Connor McGregor v Floyd Mayweather – August 26

UFC star Connor McGregor will trade the all-round mixed martial arts scene to face Floyd Mayweather Jr. in a boxing match. The fight is expected to generate a staggering $800m.

Fri, 16 Jun, 12:39 AM


We were teased in January that a potential super fight between these two legends was on the cards. Finally, a fight has officially been announced. On August 26 we will be able to witness two of the best go head to head in a boxing battle for the ages.


Mayweather will put his astounding 49-0 record on the line as he comes out of retirement to face the UFC lightweight champ. Floyd Mayweather hasn’t fought since September 2015.


Connor McGregor has done extremely well to will this fight into existence. Approximately four years ago, Connor hadn’t even made his UFC debut. Now, half a decade later, he’s held two titles and faces arguably the best boxer of our generation.


Financially speaking, the tickets to the event alone are set to fetch a pretty $US77m. This works out to be an average price of $US3,600 per ticket.


Pay-per view estimations have this fight earning $US475m. The total revenue is likely to be in the realm of $US600m. This surprisingly will fall just short of the record $US623m.


How much are both fighters set to make? It’s reported that each fighter is set to make north of $US100m. This will easily be McGregor’s biggest earning and another chunk of change for Mayweather.


The outcome in this one is set though right? Mayweather is a boxer, he’s undefeated, McGregor surely can’t win this one?


The Punters are currently picking McGregor and why wouldn’t they. Mayweather is too short at $1.15. Sportsbet has noted that overwhelming money on the Irishman has brought his odds in from $6 to $5.50. However, you can still find McGregor at $7 on Bet365.


McGregor is a southpaw. Mayweather has traditionally had his most troubled fight against southpaws. With Mayweather being out of the fight game for two years, and as he’s a bit long in the tooth, a sprinkle on McGregor isn’t a bad investment.


Whatever the outcome, fans can rejoice in knowing this fight is no longer a hypothetical and is something most of us will be spending money on to order.


Grab your mates, grab the beers and kick back to enjoy one of those rare fights that’ll be discussed for centuries down the track. 



By Nik Hatzi

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