Game of Thrones | Betting Preview

Who's Jon Snow's Mother? We look at the options available on the market.

Sam Eaton
Thu, 5 May, 14:35
Game of Thrones has once again gripped the world. Like Kim Kardashian’s rear-end, Jon Snow almost crashed the internet. Social Media was going off the charts when Kit Harrington’s character was resurrected by the Red Woman after he was stabbed numerous times by the brothers of the Night’s Watch. However, the question being asked on every blog is: who is Jon Snow’s Mother?

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Everyone is aware that Snow is a bastard and was raised by Ned Stark’s family. However, the favourite to be Jon Snow’s mother is another Stark family member. Lyanna Stark has been briefly mentioned in previous series, but it’s now coming clearer her character may be more important than originally thought. Without turning this into another blog written by a super-fan sat in his jocks, Lyanna made Ned Stark give a promise on her death bed, of which is still unknown. Many GOT experts believe this was to take care of her son, Jon Snow. Believe this theory? The odds certainly suggest it’s ture at $1.10.

Game of Thrones has more prostitutes than a Collingwood Footy Trip. Nudity, prostitutes and even incest are the norm on the programme, hence why we watch it. This explains why you can back Snow’s mum being a prostitute at $3. Ned’s wife never liked Jon, could be a valid reason if this theory was true and Ned was crippling the family funds by getting one away…

Other options include, Lady Melisandre ($81), Cersei Lannister ($101), Catelyn Stark ($101), Elia Martll ($201) or Brienne ($501). Lady Melisandre has been very mysterious since Snow’s death before resurrecting the member of the Night’s Watch. We question if she would be able to give birth to another human after spawning a Shadow Demon. However, we’re sure if Ned did get down and dirty with the Red Lady it would be a night he wouldn’t forget, she’s one crazy lady.

Cersei Lannister could be a worthy punt, she’s no stranger to sleeping about, for christ sake she’s openly having sex with her brother. We’re ruling out Catelyn Stark as she hated the sight of Jon Snow, even though GOT chucks up a very long-winded surprises, they’d have to develop a whole new story line for this to come true.

Another market available for Game of Thrones fans is ‘Who will rule Westeros by the end of season six’?

The favourite for this is Tommen Lannister at $2 but other interesting options include Ramsay Bolton $6, The High Sparrow at $8, Sansa Stark $51 and Brienne at $501. We think Sansa isn’t a bad punt at $51.

Almost there!

We are loading your bets, and they will be here in a second.

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