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My heart says stick and be patriotic but my head says otherwise - this time I've gone with my head.

Jade Albany
Tue, 8 Dec, 3:32 PM

Next James Bond

As an actress it's always been a dream of mine to play a bond girl, I would love to play this role with any of the men on the list. There are some interesting selections on this list, Alan Carr being one of them. I'll be backing Henry Cavill to get the role after Daniel Craig. He would make an awesome Bond!

Miss World

Being a model I'd like to think I have some expertise in this market. I really want to go with the Australian model as she's out of this world but this time I'm tipping with my head. Sweden has a long line of amazing girls as you all know. My grandma was Swedish so I also have an attachment to this beautiful country. Natalia Fogelund may not fit the stereotype of the Swedish blonde bombshell but she's stunning and at $8 offers real value. Sweden have won this competition three times, but the last time was back in 1977, they're long overdue a winner.

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