32Red Sportsbook Free Bet Bonus & Review

32Red Review

Formed in 2002, 32Red can now rank itself among those established high street names who have long dominated the online betting market. Fronted by an online casino that has won countless awards and is considered by many as the best in the UK, 32Red also boasts an extensive sportsbook that covers a huge selection of sporting events from around the world.

But while the online casino is the main reason behind 32Red’s success, as well as the plethora of offers and bonuses available, not to mention the award-winning customer care, the operator has rightfully propelled the brand into the forefront of the online casino industry. Available across all formats, you don’t have to be sat at your desktop to enjoy everything 32Red has to offer.

The Interface

Using Microgaming’s significant expertise and experience in the market to stock their casino, 32Red has been able to put together an extremely attractive and easy-to-use virtual platform that is clearly laid-out. Whether betting on sports or in the casino, punters know the importance of being able to navigate a site quickly in order to switch between platforms and jump on any offers or change of odds.

As far as its sportsbook, 32Red maintain the high standards set by the casino, offering members the complete sports betting experience. As easy-to-use as the casino and boasting a similarly extensive selection of options, sports betting with 32Red is a simple and enjoyable experience. Well stocked in terms of the sports on offer, and put together so that punters can easily keep track of their bets, the clearly defined lay-out of the 32Red sportsbook is another triumph for the operator.

The Sports Betting Menu

Having a well-designed betting platform without enough different sports to fill it is akin to buying a brand-new closet and not filling it with excellent shoes. Luckily for betting fans, 32Red backs up its impressive look with a huge selection of sporting options. All the regular options available to punters from the online betting world are on offer, meaning you can really up the stakes when it comes to placing a wager on the football, horse racing, golf or boxing.

And it isn’t just the traditional sports that you can bet on, and 32Red haven’t held back in embracing the more alternative sports out there, such as MMA, volleyball, handball and even e-sports. Catering to so many different areas of the sports betting community means 32Red are able to offer something for everyone, and with enough options to put the operator up there with the best. Clearly labelled down the left hand side, clicking a name of a sport opens up all the current and upcoming events you may wish to bet on.

The Tech Wizardry

To cap off its impressive betting interface, 32Red boasts a number of additional features in order to provide a complete experience for its members, such as a bet calculator, regular promotions and an active presence on social media. 32Red know the importance of keeping their punters updated through the likes of Twitter and Facebook, ensuring its members are able to take advantage of any change in odds and late developments.

The bet-slip comes with a function to work out an accumulator or a multiple, making it a simple task for the punter to work out how much they are in-line to win. The live calendar on the left-hand side allows members to plan out their betting and see just what upcoming events they want to get involved in. The Live Betting section takes you to all the live events that are available, meaning punters don’t miss the chance to get straight to the action.

32Red Bonuses and Bargains

As with all the other areas of the operator, 32Red is also among the market leaders when it comes to betting bonuses and offers. Be it in the form of free bets, future bets or bonuses to use in other areas of the site, there is plenty to tempt punters to sign up with the operator. New customers are welcomed to 32Red with a £10 free bet when they bet £10 or more, plus 10 free games to play in the casino on the popular Terminator 2 slot game.

One of the most popular aspects of modern betting has been the Cash-Out option. You don’t have to have been betting for long to know that a winning wager can turn to nothing in the blink of an eye. Being able to cash in on a bet early gives the punter more control over their bets. With minutes to go in a game that is going your way, sometimes you just get a feeling that could make cashing out early a very wise decision, and it’s always handy to have that option when betting.

For fans of horse racing, 32Red’s Daily Horse Racing Boosts are another way in which members are given the best odds out there. While a lot of bookmakers like to show the same prices as their competitors for an individual race, 32Red offer a price boost on certain horses, labelling them with a (*) next to their name. This is when you know you’re getting the very best price the industry has to offer.

The customer service provided by 32Red has been the subject of a number of industry awards over the years, and there are few competitors who offer as thorough and comprehensive customer support as 32Red. Available 24-hours a day, contact can be made via email, freephone, call-back, or by entering a live chat with a member of the 32Red team.

View from the Betting Floor

Predominately known for its outstanding casino, 32Red hasn’t taken long to establish itself as one of the most popular sports betting operators in the industry. From top odds, a clean-cut virtual platform, the cash-out option and a host of tempting offers and loyalty bonuses, 32Red is a great place to bet and an operator who is right to class itself as one of the best out there.

32Red Highlights

*East-to-navigate interface with a host of different betting options.

*Comprehensive in-play betting service.

*Cash-out option to help increase the chances of making money.

*Offer a host of popular payment methods (credit/debit cards, Skrill & NETeller, as well as PayPal.