\n\n","clickout":"awards/miss-universe/miss-universe-australia-final/winner","odds":"4.00","result":"","stake":1,"winnings":0,"subtitle":"Miss Universe - Australia","tipName":"Caris Tiivel","categoryGroupName":"specials","betId":18068467295},{"description":"Second favourite Marijana Radmanovic is currently $5 in the market. Marijana recently completed a degree in Psychology & Marketing, the definition of brains and beauty. And after being educated in Psychology she’ll know how to work the judges.


A photo posted by Marijana Radmanović ","clickout":"awards/miss-universe/miss-universe-australia-final/winner","odds":"5.00","result":"","stake":1,"winnings":0,"subtitle":"","tipName":"Marijana Radmanovic","categoryGroupName":"specials","betId":18068467475},{"description":"An outside fancy of ours is Stephanie Vera, the Melbourne based entrant looks a handsome bet at $16. The Victorian model is another Marketing graduate. Coincidently we’ve got a few marketing job opportunities going…


A photo posted by Stephanie Vera (@stephanie_vera) on

\n","clickout":"awards/miss-universe/miss-universe-australia-final/winner","odds":"16.00","result":"","stake":1,"winnings":0,"subtitle":"","tipName":"Stephanie Vera","categoryGroupName":"specials","betId":18068467745},{"description":"If you’re chasing a roughie, then Marz Hill is your girl. Marz will shine in the bikini contest as she’s a personal trainer, and will be winning brownie points with the judges as she wants to promote healthy modelling and inspire youths, something we expect she’s already accomplished… At $41 it would be criminal not to have a cheeky punt on her.


A photo posted by Marz Hill ☉ (@marz.hill) on

","clickout":"awards/miss-universe/miss-universe-australia-final/winner","odds":"41.00","result":"","stake":1,"winnings":0,"subtitle":"","tipName":"Marz Hill","categoryGroupName":"specials","betId":18068467487},{"description":"Our tip to take the award is third favourite Georgie Mitchell at $6. We went very faint when we came across Georgie’s profile, it’s certainly one that gets the blood pumping. Georgia completed her Master of Business Admin / Master of Entrepreneurship & Innovation before moving to sunny Sydney. After hours of studying her Instagram, we’ve decided the $6 is massive overs. See for yourself.


A photo posted by Georgie Mitchell (@georgievrmitchell) on

\n","clickout":"awards/miss-universe/miss-universe-australia-final/winner","odds":"6.00","result":"","stake":1,"winnings":0,"subtitle":"","tipName":"Georgia Mitchell","categoryGroupName":"specials","betId":18068467403},{"description":"Onto the Miss Earth representative, which remember is all about promoting environmental awareness. Once again Sportsbet provide the odds on this market, and they’ve priced Charlotte Mellis as favourite for the crown at $3.5.

\nCharlottle is from Queensland and in her own words isn’t your usual pageant girl. However she sees the competition a good way to make a difference and become an advocate for change and conservation. She recently travelled to Indonesia to participate in marine conservation and is an ambassador for Sea Shepard here in Australia, quite the catch hey.


A photo posted by CHARLOTTE ROSE (@amor.earth) on

\n\n","clickout":"awards/miss-universe/miss-earth-australia-final/winner","odds":"3.5","result":"","stake":1,"winnings":0,"subtitle":"Miss Earth - Australia","tipName":"Charlotte Mellis ","categoryGroupName":"specials","betId":18068380430},{"description":"Even though they’ve all done a lot of admirable things, there’s nobody who can really compete with Charlotte’s achievements. Second favourite Lyndl Kean is a vegetarian who’s using Miss Earth to raise awareness of environmental effects caused by animal agriculture. She’s trying to influence people to eat less meat, enough said….


A photo posted by Lyndl Kean (@lyndlkean) on

\n","clickout":"awards/miss-universe/miss-earth-australia-final/winner","odds":"4.00","result":"","stake":1,"winnings":0,"subtitle":"","tipName":"Lyndl Kean","categoryGroupName":"specials","betId":18068380772},{"description":"Our pick is Lavinia White, the blonde bombshell originating from NSW is priced at a ridiculous $9! Lavinia aims to promote an environment in which food is sourced and produced locally, reducing the waste! More Aussie farming! How can’t we back her, Aussie Aussie Aussie.


A photo posted by Laviniagracewhite (@laviniagracewhite) on


\nWe love our job sometimes! Time to delete the history before the missus logs on. See the full Miss Universe and Miss Earth markets here.

\n\nHave a punt on the market now at Sportsbet, remember you get $100 to play with when you deposit just $25. T&C's apply. Excl NSW, VIC, SA, WA\n","clickout":"awards/miss-universe/miss-earth-australia-final/winner","odds":"9.00","result":"","stake":1,"winnings":0,"subtitle":"","tipName":"Lavinia White","categoryGroupName":"specials","betId":18068380679}],"offer":[],"multiBets":[],"categoryGroupName":"","tipText":""},"complete":true}