5 Game of Thrones markets you didn't know existed

Fri, 17 May, 00:00

Australia will grind to a halt on Monday as it deals with the biggest, most nation-shifting event in recent times – no we’re not talking about the election aftermath, it’s the Game of Thrones series final.

After eight seasons we’ve finally reached the end and while all eyes are on who will take the Iron Throne, did you know the speculation doesn’t stop there?

Via BetEasy, here are five Game of Thrones markets you didn’t know existed – but you’re glad they do!

FIVE - Ser Brienne of Tarth & Tormund Giantsbane to get Married - $4.65*

It’s the ultimate romance tease we’ve been denied time and time again. Tormund has downright lusted over his beloved Brienne but has copped a response back colder than the Giant’s Milk he swills for fun. Tormund seemingly accepted his loneliness as he returned far north, but with Brienne getting stood up by Jaime – who’s now incapable of standing much at all – could we see Tormund return to make a final move on his true love?

FOUR – First Stark to Die

It’d hardly be a finale without a Stark dying now, would it? Arya ($1.37*) is the hot favourite which makes sense given she’s cheated death throughout the show and it took the Hound to talk her out of her certain doom last episode. Sansa ($3*) appears safe plus is a genuine chance of claiming the Iron Throne. Bran at $6 is intriguing value to be the first Stark to die – his character’s purpose since the death of the Night King seems to be as an awkward third wheel, and given his unmatched mental abilities, could the Mad Queen Dany see him as a threat to her ambition?

THREE - Jon Snow to Kill Daenerys Targaryen & then Move Back to Winterfell - $1.60*

It’s safe to say Jon isn’t quite as enamoured with his aunt/former lover/Queen Dany now as he was this time last week in the show. Jon has had to deal with so many whispers from people urging him to take the Throne given his actual Targaryen heritage gives him the strongest claim – yet every time Jon has refuted this as he’s never wanted to rule the Seven Kingdoms. Jon is at home in Winterfell and as one of the few in the show who gives a damn about the greater good, it’s not a stretch to envision Jon becoming a Queen Slayer to remove the Mad Queen from a Throne she’s committed genocide to claim. This would open the door for Jon to then return home to Winterfell, far away from the politics he loathes in Kings Landing.

TWO - The Phrase "You Win or You Die When You Play the Game of Thrones" to be said - $2.50*

Tasty value here – the phrase was once uttered by Cersei to Ned Stark back in season one and has become a catchcry for the show. What makes this market intriguing is the chat Arya had with Melisandre in the third episode of this season when twice references to past episode quotes were made – both “what do we say to the God of Death?” and “I see a darkness in you. And in that darkness, eyes staring back at me: brown eyes, blue eyes, green eyes. Eyes you’ll shut forever.” So considering we do have recent precedent for the show repeating itself and given this is the final chance ever for the show writers to deliver fan service, the chance to break the fourth wall in mentioning the show’s title one final time is a genuine one.


Perhaps the most fascinating market out there – it’s purely subjective on how you believe Game of Thrones wants to farewell its audience. Bran Stark and Samwell Tarly each share favouritism ($2*) and are worthy shouts of adding an understated or light-heartened goodbye to TV’s most intense series. Jon Snow – perhaps its most important and popular character – is great value to have the final word at $7.50*. Arya has grown more than any other character and was the last character featured in the most recent episode – even if she didn’t actually speak – and at $21* is appealing to those seeking longshot value. But the biggest of longshots goes to Hot Pie – not seen since season seven when he had an unlikely reunion with his friend Arya. If you reckon the final words spoken on one of TV’s greatest series go to an orphan who works as a baker for the Inn at the Crossroads, then go ahead and jump on for $34*.


Almost there!

We are loading your bets, and they will be here in a second.

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