5 Reasons why Sansa will rule Westeros

She initially starts off with a very naive view of the world, but as time goes on, she becomes a more hardened and learned individual.

Thu, 16 May, 12:00 AM

After eight seasons, 72 episodes and a number of deaths known only by the old gods and the new, we have finally arrived at the biggest Game of Thrones question of them all – just who will end the series on the Iron Throne?

There are a throng of possibilities on who will rule the seven kingdoms – and while the likes of Bran Stark, Daenerys Targaryen, Jon Snow, Tyrion Lannister and Arya Stark are all in the realms of possibilities, there stands one contender whose character has played the smartest game in what’s been a chaotic final season.

Sansa Stark started the show off as a genteel sheltered girl but through seasons of wretched marriages, family slaughter and political powerplays has emerged as a street-smart woman with an insatiable determination to seize power.

Here are five key reasons why Sansa will end Game of Thrones on the Iron Throne:

  • - She’s learned from the best – and worst – schemers in the game (Her father Ned, Joffrey, Littlefinger, Varys, Tyrion, Ramsay)
  • - She’s a survivor – while women around her have had their hopes crushed (hi, Cersei) or are alienating everyone around them in a disturbing manner (Dany), Sansa is biding her time in the shadows. She was wise to avoid the major battles this season - she has far less blood on her hands and in turn far more political goodwill
  • - She is extremely close with Jon – and given Jon knows how badly she wants the Throne and how just she is compared to the Mad Queen, there’s every chance Jon will forfeit his right to the Throne for his “sister” if and when Dany meets her demise
  • - She is also tight with Tyrion – who would make a perfect hand of the Queen and perhaps even her true husband at long last
  • - Unlike Bran, she has a genuine personality to rule the seven kingdoms. Bran’s evolution into the Three-Eyed Raven hardly lends him to having the charisma and desire to take control of Westeros.


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Happy watching and Valar Morghulis.


*Odds correct at time of posting

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