NBA Playoff Pulse Check (Cleveland v Boston/Chicago)

The NBA Playoffs are in full swing. Get the low down on what’s gone down and what’s yet to come.

Wed, 26 Apr, 12:59 AM



Cleveland Cavaliers v Indiana Pacers


Hardly any surprises with this series. King James and his Cavs went on a clean sweep of the challenging Indiana Pacers. There were a couple of hiccups along the way. I don’t think many people expected the Cavaliers to be down by 20, bench Kyrie and Love, and then rally back to win the game.


This is clinical LeBron James. He knows when to perform, regardless of the lack of intensity he showed in the regular season. When you have the best player on the floor, you’re going to be in the game when it comes to crunch time.


Cleveland’s largest margin of victory in this sweep was 6 points. This has berthed a lot of doubters regarding whether they can repeat.


Up next for the Cavs will be the winner of the Toronto / Milwaukee matchup. Cleveland slapped them back over the border last year, and I see a similar outcome this year.


The Cavaliers have hardly looked like they’ve gotten out of 3rd gear. They may drop a game or two in this series but just like in the preseason, it’s hard to see anyone but the Cavs coming out of the East.



NBA Series bet v Toronto: Cleveland Cavaliers 4-1

NBA Series bet v Milwaukee: Cleveland Cavaliers 4-1




Boston Celtics v Chicago Bulls


This series has had its ups and downs. Many bettors had written the Chicago Bulls off. To be honest, most of the bookies had as well.


The series started with the tragic news that Isaiah Thomas’ sister had been involved in a fatal car accident. It took a lot for Thomas to come to play but he did just that. The little champion pulled out 33 points in the first game of this series.


Unfortunately for Thomas and his Celtics, the Bulls were classes above them in the opening two games. Who did the Bulls have to thank for that? Well, Playoff Rondo of course.


Rondo was a maestro with the ball in hand, carving the Celtics up left and right. After suffering a wrist injury, the Celtics have come back and wont the next 2 games. With the series tied at 2-2 and Rondo expected to be out for the remainder of it, it’s hard to see the Celtics letting their momentum slip.


This Series should finish 4-2 in Boston’s favour. No Rondo, no hope for the Bulls.


With the Celtics probably progressing they should face the winner of the Atlanta / Washington contest. Either of these matchups could be quite intriguing. Ideally we’d want to be seeing a Washington v Boston line-up. Both these teams have opportunities to press their cases as being real contenders in this year’s East.


NBA Series bet: Boston Celtics 4-2

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