moving forward, but they do warrant genuine consideration.


What to do with this info? Be careful betting against Denver at home. They’ve proven to have a sustainable offence and their defence is still mighty good.


Seattle’s offence is worse than we thought


Seattle struggled mightily against the Packers at Lambeau. But what’s the big deal, everyone struggles against the Packers at Lambeau.


This week they struggled against the 49ers… in Seattle!


Seattle allowed less than 100 passing yards but was gashed on the ground. Carlos Hyde bit off 124 yards on 15 carries. Very un-Seattle like. The Seahawks offence was atrocious though, with a late touchdown clinching the game for the home side.


What’s the problem? Seattle’s offensive line just aren’t that good. In fact, they’re that bad that Jimmy Graham and the running back position need to abort their routes to stay in the trenches and block to keep Wilson upright. This limits Wilson’s options significantly and makes the offence a lot easier to read.


What to do with this info? The Public love Seattle which means their lines will be bigger than they really should. Avoid betting Seattle on big lines (6 or more) until they prove to be able to move the ball and score points.



By Nik Hatzi

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