Chris Lynn | Cricketers Fidel Castro

The man who sends the white ball into orbit is revolutionizing the game of cricket in Australia.

Thu, 5 Jan, 10:27 AM

Queensland cricketer CHRIS LYNN is the cricket world’s version of the late Cuban dictator, Fidel Castro.


Fidel (and his mate Che Guevara) are the world’s revolutionary pin-up boys even beyond the grave. Armed with nothing much more than his cigar, Fidel took on the might of the US in the 60’s that pushed the world to the brink of Armageddon. He baited the Yanks by enticing the Russians – itching for a stoush with the Americans – to set up warheads on Cuban soil pointed directly at Uncle Sam.

Chris Lynn’s cigar is his bat, and his bombs that pepper every grandstand around the country are his equivalent of those Soviet ballistic missiles looking to rain down on the Seppo’s. T20 and indeed the Big Bash have been revolutionary in the way they have changed the cricketing world, and the flow on effects it has had to the way other forms of the game are played – only need to see the former T20 maestro Dave Warner’s 100 in a session in the latest test to see the impact it has had.

Some might say - what about Chris Gayle? Yeah sure, he has led the way, but this boy has taken Gayle's baton (he is too interested in the fillies anyway) and run with it. Big time.

Social media has lit up the sky with the hashtag #lynnsanity, which is a pretty fair description of this powerful young man, as he dispatches some of the world’s best bowlers into 2nd and 3rd tiers. He doesn’t stop there, he isn’t afraid to send a few into orbit and we are waiting for the International Space Station to retrieve a few white kookaburras on their next spacewalk.


The best thing from a punters perspective is the bookies keep throwing up ridiculous overs about him being Top Brisbane Heat bat (often between $3.20 and $3.80 possible). OK, bash brother McCullum is there too, but much like Renshaw with Warner, he doesn’t mind playing second fiddle.

For those of you whom don’t mind the tomato sauce, you will find one or two agencies offering up to $1.60 for Lynn to hit a six. Pesos for jam as they say in Cuba because the bloke bombs them for fun. 11 last night, 2 vs the Sixers, 7 vs the Hurricanes, 3 vs the Thunder… get the drift. He is more likely to belt a 6 than nick a single in this format. Get on.

How do you bowl to this brute of a man? Ashton Agar – always looking like he just woke up from a deep sleep inside a cardboard box – simply shrugged as Lynn belted him to Kalgoorlie twice in a row last night, his body language clearly interpreted as ‘where do you bowl to this guy?’. The most enticing aspect for Australian cricket is that Lynn can be a hurricane of maximums, but also knows how to play the patient innings. There are so many reasons as to why this lad needs to be seen in the 50 over-a-side format: and sooner rather than later. He needs to be given serious consideration in the longest form of the game.

Could you imagine the torment of the English bowlers this bloke could cause in an Ashes series? And we are not talking the Ashes from the tip of one of Fidel’s finest Cubans. As Warner has shown, it can be done and done with match winning impact (Melbourne Test). Lynn’s brutality has the potential to continue the revolution as he wields his 3 pound Gray Nich’s much in the way Fidel would remonstrate with that fat Havana stogie against the western world.

It is time…….

'Viva la Revolution’

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