Hottest 100 Voting - The 5 Types of Voters

Which of these 5 types of JJJ Hottest 100 voters best represents you and your mates?

Fri, 20 Jan, 12:00 AM

Triple J’s Hottest 100 voting has become a truly global phenomenon, with voters from over 170 countries as far away as Burkina Faso, South Korea and Antarctica last year.

Even so, the countdown never fails to bring the usual suspects out of the woodwork. We’ve found the five types of voters you’ll encounter and the tunes they’ll be backing for top spot.

With voting finishing up at 9am Monday, January 23, there’s only a few days left to cast your ballots and get your bets on. Read on for our list.

Written by Tim Alexander


The old-timer will complain to anyone and everyone about the new-fangled songs the kids are voting for these days, flatly refusing to believe they’re the ones out of touch.

Often lurking in the Facebook comments section, the old-timer also enjoys making an appearance at the family BBQ on Australia Day, generally as the ‘cool’ uncle or know-it-all in-law.

Claiming to have voted for over 20 years, their list is a throwback to the 1990s and the old-timer’s top pick for the 2017 countdown is Dumb Things by A.B. Original feat. Paul Kelly.


The clubber absolutely loves their bangers. A tune’s beats per minute and potential for a deep house remix are major factors when it comes to their Hottest 100 voting.

In their natural habitat, the clubber can be found cutting shapes on the d-floor, but in public they’re easily identified by the filthy bass blasting through their headphones.

As a general rule, only songs achieving a BPM of 120+ will be considered for their top ten and this year the clubber will be voting for Do It Right by Martin Solveig.


There’s one reason and one reason only that the bogan will be voting in the Triple J countdown, namely the annual Australia Day drinking game.

You know the rules. Correctly guess the next song? Nek nominate someone to drink. One of your hard thought out song selections misses the top 10? Drink. Pick the top spot? Celebratory shoey time!

The bogan enjoys his Australian hip-hop and has plenty of local tunes to choose from in 2017, but will likely be voting for Catch 22 by Illy feat. Anne-Marie.


The punter always has something riding on the Hottest 100 result. They’re in it to win it and will be confidently encouraging friends and family to back their top ten list.

It’s obvious they’re only voting to bring their bets home and the punter will dust off the old Hotmail email account to give their songs an extra vote in the right direction.

Having followed the odds fluctuations and bookie markets closely, the punter’s pick for 2017 is Adore by Amy Shark, which is currently neck-and-neck with Flume for top spot.

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