Long live the Big Three

A new 3-on-3 tournament will see ex-NBA players go against each other.

Fri, 13 Jan, 12:00 AM

We all love the idea of a Big Three. It started with Lebron, Wade and Bosch. Now it’s Lebron, Love and Irving. Across the country you have Curry, Durant and Green. Now the idea of a Big Three will continue to live on past the NBA.

In recent years we’ve seen an increasing level of artists and athletes turn into savvy businessmen. Pioneers in this transition were Jay-z, who established Roc Nation and even owned the Brooklyn Nets for a brief period and Floyd Mayweather, who has built Mayweather promotions on the back of his success in the ring.

The latest pioneer to join the ranks is O’Shea Jackson a.k.a Ice Cube. Cube has piggy backed off of his success with NWA to record a number of platinum-selling solo albums as well as trying his hand at acting and writing on his way to becoming a Hollywood celebrity.

Cube’s latest vision stemmed from the recent retirement of NBA superstar Kobe Bryant. With a passion for watching Kobe and other ex-NBA stars ply their trade, Cube and his partner Jeff Kwatinetz have come up with a brilliant idea to keep these guys in the limelight for a little longer.

The idea is called BIG3. A new 3-on-3 tournament, which will see ex-NBA players go against each other and is sure to recall a number of famous names to the fore.

The league will essentially consist of eight teams of five players each. The league is set to kick off on June 24. Players such as Allen Iverson, Kenyon martin and Rashard Lewis have been revealed as player coaches for their respective teams.

The league will have weekly games for each team throughout the summer. Each of the four games will take place at the same location whilst varying locations every week. Rule changes will be introduced, such as the winning team is the first to get to 60 and there will be a trio of 4-point circles beyond the 3-point line.

Arguable the most interesting concept of this malleable idea is that the league will include no owners. The concept of revenue sharing will come into effect. Teams will be entitled to a larger portion of the earnings depending on how high they rank at the end of the season with the winning team entitled to 30% of the pie. This has been the main drawing card for many interested players. Knowing that the league truly has their best interest at heart and there won’t be as much political nonsense to deal with stemming from management is a great motivator.

This is a truly fascinating concept that will invoke nostalgia for many and also give young children the chance to see the stars from their parents’ day in action even if they wont be at their peak. With so much fuss being made about commissioners and leagues not looking after their players recently, it’s refreshing to see a league that’s run almost solely for players with incentivized revenue sharing being a key component.

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Nik Hatzi

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