BetBright Casino Review

BetBright Casino Review

One of the UK's newest online casino platforms, BetBright Casino is a fully equipped platform catering to punters at both ends of the experience spectrum. Coming out of Ireland and utilising its own preparatory gaming software, BetBright Casino has come on leaps and bounds in recent years and can now rival the industry's more established players in terms of resources and betting options.

In fact, despite being the veritable "new kid on the block", Ireland has a long established reputation in the iGaming industry and that's allowed it to draw on this collective experience to build a platform that's both robust and well-appointed.

Best Bets: Breaking Down BetBright Casino

It might seem like something of an obvious statement to make, but BetBright is a vibrant online gaming platform. Although the colour scheme doesn't quite live up to tones the site's name would suggest, the overall look is clean and crisp which, in the modern gaming climate, is a huge plus.

The Interface

BetBright Casino's slogan is "Play the Moment" and when you land on the homepage that's exactly what you're encouraged to do thanks to a central panel outlining the details of a £1,000 welcome bonus. Large enough to pique the interest of serious online casino player, this bonus leads nicely into a series of round-up tabs which outline the latest big money jackpots and recent winners currently live on the site.

Although these features aren't strictly necessary for BetBright Casino's actual game play, they do give the homepage a certain amount of dynamism and excitement. Indeed, by throwing out a series of cash amounts and potential bounties it does make the site a lot more appealing to the casual punter.

Having lured you in with a selection of not so subtle adverts (we particularly liked the "Total Jackpot" indicator which was set at £14 million+), BetBright Casino's homepage then presents its range of games in a simple tab format. However, unlike other online casino sites that simply offer static tabs filled with links and no life, BetBright Casino has made its boxes more of a feature.

Below each tab is a star rating which tells you just how popular the game in question is and above that you'll find a box which springs to life when you hover over it. Popping up like a helpful jack-in-the-box, the secondary tab offers a handy description of the game as well as options to play for real or play for free.

As well as adding yet more dynamism to the site, this decision to animate each game tab and include a star rating and description is a great way to make BetBright Casino's interface more accessible for novices. Instead of simply listing a selection of games and waiting until players are inside to find out how to play, BetBright has seized the initiative and made everything as clear as possible from the outset.

The final handy feature of BetBright Casino's interface is the navigation bar. As well as containing all the usual categories, such as "popular", "new", "blackjack" and "roulette", this toolbar also allows you to sort each game into an order (alphabetically and in rating order). Moreover, you can also search using keywords courtesy of the betting bar.

The Casino Betting Menu

BetBright Casino may be a relatively new player in the online gaming industry but its selection of games is derived from a well-established iGaming menu. Utilising the services of software giants such as Microgaming, BetBright casino is able to offer all the online classics, such as roulette, blackjack, slots and video poker, as well as modern marvels such as table games and multiplayer options.

Indeed, while the former contains a number of familiar options, such baccarat and roulette (again), it also offers some interesting games with a twist such as craps, triple pocket Hold'em poker and Spanish 21. Moreover, the multiplayer tab is also one that contains some interesting options. Giving users the chance to play in the same game and create prizepools that increase at an exponential rate, these games, such as Wheel of Wealth, are a great way to win more money for less.

Naturally, being a modern online casino, BetBright offers a range of live dealer tables, including options for blackjack, roulette, baccarat and casino Hold'em. Unlike the virtual games, these tables aren't available for free play. However, in the same way as the animated games, these can be accessed via your desktop or mobile device.

The Tech Wizardry

Less a piece of tech wizardry and more a piece of gaming ingenuity, BetBright Casino's NovaBall is one of the site's major selling points. Essentially an online lottery, this game is located in its own tab (unsurprisingly entitled "NovaBall") and for just £1 per line players can choose seven numbers and play for a possible £7 million in prizes every week.

Every week there are 18 chances to a win (games on Wednesdays and Saturdays) and players can set up an auto renew function on their account so they don't ever miss a draw. To be a winner in a game of NovaBall you simply have to match four, five or six numbers (worth £250,000). Moreover, if you can hit the bonus ball as well you'll increase your prize.

In terms of gaming options, this is one of the standout offerings in the online casino world today and more than enough reason to join BetBright.

Added Extra: BetBright Bonuses and Bargains

As we stated at the top of this review, all new players are entitled to a welcome bonus worth up to £1,000. However, the way in which the bonus system works isn't like other sites. In a bid to be the most innovative option out there, BetBright Casino has created the BetBrightPlus scheme.

Instead of simply giving you a one-off bonus which expires within a few days of you joining the site, BetBright casino gives you an ongoing selection of rewards based on the amount you stake each week. Ranging from entry to a prize draw (for colleting 100 points) to £1,000 in cash (100,000 points), this system is by far the most creative we've seen in a long time.

Although you'll have to stay active if you want to reap the BetBrightPlus system's rewards, the minimum requirements are extremely easy to meet, which means you should be able to boost their bankroll without breaking a sweat.

View from the Casino Floor

Experience counts for a lot in the online casino world, but so too does creativity and BetBright Casino has that in spades. Although it may not be one of the more established brands in the industry, its dynamic interface, impressive selection of games and generous reward system make it a strong player in the market. Indeed, with a full licence provided by the UK Gambling Commission, you know your money is in safe hands with BetBright Casino which means you really don't have anything to lose if you decide to ante-up.

BetBright Casino's Highlights:

Innovative interface with useful gaming features.

Strong selection of games, including live dealer tables.

Free play option for novice players.

Mobile casino platform.

Creative bonus system with £1,000 in free cash available every week.

To become a BetBright Casino player today, simply follow our download link and join the site today.

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