NBA Finals: Diagnosing the Warriors Game 1 Win

A lot of the public backed the Cavs with the points to at least stick close to the Warriors. How wrong was that. The Warriors waltzed to a 23-point victory and made it look rather easy in the process.

Sat, 3 Jun, 1:45 AM


What the Cavaliers need to fix

Tristan Thompson continues the Kardashian curse. Thompson has recently started dating one of them Kardashian girls, I think Chloe was her name and he put up an absolute dud yesterday.


Thompson was never signed to score points, but to put up a 0 in the points column and a paltry 4 rebounds is a sorry effort. Even Shaqtin’ a Fool MVP Javale McGee had 5 rebounds in 6 minutes!


Has anyone seen JR Smith? Last seen in Oracle Arena. Rumour has it he played 28 minutes and put up a whopper 3 points… JR needs to step up or step out. For someone who carries on as much as he does, that was embarrassing.


The Warriors outscored the Cavs 56-30 in the paint. Now I understand as much as the next guy that the Warriors are 3-point specialists and you need close them out at the arc, but to open up the lane and concede 56 points is ridiculous!


No Need to panic

Lebron has lost five Game 1’s in a row and still managed to win 3 of those series. Lets not be prisoners of the moment.


Tactical Changes

The Warriors were predicting LeBron’s passes and be cutting off his outlet balls consistently and made them pay on the break. Lebron had 8 turnovers, the most of any player in a finals game over the last 30 years. Tyronn Lue will need to earn his money and devise a new game plan.


A more physical game on Curry is needed because the little maestro had it too easy.


Kevin Love needs to be urged to pump the post. He was leaning on the smaller Thompson at times and didn’t back him down for the short shot. Love needs to remember he’s actually a power forward and not a 3-point specialist.


How the Cavaliers win Game 2


Two simple steps that have been used time and time again to turn final series around are physicality and defence.


The Cavaliers need to muscle up on the Warriors. They have the stronger team and playing a fast paced offensive game plays right into the Warriors hands. Secondly, if players like JR who aren’t very defensive in nature are putting up 3 points, don’t give them 28 minutes. Defensive specialists such as Shumpert will need to be inserted sooner.


Defence and physicality will be the bread and butter of the Cavs if they’re to turn this series around.


Cleveland will win one of the next two games; winning Game 2 will put them in the drivers seat if they can pull it off.



By Nik Hatzi

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