Survivor recap: Final Five

Another week of survivor is in the books and another blindside at tribal council.

Tue, 11 Oct, 12:00 AM
Another week of survivor is in the books and another blindside at tribal council. Safe to say this week contained the biggest blindside of them all!

The weekend started off with Mat telling the great viewers of this long-running show “I’m a magician, I’m always making moves but I just don’t let you see them”. Well if that isn’t a rib tickling way to start the week off I don’t know what is. Mat has essentially become a glorified pawn being in, then out, then back in again at the whim of his ‘trusty’ alliance.

Jennah Louise (JL) has been a vocal little camper recently, proclaiming like a prophet that those who vote her out will regret not keeping her around to use in this personified numbers game. JL, like Nick before her, has tried to explain the seemingly incredible concept of mathematics to the other survivors. An alliance consisting of El, Brooke, Flick, Sam, Lee and Mat probably wont be making it to the final three together. I’m no mathematician, but I tend to agree with JL.

Unfortunately JL was swiftly voted off. She was the only one willing to rock the boat, and her combination of common sense and energy will be sorely missed.

Surprisingly the alliance started crumbling once JL left. We see Flick just open up and claim she doesn’t trust Brooke anymore. Must’ve been that time of the month, because these girls have been inseparable since day dot. Flick agreed with Brooke to vote out either El or Lee at the next tribal council.

After Sam won the reward challenge, he invited Lee to lay with him. Literally. Sam’s reward was a comfy bed with boxers and chocolates to boot. Lee was smitten from the get-go. Meanwhile, Sam has gone off with Brooke and discussed who’s going next. Sam fell, as he so often does, in line with what Brooke wants. Lee was next on the chopping block.

At this point Flick reveals to El that she’s surplus to requirements in Brooke and Sam’s minds. El has been a mainstay in their alliance since the merge and was evidently shocked and disappointed by the news. It didn’t take too long for El to suggest Brooke be voted out next and Flick to agree with her before she had even finished her sentence. After back and forth “I love you” and “I’m with you 100% babe” which we’ve all heard much too often in survivor the demise of dominatrix Brooke was in full effect.

El told Lee and Lee told Kristie what was in the works for tribal. Expectedly, everyone took to the plan like seagulls to a french fry.

Sam took to the camera to discuss his immanent vote on Lee. Like an owner who needed to put down his puppy, Sam’s soliloquy about knowing Lee for 30 days and being a true mate was even capped off with a solitary tear rolling down his cheek. Which was kind of cute, in a ‘You have no idea what’s coming next buddy, so strap on your seatbelt and saddle up your pony because next tribal council is going to be an absolute doozy’ type of way.

The inner athlete within Lee came out at tribal council. Lee was a monster in a challenge that involved patience, a steady hand and balls of steel. Winning himself immunity turned the alliance of Mat, Brooke and Sam towards El.

Tribal council got a bit animated from the get-go. Mat, as Mat always tends to do, waffled on about everything being hunky dory and that a possible alliance of 7 exists. Clearly that wasn’t one of Mat’s more successful magic tricks as El and Flick quickly put him in his place.

There was a lot of chat about how much trust is placed in alliances and some telltale signs emerged as El said she knew what the outcome was going to be with Flick nodding her head behind her.

As Nick and the rest of the jury sat wide eyed watching the vote in disbelief, you could see Brooke’s faces tense in fear with every vote cast against her. Mat and Sam were deflated to say the least. They’re now sitting ducks as Brooke saw her flame extinguished and survivor journey come to an end.

Somehow, through the trials of the challenges and the tribulations of tribal council, Kristie, the Steven Bradbury of Survivor has been coasting along like it’s nobody’s business.

We now see a clear power shift. Lee, El, Flick and to an extent Kristie have taken the reigns in this game. Mat and Sam better be able to make something happen fast if they want to prolong their Survivor journeys.

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