The problem that Mitchell Moses signing with Parramatta exposes about the NRL

Mitchell Moses signing with Parramatta uncovered an issue in the NRL that we all knew we had but it becoming a bit ridiculous

Wed, 17 May, 4:56 AM



To provide a quick recap, life at the West Tigers for many, especially Mitchell Moses was at an all time low earlier this season. Coach Jason Taylor got sacked, and they were unsure who would fill that void in the long term. On top of that the supposed “Big 4” of the Tigers were all discussing futures with other clubs.


Mitchell Moses has been the most vocal when it comes to voicing his opinion of wanting to leave the club. Moses for some time now has wanted a release to join the Eels. Earlier this week, Moses was granted that release.


Many reporters labeled the Tigers as insensitive and harming the mental wellbeing of Moses in the process. The general consensus was that Moses was gone after the season anyway so why not release him now.


I could not disagree with this mentality more. Moses, throughout his career has been a middling half who has not accomplished anything of note. His current contract of $650,000 and his contract demands of an $800,000+ payday baffle me. When you have double premiership winners like James Maloney on $500,000 yet to receive even a mention of a contract over $700,000 it shows there’s something seriously wrong with the state of the NRL and the contracts going out to spoilt players.


I’m of the belief that Moses should’ve honoured his contract till the end of the year. If the Tigers managed to find a replacement or deemed him surplus to requirements in the process then as he is contracted to them they can make the call to release him.


Reports coming out of the West have indicated the especially over the last couple of weeks, Moses has been sulking around the clubhouse and been a significant drain on team morale.


The Tigers in this process receive no compensation, which is a travesty. They gave Moses the opportunity to grow as a player and leader. After which, because of a sulk here and a whine there he’s been allowed to walk out scot-free maintain his current salary and the Tigers are left wondering what could have been.


The NRL needs to implement some sort of mandatory compensatory system for instances like this. The Tigers should not have been held ransom to the cancer than Moses became in the locker room. Whether this is monetary compensation or a contract exchange of similar value something needs to be done. We need to take the responsibility away from the club who has the unhappy player (Wests) and onto the club wanting to acquire the player (Parramatta). If Parramatta really wants Moses that bad and think he’s worth it, then they can compensate the Tigers and everybody gets looked after.


A final thought, given the quality of clubs who have won the league recently in the Sharks, Cowboys, Storm, Rabbitohs, Roosters, I can’t recall any players who gave them headaches. Moses is coming on to a team that has problem players all over the park. From Edwards to Norman and there was the Radradra saga as well. Why acquire another player who has proven to be selfish and individualistic. You want to build the club on the back of team players. Moses has proven he’s anything but.


I hope this isn’t the next step in Parramatta becoming a club in turmoil all over again. 


By Nik Hatzi

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