Budget Speech Betting Preview

With only days before the 2016-17 budget is released, we take a look at the betting markets open to the punters!

Sam Eaton
Wed, 27 Apr, 16:26
If you're looking for highbrow read, close the tab and get back to work, you're in the wrong place. Instead we're going to examine the lighter side of politics and weigh up the chances of potential mishaps for Scott Morrison.

The talk before the budget surrounds Morrison closing tax "loopholes" exploited by the rich, his potential changes could cause a ruckus with a few in Darling Point. But, will the wealthy be able to dump Morrison as treasurer? $101 says they will in less than a week after his speech.

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Let’s be honest, for everyday blokes the Budget speech is really, really boring! Which is exactly why we need to have a punt to spice things up, a bit like soccer… For starters we’ll be praying to the political gods that the speech doesn’t drag on, after-all we’re not willing to miss our Tuesday night fix of Dating Naked! However, with the speech length being over 28 minutes priced at $1.8, and being 30 minutes or longer at $5, we’re going to back the latter and claim some compensation if Mr Morrison does bumble on.

We used to love Joe Hockey on Budget night, you’d be guaranteed sweat! Scott Morrison on the other hand doesn’t look like a man who smokes a dart an hour and has a Parma for every meal of the day. This hasn’t put off Sportsbet, they’re still offering $1.87 for there to be more than 50 sweat beads running down the treasurer’s forehead during the speech. Whoever’s job it is to keep count of this, I’m sure your parents are proud….

Even though it can be a bit disturbing seeing a fall like Frank Lowy’s, we’d bloody love to see a trip on budget night, finally a win for the public! Getting $21 for Morrison to fall will certainly keep us on edge for the evening’s entertainment. Not much is more cringe worthy than First Dates, but if no MPs applaud following the budget, even we’ll be feeling for Scott, but we’re sure the $251 for no clapping at all will ease our worries.

Politicians love a catchphrase more than John Burgess, that said we wouldn’t be backing that famous phrase ‘Sell a Unicorn’ to be the first said on the night at $501. You can also back ‘This is a test not a big bash match’ to be uttered at $501. A quick point for politicians, politics and cricket should only ever be mixed when Bob Hawke is involved, not on budget night! The favourite for the first catchphrase used is ‘Our Transitioning Economy’ at $3, however we’re all over the $4 shot ‘Jobs and Growth’.

How times have changed, a year ago you could back ‘F**k’ to be the most used buzzword at $51 with Sportsbet, which says a lot about Joe Hockey. This time round the outsider is the boring buzzword ‘Fiscal’, the value in the market points towards ‘Diverse’ which stands out at $16.

Check out all the Budget markets on our site which include, $2.1 for the unemployment forecast to fall between 6-6.99%, and $1.15 for the Cigarette tax to increase after the budget (unlucky Warnie).

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