The Bachelor Finale Betting Preview

We reveal what the bookies think ahead of tonight's Bachelor finale!

Wed, 13 Sep, 10:39 PM

Last night's episode came to a dramatic conclusion with fan favourite, Tara, bidding farewell to Matty.


With the final episode airing tonight, we've run the form-line over the two girls still vying for Matty J's heart.




- She admitted on last night's episode that she’s 'falling in love' with Matty J.


- Matty cleary spent a ludicrous amount of time on the portrait he presented Laura with on last night's episode. The improvement from his first attempt earlier in the season was remarkable.


- New Idea Magazine (yes, not the most reliable source) reportedly snapped Laura and Matty J disappearing for a low key weekend away recently.


- Matty loves her 3-legged dog, Buster.





- Favourites rarely win The Bachelor / Bachelorette. Everyone expects Laura to win, and if she does, the episode will be forgotten as soon as it’s over. Channel Ten would prefer a more controversial finale. It’s possible they’ve intentionally fuelled the 'Laura winning' fire!


- The money is coming for her rival, Elise, whose odds have been crushed in the last 24 hours.





- She’s still a clear favourite and always has been. Best odds at time of writing are $1.30 with William Hill.






- Matty is a huge fan of Elise’s sportiness and sense of adventure.


- Their relationship has blossomed late, with Matty admitting he wished he’d taken her on a 1 on 1 date sooner.


- On last night's episode, Matty emphasised how important it was that he shared a similar occupation to Elise (Marketing Exec), saying "On a Tuesday night, I can come home and be like, ‘Hey Elise, I had a really crap day at work... and you’d get it'. 


- Elise has hinted her and Matty have slept together, telling OK Magazine ‘He doesn’t get out of bed until 8:30am.’


- As mentioned above, a lot of money has been going on Elise in the past 24 hours. She's gone from $5 to $4.25 at the time of writing




- The fact her relationship with Matty didn’t intensify till late in the piece may count against her. Has Matty really had enough time to fall in love with Elise?





- Elise is a well supported second favourite. At the time of writing, she's best odds of $4.25 with Unibet.



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