Golden State Warriors - Striving for History

The Success of the Golden State Warriors is impacting the past, present and future of the NBA.

Fri, 9 Jun, 12:58 AM


Ladies and Gentleman we are witnessing history.


We can all see the Warriors are good. But how good are they?


Sportsbet have recently released proposed lines if this Warriors squad was to face Michael Jordan’s 1996 Bulls.


Jordan and his Bulls would have home court due to their superior record but the Warriors would be installed as $1.90 favourites (sportsbet). The Warriors historic potential 16-game post-season streak is nothing to take lightly and even Jordan couldn’t change the bookies minds on that one.


Michael Jordan has never won an NBA finals series in which his team were underdogs. Something tells me he wouldn’t be able to overcome this team as well.


The Price of admission alone would be worthwhile to see a great head coach in Steve Kerr go against a young shooter named… Steve Kerr. Yes, Kerr was a part of Jordan’s Bulls back in their golden era.


This is not only the beginning of a dynasty but also the method to the success will be a major talking point for years to come. This is what LeBron was trying to assemble. A team that played their roles with three key players that would confuse the opposing defence into who to prioritise for.


As we’ve seen this hasn’t eventuated for the Cavs. Love is lacking the ‘Mamba Mentality’ and Kyrie seemed to have it last year and has all but lost it this time around.


These Warriors can book their tickets to the NBA finals for the next four years. This has been done on the back of the now prevalent Super team. It started with Boston having Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, Ray Allen and Rondo.


Brooklyn tried to form its own super team. First with Garnett, Pierce and Jason Terry, followed by an attempt to elevate Lopez, Deron Williams and Joe Johnson into the mould.


We’ve seen them fail but those players weren’t in the same stratosphere as what these Warriors are packing.


The rise of the Warriors will cause two things. The first is that players will chase the almighty dollar. There’s no reason to join the Hawks to try and contend for a championship if a team like the Magic are offering big money. If you think you can get past LeBron good luck, if you can get past the Warriors after you’re having a laugh.


The next thing we’ll find is that players will be leaving smaller franchises like the Pacers or Jazz to team up with other stars in order to contend. There’s a good chance this domination by the Warriors will push a player like Paul George to potentially swallow his pride and team up with James and the Cavaliers. Word of George considering the Lakers or Clippers is A) a signal he’s chasing money and B) can always be done later in his career when those franchises iron out all their deficiencies.


One thing is for sure; we’ve all been able to experience the greatest basketball team ever assembled with one of the most difficult styles of play to slow down. Even though this could negatively affect the league moving forward, it looks like history is in the making.



By Nik Hatzi

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