Jeff Reinebold's NFL Week 6 Tips & Betting Preview

Oddschecker's NFL Ambassador talks about the two undefeated sides left, as well as Green Bay's struggles.

Jeff Reinebold
Wed, 10 Oct, 1:41 PM

Kansas City Chiefs v New England Patriots

What’s up everyone, great to have you on-board for my Week 6 preview, can you believe we are already a third of the way through the regular season?! Don’t worry though, there’s plenty more ball to be played, and I want to look at three intriguing match-ups in particular.


First of all, I’ve got to put my hands up and say that I was shocked that the Chiefs dominated the Jags the way they did last week. I tipped the Jags to win but I thought even if they didn’t, it would be a close one, but it was anything but. 


The fact is, the Chiefs matched the Jags in their speed and Andy Reid has got an offence where there is multiple threats lining up on every single play.


But what was surprising too was that the defence stepped up ever so slightly and capitalised on Blake Bortles mistakes. Yes, he put up a LOT of passing yards, but it’s hard to win when you throw four interceptions. I always say if your team as a whole can dominate two areas out of offence, defence and special teams, you should win the game. And right now, the Rams and Chiefs are doing that every week.


On Sunday night the Chiefs face a real test in Foxboro. That place, and the Gilette Stadium, can do funny things to a road team: You only need to look at the Patriots’ home record to see that. 


With the Patriots getting back to something like the team we expect, a big performance here would make a huge statement. You’d then have to say that this is a special team indeed.

San Francisco 49ers v Green Bay Packers

Finally, I talked about them (and picked them) last week, but the Green Bay Packers are just not getting it done right now. Aaron Rodgers is a superstar in that you listen to what he has to say, because it usually means something, and his public backing of Mason Crosby this week speaks volumes.


Crosby had the worst game of his career but it just shows that those ‘freak’ games can happen to anyone. Crosby has a Super Bowl ring, and has been the saviour multiple times, they’ll be fine.


But what they do need to improve is their offence. They couldn’t get going at all in Detroit last week and you know it’s going to hurt the entire organisation that they dropped a game against a divisional rival, in a year where there NFC North is so wide open.


If anyone can get a run going (like the Bears are right now), they can put a marker down on the division. Fortunately for the Packers, it’s a nice game on Monday night to get back on track.


The 49ers are struggling without Jimmy G and you’ll be hard pressed to find many games in recent years when the Packers weren’t favourites when playing at Lambeau.


They’re against a 26th ranked defence at home – It’s the perfect time for the Packers to remind us of who they are.

Speaking of the Rams, they showed real guts and toughness to come out of Seattle with a win on Sunday. They had to contend with the ‘12th man’, difficult conditions for a team used to sunshine and a Seahawks side that did not go away, but they got over it all. 


One area of concern though was that the Seahawks opened them up on the run, getting 190 rushing yards on the day. That is something that needs to be tightened up moving on, and they remain on the road as they go to Mile High and the Broncos who could easily spring a surprise.


This feels like a ‘trap’ game, where you’ve got a side that has to go from the West coast, across two time zones to play back-to-back road games. That’s not easy, without even mentioning the loud crowd you get in Denver and the thin air that presents its own challenges. 


If they can keep focused, of course they can get the job done. But the Broncos have the ability to bloody the nose of LA a little bit, though I still think they will go 6-0

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