\nSimon Woolford

\nThe former Raiders captain has the awards that show his pedigree, winning Rugby League Week Players Poll in 2005 for the category of \"Biggest Sook\". The hooker can also take credit for perfecting the art of diving before anyone else. Just think back to 2003, when playing against Parramatta he stopped an Eels attack by staying down to claim a dubious high shot.\n

\nBilly Slater

\nThis list wouldn't be complete without Slater, who likes to complain about everything and anything. The fullback is known for flopping and carrying on when being tackled and is constantly chatting away to the referee. The 33-year old has the voice to match and sounds like he's been sucking on a helium balloon all his life.

\n\nPuig Albert

\nWho is Puig Albert? The fullback was debatably the greatest French rugby league footballer of all-time and retired back in 1960. Albert was known to not tackle a player who had broke the line if he believed it would demonstrate the fault of his teammates for not previously making the tackle. The Frenchman argued it was other player's job to defend, his role was to attack. Unbelievable.


\n\nWritten by Tim Alexander\n"},"complete":true}