NBA All Star Weekend

Value plays on the major events at NBA All-Star weekend

Fri, 17 Feb, 12:00 AM

The Annual mid-season break in the NBA will be set in the Big Easy, New Orleans. NBA All-star weekend is always a spectacle for fans and athletes alike. The Weekend brings with it a number of events that’ll have the ball bouncing right out of the screen!

Slam Dunk Contest

This one should be a no-brainer. Aaron Gordon, last year’s runner up should comfortably take out the crown. In recent years the Dunk contest has seen its appeal with participants dwindle. Outside of Zach LaVine and Aaron Gordon, not many big names want to participate.

This year, Zach LaVine has a torn ACL and wont be able to defend his title. DeAndre Jordan won’t offer much competition and the unknowns of Robinson III and Jones Jr. are just that…unknown.

Play: Aaron Gordon

Three-Point Contest

Value! Value! Value! Irving is at great odds to dethrone Thompson in the Three-Point shootout. Irving is as cold-blooded as they come. Lets not underestimate Thompson. He’s the champ for a reason, but you’re telling me Kyrie, someone who’s splashing shots at the buzzer in the NBA Finals is paying $6. I’ll take that. I’ll take that with a smile in my face.

Play: Kyrie Irving

Skills Challenge

This is always an interesting event at NBA All-Star weekend. Surprisingly the field has more big men than guards. Cousins, Porzingis, Hayward, Davis and Jokic will try their hand at the Skills contest that has been consistently won by the smaller fellas. This year the one standout play has got to be Devin Armani Booker (yes, Booker’s middle name is Armani).

Realistically, the winner will be coming from a little guy. Thomas and Wall might be more preoccupied with the upcoming All-Star game to worry too much about the skills comp. On the other side of the ledger, the Skills comp will be Booker’s final event of the weekend.

Trust me, this Booker kid is cold blooded. At inflated $7.50 odds, he’s worth a play.

Play: Devin Booker

NBA All-Star game

The East is on a revenge mission. They got blown out, 196-173 last year, which made for a dour ending to the game. Team’s who’ve lost an All-Star game by 20+ the previous season have gone 4-1 straight up and against the spread in recent years. That only loss was in overtime as well so you can see that the motivation for teams to avenge poor performances matter to those names All-Stars.

The West will be in all sorts. The Durant v Westbrook saga will linger among this roster. Coach Kerr might be more cautious of how the two ex-Thunder teammates will get along than how the gameplay is going.

Play: East+5.5

If you think the West will win – MVP: Harden

If you think the East will win – MVP: Irving

By Nik Hatzi

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