Winner Free Bet & Review

The difference between winners and losers in the sports betting world, aside from a little bit of luck, is the decisions they make. Every move you make in the online sports betting world, from the amount you wager to the site you frequent, will have a bearing on your win rate which is why you need to get off on the right foot from the start.

Fortunately, Winner Sports is an online platform that fits into the winning equation thanks to its interesting interface, fantastic features and bevy of betting bonuses. A part of the Winner family of online gaming options, which also includes a casino and poker portal, Winner Sports has evolved over the last few years into one of the leaders in its field.

Today, the site helps embody the phrase "winners are created, not born" by giving its customers the most opportunities possible to make a +EV decisions when they ante-up.

Best Bets: Breaking Down Winner Sports

Packed with the latest in-play and live markets, Winner Sports has everything the discerning punter needs in order to increase their EV and boost their bankroll: but what about the look? Online sports betting sites can sometimes focus too much on content and not enough on design and the result is an impenetrable matrix of numbers.

Fortunately, Winner Sports hasn't made the mistake of forcing the issue and, instead, has struck the right balance between form and function.

The Interface

If there's one way to describe the Winner Sports interface it would be "simple, but effective". Instead of filling the homepage with a myriad of images and fancy graphics, has played it safe and chosen to use bold fonts, simple headings and clearly delineated betting tables.

At the top of the page you'll find a complete overview of the Winner betting tree and as you trace its branches downwards you'll a series of submenus designed to take you directly to your sport of choice.

For example, by choosing the "Sports", "Live Betting" or "Virtual" tab, you'll then find a submenu outlining the latest promotions, payment options and enhanced bet types. Below this is a main betting window outlining the latest live betting odds.

Organised according to the type of sport be played (tabs are used to denote the categories), the tables include the names of the competitors, the amount of time played, the live score and any relevant stats. All this information can then be used to find the best betting line in one of the available betting markets (shown within the table as a number e.g. "+XX" betting markets).

For those that like to do a bit more planning before they ante-up, Winner Sports hosts its selection of future betting markets on the left-hand side of the page. Broken down into three distinct parts - "My Favourites", "Quick Links" and "Sports" - this section of the site acts your quick link into the heart of the action.

If there's one aspect of the interface that some may not relish is the designer's decision to list everything and anything. Instead of utilising dropdown boxes or submenus, Winner Sports has chosen to list all its available betting markets all the way down the page. Although this helps to give customers some perspective on the wealth of options offered inside Winner Sports, it does mean you have to scroll up and down the page a bit more than normal.

The Winner Sports Betting Menu

From win bets and scorecasts to accumulators and combinations, you can speculate in a variety of ways on sports as diverse as rugby, hockey, boxing and volleyball when you ant-up on Winner Sports. This breadth is great because it not only allows Winner to spread more markets, but it gives members of all skill levels as chance to find their niche and (hopefully) make a profit.

One nice feature offered by Winner Sports is the "My Favourite" tab. Although the overall design may force you to scroll through long lists of sports, Winner does give you the ability to place more emphasis on certain sports and have them housed at the top of your personal betting portal.

Doing this means you have the ability to instantly navigate to your best bets and ante-up in an instant. For those with experience in the online betting world, having an efficient route into the latest and greatest odds is important because time equals money. As the odds change, so too does your ability to make money, so it's important to pounce on profitable opportunities as quickly as possible.

Another interesting addition to Winner Sports' betting platform is the inclusion of Virtual Sports. Available 24/7, these digital events and give you the ability to ante-up at any time and in any place.

Depending on your preference, the virtual sports betting tab offers wagers for tennis, football, horse racing and anything else the designers care to add in the future. Although some serious punters may scoff at virtual sports betting, these options are perfect for those that have a gap in their schedule or simply want to test the waters before they ante-up on a major sporting event.

The Tech Wizardry

To conform to the ideal that winners are created by the decisions they make, Winner Sports has created a range of betting aids to assist punters in their quest for betting riches.

When you create your first account at Winner and navigate through the site you'll find links for a news updates, audio and video coverage of major events, betting calendars and a betting calculator. On their own, each feature isn't ground-breaking. However, when considered as a complete package, this selection of tools is enough to turn losers into winners and winners into even bigger winners.

Naturally, Winner Sports also offers full formed mobile apps capable of displaying the latest bets, taking payments and paying out winnings all with a few swipes of your screen.

Added Extra: Winner Sports Bonuses and Bargains

In order to "find your inner winner", Winner Sports offers all new account holders a €10 free bet. Although slightly smaller than some online sports betting sites, these free bets are spread over a range of sports, including football, horse racing and US sports which means you can actually claim up to €30 in free bets.

Another fantastic promotion offered by Winner Sports that should be enough to entice all new punters is its price boosts. To ensure everyone has the best chance of gaining the most value possible from their bets, Winner Sports gives all new account holders enhanced odds for selected events, which means a 3/1 winner could suddenly become a 6/1 proposition. This deal, when combined with a string of free bets and insurance offers, makes Winner Sports one of the best platforms for new sports bettors.

View from the Betting Floor

Winner Sports is a modern online bookmaker with a complete range of innovative betting propositions. Whether you're a fan of in-play betting, live markets, combinations or exotic markets, Winner's comprehensive package is all wrapped up in an interface that's easy to read and even easier to navigate. Indeed, it doesn't matter whether you're a novice or an expert, Winner Sports has everything you need to make a profit in the competitive world of online sports betting.

Winner Sports' Highlights:

Free bets and enhanced odds for all new account holders.

In-play and mobile betting.

Live scores and streaming of live events.

Ability to "favourite" certain sports.

Simple and effective interface.

To become a Winner Sports winner and benefit from all the above deals, follow our download link and create your first account today.

Deposit RequiredYes
Minimum Stake£30
Offer Value£200