BYOMayMac - Suggest a market for the big fight

Punting report: A historic fight with an incredible opportunity for Punters to maximize their value and enjoyment.

Thu, 24 Aug, 5:55 AM


In light of the upcoming Mayweather v McGregor fight, our good friends at Sportsbet have rolled out the red carpet for punters to make the most of this historic event.


Sportsbet are currently running a number of promotions that will allow us all to take full advantage of any value we spot.


Sportsbet has come out with the #BYOMayMac. This allows Punter’s to request for a betting market outside of the ordinary ones on offer.


Some of the crackers that have already been thrown out by the Australian public include, ‘Will the referee get knocked down by a punch’ at $101 or the more popular ‘McGregor to kick Mayweather at any point in the fight’ at $9.


With Mayweather having nothing to lose considering his imminent return to retirement and McGregor’s cavalier attitude and all round box office unpredictability, we could see almost anything out of the ordinary in this one.


So get thinking! How about a ‘McGregor to knock out Mayweather on 13 seconds’ or better yet, ‘Mayweather to mention money in the post match press conference if he wins’, that one is surely a guarantee.


The best thing about markets like this is that the bookie doesn’t really know how to set the market for it. You could find incredible value in the plays you propose.


To take further advantage of this incredible opportunity, Sportsbet have a couple of deposit offers to help maximise funds:


This is straight money ladies and gentleman. Who else will give you 3x your funds for such a small deposit? Or, for you big game punters, who in their right mind would be offering up to $501 in bonus bets. Sportsbet have been putting the punter first since day dot, and for eligible new customers, I can’t see a better time to join the Sportsbet team.


One final thing. Let’s be real, who wouldn’t want to tell their grandkids that their Grandad chose a betting market in one of the most hotly discussed fights of our generation!



By Nik Hatzi

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