Football Index Review

If you're looking for an online football betting site with a difference, then Football Index could well be it. Part bookmaker part virtual stock market, this site is almost like the gift that keeps on giving.

Essentially, if you love football and have always fancied yourself as a bit of a Wolf of Wall Street-type character then Football Index is the betting site for you.

Best Bets

The concept of Football Index is simple: buy a player at a low price and sell them for a higher price. In much the same way you'd do in the stock market, the aim of the game is to pick out the talent you think is underpriced, invest some money in them, and then sell them back to the market after their value has increased.

So, how does it work? In order to purchase a player, you first need to scan the list of "1st Team Players". This is the list of players who have been rated by the market and listed as assets. In addition to 1st Team Players, Football Index also has a list of squad players.

These are listed in a separate tab and each week players can give them a thumbs up or a thumbs down vote. The top two players with the most thumbs up votes will be promoted to the 1st Team list, which means they'll be available to buy shares in the following week.

To ensure people don't abuse the voting system, you're given a starting balance of 50 thumbs ups, which is reset at regular intervals. Beyond this, once you've loaded your account with some money, you'll be able to hit the "buy" button to complete a transaction.

Once you own a piece of a player, you can then track their value on your account page. The value of each player is calculated using three main factors:

Trading Activity - The more people who buy shares in a player, the higher their value will be. The more shares in a player that are sold, the lower their price will be.

Rumours and News - If the football world is buzzing about a player or they've just put in a stellar performance then you can expect their value to increase. When a player is on a downswing and everyone knows about it, their price will hit a low as well.

Performance - The price of a player will change before, during and after a game depending on how they perform. What's great about Football Index is that you can buy or sell during a game, so you can also capture the right player at precisely the right moment.

The Interface

When it comes to joining Football Index, the set-up will look familiar to all sports betting fans. After landing on the home page, you'll be asked whether you want to buy or sell. Once you've made your choice, you'll see three tabs at the top of the page which allow you to switch between the 1st team, the squad and the buzz.

As we've already explained, the 1st team and the squad are where you size up the latest talent, but it's the buzz tab where things get seriously interesting. Acting like a window into the football world, the buzz tab is a live feed of all the latest news, stats and gossip from the football world. Essentially, if a player is making the headlines, you'll find them in the buzz tab. This feature is fantastic as it helps to improve your ability to pick out the best players and players who will make you a profit in the long run.

In addition to the main tabs, Football Index also provides a live list of winners to the right of the main page as well as a handy help section if you ever get lost. There is also a "+" key at the top of the page that allows you to add your own player to the first team.

If you don't want to go through the process of voting in a player because you think it will tip off the market and you'll lose value, you can submit up to three player names each calendar year. After checking their stats, Football Index will add the player to the 1st Team list (which you'll get credit for) so you can then swoop in and buy them at the best price possible.

Added Extras

To give the whole process of trading a player a bit more spice, Football Index runs a daily winner promotion. If you hold futures (i.e. a share) in a player and they top the daily buzz chart (i.e. they have the most hype surrounding them), you'll receive a £0.20 dividend for each share you hold in that player.

This little extra is basically a way for you to win some extra money from a top performing player without having to sell them. In fact, the more players you own, the greater chance you have of winning the daily dividend and, therefore, adding some cash to your bankroll.

View from the Betting Floor

When it comes to online football betting, Football Index is in a class of its own. Instead of asking you to speculate on certain matches, players or outcomes and offering you a fixed price, Football Index allows you to make an investment that can repay you time and time again.

By purchasing an emerging talent or a fallen star at the lowest price possible, you have the ability to make a substantial profit when you sell one or all of the shares you own. Basically, if you're looking for an online sports betting site where your knowledge of football is rewarded handsomely, then Football Index is the perfect place.

Because you have complete control over when you buy and when you sell, you can always make a move when the market is right for you and not anyone else. Essentially, if you want a new way to speculate on football and you think you've got the knowledge needed to make sound investments, then Football Index is a must-try site.

Football Index's Highlights:

  • Innovative format that rewards real football knowledge.
  • Daily prizes and football buzz.
  • Complete control over your bankroll
  • Purchase players from as little as £1.

  • To become a Football Index player and enjoy a totally unique and engaging way of betting, follow our dedicated sign-up link today.