\t\nMSNBC host , Al Sharpton interviewing President Obama about a Trump presidency, “Can you imagine how you would feel standing on the steps of the Capitol having to hand over the power and watch him put his hand on that Bible and become your successor?” Obama, “No.”\n

\nVice Presidential pick for the Libertarian Party, Bill Weld, “I’m not sure anybody is more qualified than Hillary Clinton to be president of the United States.” Explains why no one ever votes for these guys.\n

\nLoser – John Podesta: Clinton's campaign chairman attended a 'Spirit Cooking' dinner at the home of artist Marina Abramovic. Abromovic is a bit of a Satanist and her ‘recipes’ include breast milk, sperm, fresh morning urine and menstrual blood. Geeeezus.\n

\nWinner – The Ku Klux Klan: The white supremacists' official newspaper formally endorsed Trump last week and will be loving his bounce back in the polls. Reportedly also hate Mexicans.\n

\nLoser – Carlos Danger: Aka the fake name Anthony Weiner used to send explicit photos to women. Weiner just can't stay out of the headlines.\n

\nWinner – The Republican Senate majority: Trump's rebound means the Republican party might just yet hold on to their majority in the Senate, making Clinton's life a living hell if she is elected.\n

\nLoser – The traveling press pool: Trump has a love-hate relationship with the press and ditched reporters again on Thursday while on the campaign trail. \n

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\t\nThose looking for something more exotic should consider the chances of the FBI finding a smoking gun in the new batch of emails they're examining, which would let them indict Clinton.\n

\nSportsbet is currently offering 9.50 odds for Hillary Clinton not to be the Democratic Presidential Candididate on November 8 2016. The way things are going, that might just be worth a flutter!\n


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\nWritten by Tim Alexander\n"},"complete":true}