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Betbright Sportsbook Free Bet Bonus & Review

BetBright Review

BetBright might not have the online sports betting pedigree that some operators boast, but what this site lacks in experience it makes up for with generosity and creativity. Coming out of Ireland and utilising a unique brand of software called Dedsert, BetBright is able to offer a complete online betting experience that's every bit as engaging and entertaining as any of its peers.

Best Bets: Breaking Down BetBright Sports

To standout in a crowded market space you either have to do something a little bit better or something a little different. Fortunately, BetBright Sports does both of these things. To help it become the leading "new kid on the block", the developers have taken the traditional iGaming interface and injected it with a new sense of life to create a platform that looks fresh and, importantly, more accessible than more established outfits.

The Interface

When you land on BetBright's homepage, the first thing you notice is the colour scheme. In an effort to delineate the page elements without creating a series of clunky looking boxes, the designers have chosen to paint the main border and navigation bar in dark colours and the main betting windows in lighter shades.

This contrast helps to create a subtle separation of the page's elements and make it easier for people to move between sections and ante-up in an instant. Indeed, because BetBright owns its own software it's been able to tinker with the format to suit its needs and that's resulted in a platform that looks and feels a lot lighter and more intuitive than other sites.

Indeed, as well as a clever contrast of colours, BetBright also has a series of symbols to accompany its betting options. Listed in a static toolbar on the left hand side of the page, these symbols help to give the interface a lot more life and vibrancy. Of course, these images could easily be removed and the site would still function perfectly well, but the decision to include them is one that helps makes the site feel a lot more user-friendly.

The final element of the main page that's worth noting is the central betting window. Acting as the main source of action on the page, this panel contains all the latest events and fixtures and can be filtered in a number of ways. By this we mean you can arrange the options according to start time, forthcoming fixtures and betting options (such a win markets and exotic bets).

While the use of a central panel to show the latest bets on the site isn't anything new, BetBright's tweaks have made it a much more accessible option for players of all persuasions. Indeed, by giving users the ability to arrange and search through betting markets with a single click, it makes the betting process a lot more efficient.

The Sports Betting Menu

In terms of betting options, BetBright has everything you'd expect to see from an online sports betting portal. Heading the menu both in terms of prominence and number of daily markets is football and horse racing, closely followed by other major sports such as tennis, American football and golf.

As well as these traditional sports betting options, BetBright also offers markets for "special events" and political contests. Following a trend started by one of Ireland's other online sportsbooks, Paddy Power, customers can ante-up and make money from an array of public interest events such as the General Election, UK Sports Personality of the Year and even the winner of TV shows such as Big Brother.

Although these betting options won't appeal to season sports bettors intent on maximising their EV at all costs, they are a great option for casual punters and an interesting break from the norm for anyone who enjoys the odd flutter.

Another useful aspect of BetBright's sports betting menu is the odds convertor. Depending on your experience and preference, BetBright allows you to view its odds in one of two forms: fractional and decimal. Changing the format doesn't alter the price of an event or runner, however, it does allow you to see if from a perspective that best suits you.

The Tech Wizardry

In terms of innovation, BetBright hasn't attempted to break the mould with its platform. Instead, it has incorporated a number of subtle improvements and enhancements. Naturally, in-play betting enjoys pride of place on the site and that's easily one of its biggest selling points.

Moreover, fans of mobile betting will also be equally happy with this operator's portable product. Indeed, available for both iOS and Android platforms, the BetBright mobile app allows you to place your bets on both pre-match and in-play markets, deposit and withdraw funds (using Visa, Maestro, MasterCard, Electron or Cheque) and manage other aspects of your accounts directly from the app.

However, by far the most interesting innovation inside the platform is the in-house lottery known at NovaBall. Located in its own tab with betting available from £1 per line, this online lottery gives players the ability to choose seven numbers and play for a possible £7 million in prizes every week.

There are 18 chances to a win (games on Wednesdays and Saturdays) and players can set up an auto renew function on their account so they don't ever miss a draw. To be a winner in a game of NovaBall you simply have to match four, five or six numbers (worth £250,000). Moreover, if you can hit the bonus ball as well you'll increase your prize.

Added Extra: BetBright Bonuses and Bargains

There's a £70 bonus waiting for new customers if they deposit £20. Deposit £20 or more and receive a £50 Sportsbook bonus and £20 Casino Bonus. £70 in total.

View from the Betting Floor

BetBright Sports might not be the most experienced online operator in the world. However, it comes from good stock. Ireland is renowned for its fantastic online sports betting platforms and BetBright has been able to draw from this tradition to create a platform that offers fantastic value to punters of all persuasions. Regardless of whether you're a novice or a pro, the platforms range of betting options, bonuses and innovative features will be enough to keep you entertained and profitable for a very long time.

BetBright's Highlights:

Cleverly designed interface.

Betting on a generous range of markets.

£70 bonus for all new customers plus other seasonal bonuses.

Inbuilt lottery game known as NovaBall.

Mobile gaming options for iOS and Android users.

To become a BetBright bettor and claim your £30 free bet, simply follow our download link and create your first account today.