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Mon, 30 Jan, 11:46 AM

This week in the NBA – January 23-29

Lebron calls out the Cavaliers:

The Cleveland Cavaliers have been slumping heavier than a bloke in a dry spell recently. The Cavs have put little to no effort in on the defensive end. King James isn’t a happy chappy. He’s called his team “Too top-heavy” and that they can only rely on Love, Irving and himself. That’s a bit of a slap in the face to the rest of the Cavs squad.

This is not what Cavs fans should want to hear from their leader.

Things aren’t looking too good in Cleveland. Cleveland’s odds to win the championship have lengthened as a result.

Philadelphia trusts the process

Don’t look now but them 76’ers are looking legit. With plenty of depth, and efficiency on the defensive end, Philadelphia is the top ranked defence for the month of January. Philli has won 10 of its last 13 and currently ranks higher than the Nets, Heat and Magic in the Eastern Conference.

Not bad for a franchise that’s supposed to be a write-off. Keep an eye on them being active in the trade window, as they look to better balance their squad.

Carmelo Anthony on the trade block

Carmelo Anthony entered this season with a no-trade clause in his contract. Recently, Anthony has been convinced by the Knicks management that the club is well and truly in the toilet with or without him. Anthony has since waived the no-trade clause and looking into finding pastures anew.

The Knicks’ first attempt to trade Anthony didn’t go so well, with a proposed trade for Kevin Love being shut down straight away by the Cavaliers. Next attempt was Boston, but they too have shut the door on any further negotiations. Third time lucky and the Knicks have found a willing trade partner in the Clippers. The only hold up is finding a third team to balance out the assets.

Chicago Bulls in trouble

Dwyane Wade and Jimmy Butler have pulled a Lebron and called out their team for not “caring about winning”.

Rajon Rondo has taken to Instagram, after being on the outs with the franchise, and slammed Butler and Wade for their approach. Rondo claimed that Pierce, Allen and Garnett would never have taken that approach.

Chicago has problems from Rondo, to the coach and to their performances in recent weeks. The Bulls need to fix it all… and fast. Sacking the coach, sacking Rondo and telling Wade to keep his comments in house would be a start.

The Wizard of Wall St.

John Wall has been lighting it up recently. He’s practically single-handedly led the Wizards to a 9-2 run recently and perched comfortably in the top 5 of the Eastern conference.

Wall is starting to show some of the class that made him such a sought after commodity in the draft. Washington continues to power their way up the ladder. Given Atlanta and Boston’s recent issues the Wizards could find themselves in the top 3 before February’s out.

Nik Hatzi

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