Mayweather v McGregor - What the experts are saying

No doubt a fight of such magnitude brings with it a downpour of opinions by public and experts alike.

Tue, 22 Aug, 3:56 AM

The Public has steadily been betting McGregor in from his opening price of $7 into what is now floating around the $4 mark depending on where you look. On the other hand, what are the so-called experts saying?



John Horn

Mike Tyson’s training camp mate from back in the day, John Horn came out and was slyly supportive of McGregor’s chances. He came out and said McGregor’s biggest asset is his ignorance. Many fighters lose to Mayweather before they even get in the ring for him. They think of his prowess and record and become belittled mentally. It’s hard to argue against that analysis. McGregor is anything but lacking confidence.


Horn continued by saying, “McGregor just needs to be viable. Just on his grit, cockiness and confidence, he’s a capable professional fighter. Has no idea that Floyd’s going to walk through him. It’ll take Conor 3-4 rounds before McGregor figures out that Floyd’s better than him”.


Horn has a funny way of saying Mayweather is going to lose this one. Regardless, McGregor being viable will go against Mayweather’s promise of ending the fight within 4 rounds. A big call given Mayweather’s notorious lack of knockout power.


Paulie Malignaggi

Paulie Malignaggi was a member of Conor’s training camp up until a week ago.


Malignaggi was seen being put on the canvas by Conor in a video released by Dana White. However, Malignaggi says that’s not exactly how things went down. The supposed ‘push’ came in the 12th round when Malignaggi was completely spent.


“What they’re doing is so adorable and so cute…they’re trying all these sales tactics. His fan base is adorable and cute”. Malignaggi is painting a dim picture of McGregor’s chances. He’s boldly claiming that his camp is editing video’s to make his skill in the art of boxing look much better than it actually is.


Regardless. Someone who’s seen the inside of McGregor’s world has lit the fuse on what could be a monumental beat down on August 26.


Al Bernstein

Al Bernstein, legendary Boxing broadcaster and analyst has called some big fights in his day. “This is an intriguing…. Probably one of the most intriguing situation that I’ve ever been in in 35 years of broadcasting,” he told MMA Junkie Radio.


Bernstein will be ringside calling the McGregor, Mayweather bout. Bernstein has opinions on the fight’s path and outcome. “McGregor is physically bigger and stronger. If he can find some way within the limit of the rules it would be helpful”.


Bernstein stopped short of giving Conor a chance to upset Mayweather. Safe to say the boxing announcer is sticking with his kind and professionally yet subtly predicting a Mayweather victory.


Shane Mosley

Sugar Shane Mosley was on Colin Cowherd’s show with Doug Gottleib on Fox Sports radio giving his opinions on the outcome of this exhibition fight.


Mosley was quite definitive in his points. “When I see him boxing, I see his does a lot of sloppy punches” when asked of Conor’s boxing ability.


Mosley has seen a lot in his time, being a three-weight world champion. When asked in what scenario he says Mayweather losing, Mosley quipped, “I can’t even think of a scenario. The best fight I think is Floyd Mayweather Sr. and McGregor (Mayweather Sr. is 64 yo) now that’s a fight”.



By Nik Hatzi

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