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InterCasino Review

InterCasino Review

Having been around since 1996, InterCasino was one of the industry’s first online casinos, and many believe it is still one of the best. With more than 30 gambling industry awards to their name, including multiple Gambling Online Best Online Casino Award wins, InterCasino has long prided itself on offering casino players something a little different. Over the years the operator has caught the eye with some iconic promotions and TV adverts, as well as being the original home to the extremely popular Marvel Comics Slots Series.

Having been around since the start of the online casino movement, it would be understandable if InterCasino had taken their foot off the pedal at some stage over the past two decades. But now in their 19th year, this Malta-based casino has stayed on the forefront of the online casino industry year after year, and it’s testament to the operator’s owners that InterCasino are still considered one of the most innovative outfits in the industry.

InterCasino has a history of being the first online casino to host some of the most popular themed slots on the market, and this is evident when taking into account the operator was the first to get Fantastic Four, Spider-Man and more recently DC Comics slot The Flash Velocity. And as well as covering some of the most popular new releases in slot games, InterCasino also puts a lot of focus on those more traditional online casino games that are still popular.

The Interface

In 2015, InterCasino’s interface underwent a drastic redesign, launching a more customer-focused virtual betting platform based on the feedback of more than 6,000 of the operators customers, affiliates and media partners. The new site features a fresh layout with that is simple to navigate, ensuring punters are only ever a click away from everything. The redesign also saw a return of the company’s original logo, adding a retro feel to proceedings and little trip down memory lane for anyone who was around during InterCasino’s early days.

Now one of the simplest and nicely laid-out websites in the online casino industry, InterCasino has maintained their huge selection of casino games following their complete redesigned virtual betting platform. The new interface makes accessing this sizeable array of games a lot easier than before, and the different games are clearly labelled and set out for members to find. Be it one of the new releases or a traditional casino game, or video versions of those games, InterCasino has made it a simple task to find your favourite game or discover something fresh.

The list of options at the top of the page is ideal for those new to online casinos, and the simplicity of the interface makes it easy to work your way around the new lay-out, while the right-hand side keeps track of your history and details. Whether you want to check out the "featured" games, "new" offerings or break down the options by genre, the sidebar is your entrance point to hundreds of options inside InterCasino.

The Casino Betting Menu

The plethora of gaming options are clearly labelled with the help of card-style markers, giving punters the chance to get an idea of what to expect from that particular game. Clicking one of these sections will start the game in a demo mode, giving members the chance to get to know how a particular game works so you don’t have to walk in blind and start risking any of your own money.

Now with more than 300 casino games to their name, InterCasino offers an incredible amount of high quality games. Using Amaya software and their experience in the industry that has been crucial to the operators successful casino games, InterCasino caters for almost all players’ needs and tastes with plenty of slots, jackpots, multi-player and even VIP games to keep even the fussiest of gambling fan happy.

As is the case with a lot of modern online casinos, slot games feature heavily in InterCasino, and there are some of the market’s most popular games available to members. InterCasino also excels with its timeless table games, offering a number of different versions of long-time favourites roulette, blackjack, baccarat and poker.

The Tech Wizardry

Along with the majority of modern online casinos, InterCasino has embraced mobile betting, making their casino available in no-download format as an app compatible with the majority of mobile devices, from Windows Phone to Android and iPhone.

The quality layout and design of the InterCasino app follows on from the stylish and sleek platform of their main platform. The software in particular is extremely user-friendly and offers an easy-to-navigate design for help beginners via an Android or their iPhone, whilst allowing regular users to easily locate their favourite games and win big money on the move.

The fact InterCasino held so much importance in the view of their members when it came to redesigning their interface shows how highly they value their customers’ opinion, which has been a factor behind the operator’s decision to put so much emphasis on maintaining an active presence across social media.

Whether it’s their posts on Facebook talking about their latest games, or the regular updates on Twitter keeping members up-to-date on any news or promotions, InterCasino continue to place a lot of importance on making sure their loyal customer base are always in the loop and aware of any deals or offers they might want to jump on.

InterCasino Bonuses and Bargains

InterCasino have long been known for their outrageous bonuses and promotions. I mean, this is the casino that has handed out trips to space, diamonds and Hollywood film roles as well as the more traditional cash backs, prize draws and event driven promotions. InterCasino offer a choice of different welcome packages, each consisting of bonuses on your first three deposits. For those who wish to play table games, there s the possibility of earning as much as £300 in bonus bets when you sign up to InterCasino.

One of the best bonus features is the renamed ‘My Bonus 4 Life’ scheme. Clicking on this reveals a monthly deposit and no deposit bonuses, as well as game specific promotions for slots, blackjack and roulette. Add to that the bonus and promotions calendar, helping InterCasino members to avoid missing out on any upcoming promotions, cashback competitions, giveaways and tournaments, and it’s clear the operator has customer satisfaction close to their heart.

View from the Betting Floor

One of the original online casino pioneers, InterCasino has constantly moved with the times and made sure it has continued to move with the times. The recent redesigned website helped remind the rest of the market that InterCasino are still one of the most progressive operators in the industry, and the future looks very bright for both the casino and its members.

InterCasino Highlights

  • Simple yet stylish website containing a host of betting options
  • Lots of different casino games
  • Great bonus and promotional offers
  • Solid and active social media presence
  • Unmatched reputation in the industry

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