Jeff Reinebold's NFL Week 3 Preview

Oddschecker's NFL Ambassador talks Fitzmagic staying hot, the Pats getting back on track, and the problems in Pittsburgh.

Jeff Reinebold
Tue, 18 Sep, 4:48 PM


Oddschecker's NFL Ambassador talks Fitzmagic staying hot, the Pats getting back on track, and the problems in Pittsburgh.


What’s up guys, we had another crazy week of action in the NFL and hopefully, you followed my picks! Let’s see if I can bat at 100% again this week…

Pittsburgh Steelers at Tampa Bay Buccaneers

We’ll start by looking at the surprise story of the season, those Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Ryan ‘Fitzmagic’ is going from strength to strength, and good for him. He’s been around for a long time and I think we’re finally seeing him just fit and cutting loose. He knows he’s playing with house money in these early weeks and he’s making the most of his opportunity.


He’s playing at a level we honestly have never seen from Jameis Winston, and Coach Koetter knows that it will be hard to bench him, even if they lose to the Steelers.


I personally though the Eagles defence would show us the Fitzpatrick we’ve seen before, but right now he’s in the zone. And how about those post-game threads!


Make no mistake, the Bucs have ability and right now we’re seeing the absolute best of them. They have weapons on offense, and said in the pre-season that they wanted to get ‘tougher’ as a team. Well, they’re doing just that.


The question is: Can they sustain it against a Pittsburgh team in trouble? Off the field they’ve been hurting and I think the Steelers are at a real crossroads, this result could set the tone for the whole season.


They’re going down to Florida to play in night-time heat, and stepping up in front of the Monday Night Football cameras will be a huge test of character. But I think you have to ride with the hot hand, and go for the Bucs to make it an unlikely 3-0.

New England Patriots at Detroit Lions

Moving onto the New England Patriots, and they will be hurting from their loss to the Jags. Make no mistake, I believe that the Jaguars have a better roster right now than the Pats, and will have a huge say on where the Superbowl is heading this season.


But some chinks are starting to show in the armour. It’s not dire straits like some are saying, but a comfortable win is needed just to steady any nerves. They’ve gone and got Josh Gordon and to me that is a no-risk pick up, at least on the field. The Pats have taken ‘damaged goods’ before and turned them around, if Gordon gets his head on straight, he’ll fly.


They face the Lions on Sunday and Detroit themselves need to show something soon. Matt Patricia is trying to change the organisation from top to bottom and it’s a lot of pressure to do that if wins aren’t on the board.


Having said that, a win makes a lot of little problems go away, but New England is not the team you want to be facing to kick-start your season.


I think the Pats will win this one with little problems.

San Francisco 49ers at Kansas City Chiefs

Finally, let’s look at a great match-up between the 49ers and Chiefs, and mention a QB that looks an absolute star right now.


Patrick Mahomes threw more TDs than incompletions last season – That is phenomenal. His relationship with his offense is way beyond a typical second-year QB, and it helps that said offense is one of the best in the league, and probably the best in terms of raw speed.


Their defence isn’t quite as impressive, but their special teams are catching the eye as well. They have the ability to outscore anybody and by winning the offense and special teams match ups, it takes so much pressure off the defence. 


This is why I think they’ll beat the 49ers, but it could be a high scoring shootout!

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