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One of the newest betting operators on the market, RaceBets was founded in 2006 as an offshoot of parent company bet-at-home.com before becoming independent in 2009. In contrast to other betting operators, RaceBets’ sole focus is on racing, be it horse racing or greyhound racing. There is no other sports betting, casino games, poker, bingo or anything else to bet on, meaning RaceBets has thrown everything it has on getting it completely right when it comes to race betting.

With between 15 and 40 countries hosting horse racing every day, there is no shortage of events for RaceBets to cover, and its live streaming service makes it easy to keep track of all the action. Having made it clear it has the best odds guaranteed on all UK and Irish races, RaceBets are wasting little time in challenging the big boys for a gap in the market.

Focusing on just one aspect of the market, RaceBets are able to give punters a thorough and detailed service that really takes horse racing and greyhound racing betting to the next level. From the daily tips and hints from various experts, to the huge amount of facts and stats, punters are able to immerse themselves in a complete racing betting experience, not to mention make some serious money.

The Interface

While there is obviously a very different look about the RaceBets interface to other betting operators, there are enough similarities to ensure it doesn’t take too long to get used to. What’s clear from the site is just how seriously RaceBets take racing, and you’d be hard-pressed to find an aspect of either horse or greyhound racing that isn’t covered by the operator.

Along the top of the page are a number of options. Racing, where you’ll find all the day’s events, Offers, containing all the site’s offers, Stream, featuring all the live coverage of the races, Statistics, where punters can swot up ahead of an event, and Editorial, featuring daily hints and tips as well as a regular blog. And the head-to-head feature is another fantastic feature to RaceBets, one of many nice surprises to be found when making your first visit.

The Race Betting Menu

When they talk about covering races from around the world, RaceBets really mean it. Whether it’s the Race Preview option under each race, the clearly displayed jockey, trainer and weight details clearly displayed, or the simplicity in which each of the many races are laid out, betting with RaceBets is an enjoyable and relatively simple procedure. The current or post-ante feature is another way the site makes it easier to get the race and choices that you want.

If you’re looking for a jump race, a gallop, a trot or a greyhound race, clicking the image brings all the upcoming events from around the world, clearly labelled and offering plenty of detail. Betting fans know the importance of being able to act quickly in the fluid manner in which horse racing can change, and RaceBets makes it so that a punter can navigate the site easily and keep on top of all their different bets. And the presence of the race calendar means the punter can view upcoming events and make the most of any early odds that are available.

The Tech Wizardry

In keeping with its impressive betting interface, RaceBets boasts a host of additional features that make it such a unique betting operator. With a presence across various social media platforms, members are able to take advantage of breaking news and changing odds right away. The regular tips and event previews available is one of the stars of the RaceBets show, giving punters plenty of information and insight into the big races and meetings occurring.

It isn’t just the amount of different races you can bet on that is so impressive about RaceBets, but also the fact you can watch almost every one of these events as they happen thanks to the live streaming service. In years gone by, it might have seemed impossible to be able to bet on a horse race in Uruguay never mind watch the action live, and RaceBets thorough coverage of racing puts it ahead of many other betting operators in that particular area.

’ live streaming has made it possible to not only expand your knowledge of horse racing but also increase your chances of winning big money. And if you’ve missed any of the day’s action, you can catch up on all the results under the ‘highlights’ section of the page. And you’ll never be wondering when the next race is, with a timer at the top of the site counting down until the start of the next event and what type of race it is.

While the customer service might not be 24 hours, members can contact the RaceBets team from 9am-6pm, and all email enquiries are usually dealt with within 24 hours. Whether you phone or just click the ‘live chat’ option between those hours, a member of the operator’s team are on hand to handle any issue.

Added Extra: RaceBets Bonuses and Bargains

If RaceBets prides itself on its coverage of racing, there is also a strong case to suggest the operator’s bonuses and offers are as good as any on the market. In order to establish itself with the bigger names in the industry, RaceBetshas placed a large emphasis on attracting punters through its offers and bonuses.

The 100% sign-up bonus is available up to £50, and then it’s just a question as to which race you’re going to use your bonus on. RaceBets’ main selling point is its promise to offer the best odds on all UK and Irish races, but there are a number of other offers that make becoming a member well worth the time.

Punters know how heartbreaking it can be to see their horse lose by a nose, which clearly played a part behind RaceBets’ decision to refund losing stakes with a free bet up to £25 when losing by a nose. And it’s the same when it comes to a horse falling at the first fence, with RaceBets refunding members with a bonus should your race end at the first.

Even if a horse finishes first past the post but is then demoted, RaceBets still pay out for the win. And as for those horses who just don’t fancy racing, punters don’t have to suffer and are refunded their stake for when a ride refuses to race. As well as the regular loyalty bonuses handed out to members, there are enough different bonuses and offers popping up throughout the week that there is always something there for the punter looking for a deal.

View from the Betting Floor

As stated on their website, RaceBets’ aim is “to allow customers to place bets on worldwide horse and greyhound racing online”, and it’s hard to argue the operator hasn’t succeeded in this particular regard. It’s obvious that RaceBets are determined to make room for themselves among the more established names in the industry, and it’s doing this by carving itself out as the place to bet for those who take their horse racing and greyhound racing seriously.


*Easy-to-navigate interface with detailed betting options.

*Focus solely on horse racing and greyhound racing.

*Live streaming of almost every race throughout the world.

*Regular tips, blogs and previews for upcoming races.

*Detailed form guide for horse, jockeys and trainers.

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