Greyhounds Coupon

International Coupon

USAIowa 02:15View all odds View all odds

Bgr Jaded

Happy Henner

Jd Emulated

Kbs Top Gambler

Rf Cherrios

Superior Bonnie

Touche Andrew

William Demarest

AUSHealesville 02:20View all odds View all odds

Saint Blueyin5/6

Farmers Armsout13/8

Tralee Riotout17/2

Asofa Solomonain18/1

Pocket Titaniumout25/1

Blazing Butlerout33/1

Burn Bella Burnout33/1

Head Bouncerout50/1

AUSTaree 02:25View all odds View all odds

Ollie Dooout11/10

Ruby Sannettein5/2

Kellys Offsiderout9/2

Teeny Tiger11/2

Clandas Comet14/1


Suzies Ruby50/1

NZAddington 02:29View all odds View all odds

Archie John Hillin1/1

Epic Diamondout11/2

Goldstar Majorin11/2

Taieri Tayleeout6/1


Homebush Aimeeout12/1


Just Izzyout28/1

Maffra DaisySP

Mitcham RobSP

USAIowa 02:30View all odds View all odds

Atascocita Dices

Bgr Snow Blast

Day Drinker

I Like It

Kw Felony

Need A KissSP

Oshkosh Cupcake

Xts Elijahcraig

AUSHealesville 02:37View all odds View all odds

Wiggle It Bartin9/4

Tinker Chinain10/3


Barunga Bulletout7/1

Into The Riverout12/1

Max Mccartinout18/1


Ms Lucky Leaves

AUSTaree 02:42View all odds View all odds

Aston Shiloh2/1

Lollipop Lizout11/4

Tigress Eyeout11/4


Ms Vuittonin7/1

Pugsleys Girlout22/1

USAIowa 02:45View all odds View all odds

Bgr Beers Ago

Bh Minella


Kbs Black Rain

Kw Dismissal


Waylons Revenge

Xts Norman

NZAddington 02:47View all odds View all odds

Double Speedin9/4

Tweet About Itout5/2

Hendrix Baleout9/2

Know Nuggetout13/2

Mitcham Samin7/1

Homebush Liamin9/1

Goldstar Wynterout22/1

Horse Rangeout50/1

Culvie NessSP

AUSHealesville 02:54View all odds View all odds


Jonah Alcatrazin5/2

Frainys Wellin15/2

Kris Le Cashewout10/1

Retro Reeceout11/1

Victory Miaout12/1

Paetta Bale50/1

USAIowa 03:00View all odds View all odds


Big Joe Stoefen

Hilco Solo

Killer Tolstoy

Kristi Noem


Mv Hoover

Touche Lorraine

AUSTaree 03:03View all odds View all odds

Nangar Kashin5/6

Sailor Boyout2/1

Hold Your Firein5/1

Roseeta Valleyout17/2

Ghostie ValleySP

Sketchy TraleeSP

Zippy Poppy

NZAddington 03:08View all odds View all odds

Mitcham Magicin8/15

Starburst Georgeout3/1

Made The Cutin9/1

Homebush Glitchout12/1

Homebush Caesarout18/1

Beck Elevenout25/1

Opawa Cooperout28/1

Maffra Daisyout40/1

Taieri BreezeSP


AUSHealesville 03:12View all odds View all odds

Okawa Eye Candyout1/1

Diamond Socksin13/8

Solar Systemin9/2

Inter Roseout40/1

Further Dreamerin80/1

Springvale Mistyout80/1

AUSTaree 03:23View all odds View all odds

Sunrise Trooperin9/5

Victor Sannette11/4

Thanks For Thatout4/1

Seeking Qualityout5/1

Heathcote Rams11/2

Vixens Image16/1

Canoelands Rocka25/1


NZAddington 03:25View all odds View all odds


Hilton Hope7/1

Honey Lantreeout14/1

Opawa Oscarout20/1

Super Over Drama22/1

Mitcham Usainout25/1

Billy Rayout33/1

Homebush Gamblerout33/1

AUSHealesville 03:37View all odds View all odds

Amlin Frozen1/2

Coco Lillyout9/5

Wicked One12/1

Lea Arandt16/1

One Double Beat18/1

Maximum Capers25/1

Meat Murphy40/1

NZAddington 03:44View all odds View all odds

Money Spinner5/11

Great Work14/5

My Curly9/1

Dyna Varsity11/1


Nighthawk Fancyout20/1


Knocka Know Howout40/1

AUSTaree 03:47View all odds View all odds

Hardaway Ally3/10

Hurricane Hunter6/1

Oh Five Surprisein15/2

Mad Stan10/1

Tiny Sparkle16/1

Aston Leah18/1

Siennas Ace22/1

Vista Rose50/1

AUSHealesville 03:58View all odds View all odds

Midnight Drifterout7/5

Grumpy Alout2/1

Pretty Boy Patin11/4

Gday Muscles15/2

Mt View Rocksout11/1

Hardaway George40/1

NZAddington 04:00View all odds View all odds

Mustang Megan2/1

Goldstar Trooper3/1

Ever Rested7/2

Opawa Jaws9/2

Homebush Monkey10/1

Tiggerlong Demon10/1

Amuri Mystic15/1

Mega Dream18/1

AUSTaree 04:12View all odds View all odds

Wild Flames19/10



Vista Inferno11/2

Zipping Gizmo7/1

Angry Monsoon12/1

Sketchy One14/1

Tornado Twist18/1

NZAddington 04:19View all odds View all odds

Edge Of Reason9/5

Hilton Joker5/2

Nevada Philout19/5


Mitcham Ryderin10/1

Goldstar Jay Jay16/1

St Andrews16/1

Regal Jock25/1

AUSHealesville 04:22View all odds View all odds

Golden Yearsin6/5

Kid Malawi10/3

Elliott Ness4/1

Speedy Spyro11/2

Challis Sprite7/1

Boes Reward14/1

AUSTaree 04:33View all odds View all odds

Angry Blizzard5/11

Stash House4/1

Arnie Doo15/2

Willina Girlout17/2


Guided By Soulout16/1

Bye For All40/1

Rock On Byout50/1

AUSHealesville 04:47View all odds View all odds

American Starin7/5

Stella Diamond3/1

Bluey Mcgee9/2

Insomnia Agogo11/2

Another Attemptin13/2

Too Much Talking8/1

AUSTaree 04:57View all odds View all odds

Guy Keeping12/5

Jill Dooin14/5

Kates The One14/5


Maywyn Hersheys13/2

Rivergum Ridge14/1

Bargain Buyer18/1

Kingston Houndout50/1

AUSHealesville 05:08View all odds View all odds


Love A Talkin7/2



Clan Mcmillan14/1

Half A Doublein15/1

AUSTaree 05:22View all odds View all odds

Sunset Sal7/5

Gagan Eveout17/5

Candles Princess5/1

Nothing To Smart11/2

Ouzo Keatsin13/2

Ripper Rita13/2

Chevy Lunatic20/1

Raining LadiesSP

AUSHealesville 05:32View all odds View all odds

Lily Rose Jazz21/10

Atomic Icon5/2

Challis Magicout15/4

Shady Talks4/1

Shes A Charm9/2

Aston Kenjiout30/1

NZHatrick 05:33View all odds View all odds

Opawa Violetout6/5

Allegro Rylee9/2

Big Time Quinn11/2

Stormy Jay11/2

Milo Tonightout7/1

Mothers Touchout17/2



AUSTaree 05:43View all odds View all odds

Blue Fire Ice7/5

Cawbourne Ringoin2/1

Ruthless Robyn18/5

Grandana Qualityout13/2

My Vuitton12/1


Shes Invictive40/1

Blockas BuddySP

NZHatrick 05:52View all odds View all odds

Battle Cruiser4/1

Bigtime Bruno9/2

Classic Rapper9/2

Dapper Rapper9/2

Allegro Peachesout6/1

Big Time Brynn6/1

Go Bro7/1

Cossie Cooper10/1

Adobe TurtleSP

Big Time AtomicSP

AUSBendigo 05:57View all odds View all odds

Aston Kenno6/4

Sassy Izzy13/5

Spring Empire17/5

Lala Juniper15/2

Uzima Baleout11/1

Spearhead Joe12/1

Frays Courageout16/1

Chilly Binout25/1

AUSGawler 06:00View all odds View all odds

Ferocious Stevein1/1

Spring Crossing13/10

Miss Nala15/2

Psycho Stareout8/1

Jorja Can Burn11/1


AUSThe Gardens 06:07View all odds View all odds

Giddy Goanna4/7

Hotline Anniein4/1

Miss Doll6/1

Songar Piperin15/2

Sudoku Mustangin15/2

Bottle Crewin30/1

Moist Mortonin30/1

Mary Rosein50/1

Crackerjack DaneSP

NZHatrick 06:12View all odds View all odds

Opawa Marcie3/1


Johny Mowhawk9/2

Shamrock Green9/2

Allegro Kyle5/1

Dottie Bell5/1

Impressive Gift12/1

Homebush Surgeon14/1

AUSGawler 06:15View all odds View all odds

Lovely Wish8/5

Long Gully Grace2/1

Oriental Design19/5

Vinnie Rumbling5/1

Vagabond Al10/1

My Bright Jewel12/1

AUSBendigo 06:18View all odds View all odds


Greysynd Shockin9/2

Ordelia Balein17/2

Aston Pinotout9/1

Spring Budout14/1

Roxy Smirnoffout16/1

Forensic Lassout28/1

Just Admit Itout50/1

AUSIpswich 06:21View all odds View all odds

Return To Dustin11/13

Red Riverout17/5

Tuta Edge4/1

Farmor Blondes9/1

Six Schooners10/1

Emperor Rose14/1

Mini Me Sinclairin28/1

Diamond Queen50/1

Baromi RoseSP

Petite SwaggerSP

AUSThe Gardens 06:27View all odds View all odds

Stay Strongout13/10


Tomerong Queenout3/1

Semi Quaverin9/2

Run Max Runin12/1

Black Candlesout30/1

Groundwater Boy50/1

Stratavon Skippy70/1

AUSGawler 06:32View all odds View all odds

Bluestar Pantherout21/10

Josef Moses Roseout11/5


Shuffle The Deckout18/5

Land Of Promisein8/1


AUSBendigo 06:37View all odds View all odds


Aston Flame8/5

Bold Lindain9/2

Mini Thunderout6/1

Wake Up Dustyout18/1

Lala Hibiscusout25/1

Balbina Baleout30/1

Sadiki Baleout30/1

NZHatrick 06:37View all odds View all odds

Big Time Elsa23/10

Jilliby Jac23/10

Big Time Frankie16/5

Jilliby Sophia9/2

Big Time Hautu8/1

Big Time Felix12/1

Big Time Kobe14/1

AUSIpswich 06:44View all odds View all odds

Rosetta Miss11/5


Dayseas Trudie4/1

Bent Axle Bob9/2

Smooth Bella9/2

Banjo Ladout10/1

Donny Darcyout14/1

Ollie Sinclair25/1

Dahomey SolanaSP

Slippery WormSP

AUSThe Gardens 06:47View all odds View all odds

Hudson Bolt13/10

Fabio Lass16/5


Evas Girl9/2

Aston Rapideout8/1

Worth The Wait18/1

AUSGawler 06:51View all odds View all odds

What A Kicker11/10

Hayride Robottom5/2

Brother Mac4/1

Marias Gemout13/2

Rosies Angel9/1

Super Shenronout22/1

AUSBendigo 06:58View all odds View all odds

Up The Amountin9/5

Rockin Rosieout16/5

Shim Bobout18/5

Trending Riverin15/2


His Stop Itin9/1

Flaming Mosesin11/1

Riccarton Mattout16/1

AUSIpswich 07:01View all odds View all odds

Drink Shandiesin6/5

My Redemptionout15/4

Yosemite Sam9/2

Death Valley11/2

Outback Danger13/2

Dark Ally Dancer12/1

Beanie Eyes25/1

Dream Chaser33/1

Gunnadoo OakSP

AUSThe Gardens 07:07View all odds View all odds

Johns Call21/10

Songar Special23/10

Opal Trier19/5

Blazin Ringo15/2


Coastal Prince15/2

Art Royal14/1

Pixi Limeburner40/1

Rachels StarSP

NZHatrick 07:07View all odds View all odds

Big Time Jonie7/10

Big Time Fuzz6/4

Bigtime Ziggy10/1

Eye Far16/1

Bigtime Honey25/1

Gotcha Murphy25/1

Truth Hurts25/1

Zara Cheebee25/1

Criminal JusticeSP

AUSGawler 07:12View all odds View all odds

Emerley Apep6/4

Emerley Skimmer19/5

Fired Up9/2

Our Boy Thommo9/2

Sometime Crazy5/1

Long Gully Carly15/1

Blazin Reggie20/1

Tayahs Express25/1

AUSBendigo 07:17View all odds View all odds

Marshalls King4/5

Who Cry Now18/5


Daphs Farrah11/2

Cornhill Rebel9/1

Bumps Nugget14/1

Aston Anita25/1

Pirate LeeSP

AUSIpswich 07:24View all odds View all odds

Hide The Cashin6/11

Little Bit Tipsyin10/3

Harbour Jem4/1

Kulu Edge16/1

Fabulous Gal20/1

Lady Zelemar20/1

Another Bunkerout25/1

Crown Tina33/1

Marys SpringSP

AUSThe Gardens 07:27View all odds View all odds

Aston Sapporo11/17

Impress Raja3/1

Limeburner Leah5/1

Flying Asparagus6/1

Miss Gabrielle16/1

Tan Can Go40/1

Crystal Moon50/1

Little Prospect66/1

Jerry PopSP

AUSGawler 07:31View all odds View all odds

Our Boy Wolfin7/10


Long Gully Eviein11/2

Jamie Lannisterin13/2

Magic Ozzieout11/1

Emerley Fabbroout14/1

Ask Me Nowout30/1

Joffas Galaxyout30/1

NZHatrick 07:35View all odds View all odds

Big Time Mac15/13

Bigtime Brody5/4

Kongs Out Againout6/1

Sub Twenty Three17/2

Big Time Spotout20/1

Big Time ChanellSP

Bigtime RodSP

Super RexSP

AUSBendigo 07:38View all odds View all odds

Keep It Black2/5


Dark Compass9/2

Happy Ruby22/1

Thats Easy22/1

Crackerjack Phil25/1

Nicko In Paris50/1

Pirate Lee50/1

AUSIpswich 07:41View all odds View all odds

Deal em7/10

Lone Cowboy9/2

Outback Mandrake6/1

Big Pom7/1


Aerobic Tank12/1

Soda Maxi20/1

Red Hot Spur50/1

Deneholme DasherSP

Special KarmarSP

AUSThe Gardens 07:47View all odds View all odds

Thats Nice Too2/1

Silver Ranger21/10

Barbs Jess9/2

Key Nose9/2


Gas Flame10/1

Blue Crazy18/1

All Most There50/1


Stratavon MissSP

AUSGawler 07:52View all odds View all odds

Crazy Dreamin7/5


Run Girl Run5/1

Ragin Finesse11/2

Hot Rocks13/2

Love And Rain7/1

Hayride Reid20/1

Snow Superstar20/1

AUSBendigo 07:59View all odds View all odds

Hazey Roy7/10

Gunai Outlaw11/4

Pay The Prince6/1

Rack City7/1

Zipping Brax18/1

Citadel Of Chaos22/1

Kraken Storm25/1

On The Air33/1

NZHatrick 08:06View all odds View all odds

Big Time Emmi5/2

Allegro Moses3/1

Testing Time9/2

Shot Of Class11/2

Big Time Lorna13/2

Light Cruiser13/2

Yarn Sister9/1

Bailey And Cream22/1

AUSIpswich 08:07View all odds View all odds

Esthers Angel23/10

Chase A Lot7/2

Expat Nova9/2

Abby Jazzy5/1

Farmor On Fire6/1

Walloon Moo15/2

Oh So Fernando12/1

Hello Newman20/1

Farmor SambucaSP

Pink AdventurineSP

AUSGawler 08:11View all odds View all odds

Sweet Rose9/5


Sutton Frankie4/1


Holy Reign9/1

Just A Giggle9/1

Riverside Dash20/1

Sky Wesley25/1

AUSThe Gardens 08:14View all odds View all odds

Wild Syrene11/13

Rattlin Ahead5/2

Ringer Rosie9/2

Walk Not Run11/1

Foolish Gamesout18/1

Maybe Gracie22/1

Bright Blue Tutu25/1

Teahupoo Pearl33/1

Stratavon MissSP

AUSBendigo 08:18View all odds View all odds

Super Zoom Jake11/17

Handsome Jack4/1

Darra Onyx11/2


Mepunga Gertie8/1

Smokey Renn25/1

AUSIpswich 08:22View all odds View all odds

Land Down Under9/10

Velocity Caligo4/1

Shes Hot Gossip5/1

Babylon Boomers13/2


Country Boy12/1

Hammer Drill25/1

Linda Kay40/1

Ear PiercingSP

AUSGawler 08:31View all odds View all odds

Reiko Live Wire17/10

Long Gully Roger3/1

Sutton Abbie3/1

Knight Show17/5

American Mustardout12/1

Rio Grandeout20/1

AUSThe Gardens 08:34View all odds View all odds

Earl Of Nabiacout5/2

Impress Smokeyout14/5

Blue Andoin5/1

American Sonin11/2

Coastal Express13/2

Tiny Llama8/1

Hunters Moonout10/1

Rattlin Jayout11/1

Foolish GamesSP


NZHatrick 08:36View all odds View all odds

Screaming Viking9/4

Allegro Brandon16/5

Big Time Yonkers7/2

Pretty Belinda13/2

So Like Me13/2

Big Time Ari15/2

Sahara Dream12/1

Paradox Prince14/1

AUSBendigo 08:42View all odds View all odds

Colonel Diesel8/5

Andy Time16/5

Blind Electra4/1

Que Up4/1

Ching Chingout17/2



La La Nebraskaout33/1

AUSIpswich 08:49View all odds View all odds

Deck Fifty Two2/1


Key Westout11/4

Spring Parisout7/1

Leeroy Renegade17/2

Silent Talk12/1

Bosanova Kingout20/1

Go Lou Goout28/1

Ear PiercingSP

AUSGawler 08:53View all odds View all odds

Black Hulk27/20

Missy Two Toesout7/2

My Oh Fernando4/1

Nigel Lee5/1

Mepunga Harryout11/2

Aston Ricardo12/1

AUSThe Gardens 08:57View all odds View all odds

Sudoku Lass6/4

Coastal Ally19/10

Goodwin Barbie9/2

Zipping Velvetout15/2

Small Sideout12/1

Gagan Dollyout14/1

Sketchy Davidout20/1

Bonnie Charm40/1

Divers SingleSP

Monroe No MoreSP

NZHatrick 09:06View all odds View all odds

Jilliby Litsa1/1

Big Time Lantao11/4

Big Time Odette19/5

Big Time Maple9/1

Big Time Harley11/1

Big Time Tommeyout16/1

Big Time VegasSP

AUSBendigo 09:09View all odds View all odds

Spring Bjornin6/4

Aunt Finnieout12/5

Just Siriusin5/2

Eagle Boy11/2

Key Effortout18/1

Iceni Hunterout22/1

Blackjack Cougarout25/1

Star Gazersout40/1

AUSIpswich 09:12View all odds View all odds

Spring Noir11/4

Diesels Charlie17/5

Billy Bottaluchi18/5

Split Sound9/2

Squawking Squaw7/1

Meerkat Warrior17/2

Impatient Kid12/1

Shaggy Rose14/1

Kid SunriseSP

Minis GirlSP

AUSGawler 09:14View all odds View all odds

Freddy Reikoin6/5

Westgate Girlout6/5

Breakfast Creekout11/2

Grit Blasterout12/1

Reddy Redout12/1


AUSThe Gardens 09:19View all odds View all odds


Super Dooper13/4

Phoenix Pearl15/4

Candy Moon5/1

Simmer Down6/1

Beautys Girl7/1

Swizz Roll Cloud16/1

Divers Session100/1

Blossoming RoseSP

Miss NunesSP

AUSBendigo 09:27View all odds View all odds

Made Me Blind19/20

Aston Mireya17/5

Voltage Spikeout7/2

Gunai Rebel17/2

Westar Misty9/1


Pride Into Power25/1

Star Of Jasmine40/1

AUSIpswich 09:34View all odds View all odds

Ringbark Rattler2/1

Libbys Girl9/4

Miss Priddle16/5

Baw Baw Girl4/1

Kulu Honey14/1

Aerobic Zone16/1

Name Him Cooper25/1

Bunya Beauty40/1

Farmor ScotchSP

Go RomeoSP

NZHatrick 09:36View all odds View all odds

Opawa Bud3/1

Porcelain Panda18/5

Opawa Jody4/1


Gotcha Cooper5/1

Big Time Beat7/1

True Testament12/1

Eye Kno16/1

Elsa BluebloodSP

Fast AngelSP

AUSGawler 09:39View all odds View all odds

All Out Crazyout8/15

Sutton Daisy18/5

Long Gully Wilma9/2

Ranger Roseout9/1

Our Katie Roseout20/1

AUSBendigo 09:42View all odds View all odds

Nifty Nelly7/4


Name Me Nelly5/1

Chasing Honey11/2

Aston Roxy6/1

Nitro Roxy7/1

Horizon Princess12/1

Iceni Riot33/1

AUSWarragul 09:53View all odds View all odds

Time To Roll27/20


Movie Scene13/4

Stormy Lightsout14/1

AUSTemora 10:04View all odds View all odds

Extreme Heat5/4

Midnight Nachos3/1

Wild Missin11/2

Dundee Rocco6/1

Blue Aiyanain17/2

Extreme Burn10/1

Rells Honey11/1

Elegant Miss30/1

NZHatrick 10:06View all odds View all odds

Idol Meghan11/5

Big Time Juda14/5


My Bentley11/2

Sideline Sally15/2

Homebush Susan9/1

Paving Way9/1

Sedgebrook Sally12/1

Machine GunnSP

Webber ComeSP

AUSGeelong 10:08View all odds View all odds

Jebrynah Umidain12/5

Rush Outin12/5

Pabbie Bale4/1

Boom Out11/2

Jet Legger11/2

Agnet Baleout10/1

Diesels Legacy14/1

Elarbee Sheeran25/1

Tai Pan AgogoSP

AUSWarragul 10:11View all odds View all odds

Rub A Tub2/1

Show Queen2/1

Weeona Bobby7/2

Run Topper4/1

Secret Keyout13/2

Big Bash BartySP

AUSRichmond 10:15View all odds View all odds

Barney Rubble13/10

Swishy Chloe2/1

Fays Legacies4/1

Black Lenny5/1

Little Lokiout12/1

Wild Stallion20/1

AUSTemora 10:21View all odds View all odds

Regal Toranain21/10

Fortys Shadowout11/5

Great Fighter5/2

Wild Deja13/2

Hashtag Keatsout14/1

Paws Of Terrorout14/1

Miss Briggsout16/1

Daddys Girl Salin20/1

Dana Big PeteSP

Stinging RogerSP

AUSGeelong 10:27View all odds View all odds

Smokin Grillein6/5

South Songin23/10

Auspicious Queen13/2

Shes So Sassyin9/1

Super Marliin9/1

Our Wattoout10/1

Mr Buck Leeout14/1

Grey Not Blue25/1

AUSWarragul 10:34View all odds View all odds

Chiefs Shoutin6/5

Earn The Loot6/4

Queen Of Mojoout4/1

Liberty Royalout17/2

Pat My Lassout12/1

Whizbang AliceSP

NZHatrick 10:36View all odds View all odds

Big Time Frosty11/10

Allegro Smooch7/2

Big Time Jewel4/1

Big Time Tina9/1

Idol Lucy9/1

Hip Hop Rapper12/1

Butter Churn16/1

Waterloo Pink16/1

Criminal JusticeSP

AUSRichmond 10:38View all odds View all odds

Arrest Fernando13/4

Fay Mercury7/2

Zig Zag Banjo18/5

Danis Jewel19/5

Fay Fay5/1

Front Row5/1

Another Fay20/1

Up There Charlie28/1

AUSTemora 10:41View all odds View all odds

Extreme Riotin6/4

Dana Juliein13/8

Kinloch Choir11/2

Blue Hotel10/1

Genevieve Izmir12/1

Ned The Weapon12/1

Secret Snaps12/1

Tiggerlong Jewel33/1

Dana GertieSP

Kid JamesSP

AUSGeelong 10:45View all odds View all odds

Tens Enoughout14/5

Indy Matildain3/1

Wedding Or Babyin16/5

She Rulesout19/5

Rosie Posiein15/2

Mr Bent Lee9/1

Daphs Extreme10/1

Tsar Bellout33/1

AUSWarragul 10:53View all odds View all odds


Total Babein12/5

Click And Winout10/3

Peter Coinin5/1

Brazen King15/2

Mario Baleout11/1

Jafar Baleout25/1

Polite ReplySP

AUSRichmond 10:57View all odds View all odds

Straight Shift1/3

Big Benno13/2

Hola Adiosout7/1

One Pennyout15/2

Good Odds Rewardout18/1

Mandella Maeout20/1

Monster PrideSP

Seven Hour ParkSP

AUSTemora 11:02View all odds View all odds

Impress Them7/5


Cawbourne Ricko4/1

Dana Daisey9/1

Udeyan Baleout10/1

Pablos Pride18/1


Dana Wingout35/1

Classy LeeSP

Platinum ExitSP

AUSGeelong 11:08View all odds View all odds

Neangar Boyin9/10

She Can Exciteout13/5

Trending Air16/5

Ask For Moreout10/1

Another Easyin12/1

Barooga Frankyin20/1

Blue Gal40/1

Joffas Impala40/1

AUSWarragul 11:11View all odds View all odds

Floats Alone9/10

Key Evidence9/4

Connor Manin8/1

Wally Hookout17/2

Lady Lochout11/1

Good Boy Colombo20/1

Kamara Baleout25/1

Lunar Haloout33/1

AUSRichmond 11:15View all odds View all odds

Pay Attention7/5

United Stand7/2

Go Bonzo6/1

Montana Girl15/2

Bugatti Monach8/1


Shayla Sunrisein9/1

Pearl Cash12/1

Fays Day OffSP

Swish SandySP

AUSTemora 11:22View all odds View all odds

Fyodor Balein8/5

Jasmine Izmirin21/10

Lilac Izmirout13/5


Magic Blaze14/1

Nippy Uno14/1

Out Smart em25/1

Gypsys Magic40/1

Mr MaiseySP

Spins On SpinsSP

AUSGeelong 11:27View all odds View all odds

Rilynn Balein19/20

Providence Bale7/2

Ivy Izmir6/1

Spare Bulletout6/1

Uforo Baleout8/1

Astro Boyin20/1


Trending Zircon25/1

AUSWarragul 11:34View all odds View all odds


Top Faith11/4

My Faith13/4

Patricia Maureen7/1

Why Not Colby9/1

Moody Girl11/1

Why Not Gigi50/1

AUSRichmond 11:38View all odds View all odds

Spring Brigade19/20

Miss Boo6/4

Poppeys Pluto15/2

Its Cash Time17/2

Judgment Fay11/1

Mayhem Followed30/1

Round The Bases50/1

Parallel Reality80/1

Fawn FlashSP

Platinum AdmitSP

AUSTemora 11:41View all odds View all odds

Brindabella Boy21/10

My Boy Rockin9/4

Were On Lad17/5

Star Lighterout9/2

De Goey Express13/2

Secret Alibi25/1

Lektra Shadow30/1

Senor Guru40/1

Arriba NachosSP

Lobo HeartSP

AUSGeelong 11:45View all odds View all odds

Betts Blues6/5

Mepunga Royal11/4

Blackpool Storm4/1

Black Mustang5/1

Ledgerwood Libby10/1

Molly Tessa18/1

Especial Envy20/1

Ides Of JebrynahSP

AUSWarragul 11:52View all odds View all odds

Aston Bintang3/5

One Thrillin3/1

Midget Rocks9/2


Jebrynah Octaveout20/1


Deadly Walkout30/1

AUSRichmond 11:57View all odds View all odds

Super Fab6/5

On The Bus3/1

City Chick9/2

Kudos Bale9/1

Swishy Girl10/1

Platinum Admit12/1

Power Plus12/1

Got Your Tongue14/1

Swish SandySP

Zara TiaraSP

AUSMandurah 12:00View all odds View all odds

Zipping Soloin1/1

Girrawheen Boyin2/1

David Yellowin6/1

Laptop Geniusin9/1

Dusty Allegroin14/1

Go Lucy Goin30/1

Shes A Wildlingin30/1

Bubble BusterSP

AUSTemora 12:03View all odds View all odds

Impress Bobby3/19

Dynamic Star9/2

Famous Lies12/1

End Game18/1

Wild Julia22/1

Tin Man25/1

Jed Bale40/1

Dundee Crystal100/1

Arriba NachosSP

Lobo HeartSP

AUSGeelong 12:08View all odds View all odds

Canya Cruisein9/10

Kiss Your Lipsin21/10

Zimmer Baleout4/1


Tiggerlong Bundyout15/1

Love Heartout20/1

Roxy Vodkaout25/1

AUSWarragul 12:12View all odds View all odds

Ha Ha Magoo13/10

Flying Fifi13/5

Rumour File3/1

Mow A Meadow10/1


Why Not Hutch11/1

Sweet Chanelle20/1

AUSRichmond 12:15View all odds View all odds

Nixon Bale19/20

Emerald Green23/10

Last Phoenix9/2

Planet Voyageout13/2

Bago Road22/1


Good Odds Fammo25/1

Twisted League40/1

AUSMandurah 12:19View all odds View all odds

Jays Double6/4

Rebellion Bay11/4

Spolly Bear15/4

Holly Keeping5/1

Lots Of Spots6/1

Spolly Mook10/1

Hatari Storm14/1


AUSMandurah 12:21View all odds View all odds

Jays Doubleout6/4

Rebellion Bay16/5

Spolly Bear4/1

Lots Of Spotsout11/2

Holly Keeping15/2

Spolly Mook10/1

Hatari Storm14/1


AUSTemora 12:22View all odds View all odds

Rapid Hill Billy2/1

Cawborne Marty11/4

Tiggerlong Al10/3

Charming Meeka11/2

Rich History13/2

Tiggerlong Grace17/2

Sabre Izmir12/1

Burning Express50/1

AUSTemora 12:25View all odds View all odds

Rapid Hill Billyin21/10

Cawborne Martyin14/5

Tiggerlong Al7/2

Charming Meeka11/2

Rich History13/2

Tiggerlong Graceout17/2

Sabre Izmirout12/1

Burning Express50/1

AUSGeelong 12:27View all odds View all odds

Tiberia Balein7/5

Envy To Burnin9/5


Brother Soldierout15/2

Weblec Stormout9/1

Rockstar Stanleyout20/1

Say Hiin20/1

Fergusta Baleout33/1

Lozs BlingSP

AUSGeelong 12:28View all odds View all odds

Tiberia Bale11/8

Envy To Burnin13/8


Brother Soldier7/1

Weblec Stormout9/1

Say Hiin18/1

Rockstar Stanleyout20/1

Fergusta Baleout33/1

AUSWarragul 12:35View all odds View all odds

Patches Colour16/5

Slick Paws16/5

Take A Sunflower7/2

Luxury Artin5/1

Wilmont Streetout11/2

Let Outout6/1

Yelredda Saintout16/1

Diamond Cartelout22/1

AUSRichmond 12:38View all odds View all odds

Kuro Warrior2/5

Fays Charm7/2

Platinum Legacy9/1

Money Run12/1

Chicago Mercin14/1

Jillian Jewels18/1

Call Her Pinky30/1

Bucket Girl40/1

Magic FortnightSP

AUSMandurah 12:42View all odds View all odds

Leon Bale8/5

Jaro Baleout9/5


Bee Dee15/1

Ollie Machine20/1


Dyna Orenthalout25/1

AUSTemora 12:45View all odds View all odds

Tommy Town21/10

Talking Country13/5

Wild Tyrone14/5

Tiggerlong Pink3/1

Dust Storm10/1

Sweet Honey Jessout18/1

Rhino Joe66/1

Oaklee BaleSP

AUSGeelong 12:48View all odds View all odds

Tybalt Balein9/10

Ranako Balein17/5

Rahim Baleout7/1

Izuku Bale15/2

Dusty Lynout17/2

Fatboy Leeroy12/1

Gintoki Bale14/1

Alpine Blaze25/1

AUSWarragul 12:55View all odds View all odds


Willow Ashout14/5


Done Timeout11/2

Superior Kiki8/1

Go Emmy Goout14/1

Star Nightout25/1

AUSRichmond 12:58View all odds View all odds

Carry The One6/4

Remas Fernando11/5

How Goodout15/4

Winlock Willow9/2

Idria Baleout14/1

Valentina Bale14/1

AUSMandurah 12:59View all odds View all odds

Got The Chops11/10

Scared Lomar7/2

Prancer Lomar9/2

Polly Gray6/1

Brooke Keepingout8/1

Disco Delly12/1

No Ideasout18/1

Dynamic Dieselout22/1

AUSTemora 13:02View all odds View all odds

Carla RumSP

Cawbourne HooperSP

Flaunt It OllieSP

Impress UsSP

Monster RennySP

Pyramid ExpressSP

Sold No HousesSP

Tara SwiftSP

AUSMandurah 13:02View all odds View all odds

Got The Chops21/20

Prancer Lomarin4/1

Scared Lomar4/1

Polly Grayout11/2

Brooke Keepingout9/1

Disco Dellyout16/1

No Ideasout20/1

Dynamic Dieselout25/1

AUSTemora 13:05View all odds View all odds

Impress Us1/3

Cawbourne Hooper4/1

Pyramid Express8/1

Carla Rum17/2

Tara Swift14/1

Sold No Houses40/1

Flaunt It Ollie50/1

Monster Renny80/1

Arriba NachosSP

Lobo HeartSP

AUSGeelong 13:10View all odds View all odds

Speed Starout5/4

Hear The Drumin2/1

Yohan Bale5/1


Devils Disguisein8/1

Faithy BaleSP

Jullisa BaleSP

AUSWarragul 13:15View all odds View all odds

Double em Up23/10

Shes So Lovable5/2

Miss Demonica18/5

Calico Bull7/1

Mr Football7/1

About Bob17/2

Bombers Wonder18/1

Busy Bella20/1

AUSRichmond 13:18View all odds View all odds

Two One Parking5/2

Champness Road14/5

Hecs Rhino11/2

Wild Wally11/2

Runaway Pastizziout6/1

Cosmic Adonis8/1

Coco Suzy10/1

Surfin Safari12/1

AUSMandurah 13:21View all odds View all odds

Fearless Eaglesout9/10

Manado Magicin7/2

Sea Bassout9/2

Rage On Zataraout15/2

Moon Timeout10/1

Banjos Girlout20/1

Bumper Blasterout25/1

Hes My Mac50/1

West On GritSP

AUSTemora 13:24View all odds View all odds

Dana Hankin21/10

Flaming Furyin3/1

Oliver Izmirin3/1

Six Again7/2

Damara Baleout9/2

Jonos Express30/1

Table Top80/1

AUSGeelong 13:32View all odds View all odds

Unathi Balein7/5

Gypsy Bunin9/5

Blazing Demonout6/1

Aston Profitout15/2

Abalone Fozzout10/1

Howdy Slimout10/1

La La MissouriSP

AUSWarragul 13:39View all odds View all odds

Superior Digby19/10

Aston Hadleyout9/2

Aston Jansz5/1

Why Not Rose5/1

Parumba Barciaout11/2

Busy Izzy8/1

Rio Dixie12/1

Fourth Dimentionout40/1

AUSMandurah 13:42View all odds View all odds



Harpers Hero4/1

Turbo Funout5/1

Do You Digin6/1


Bamsys Boy18/1

AUSGeelong 13:50View all odds View all odds

Well Builtout11/10

Aston Marlaout28/15

Quillan Balein4/1

Molly Byrnesout10/1

Riverdale Tuohyout14/1

Cherokee Catout25/1

Katey PennySP

Magic PantherSP

AUSMandurah 13:57View all odds View all odds

Sunset Piper2/1

Our Seabrook23/10

Rippin Memphisin13/5

Becks Monelli15/2

Chevy Novaout9/1

Salsa Monelliin18/1

Blue Jean Baby90/1

Teleport Tilly100/1

Post Office GirlSP

Waratah MissSP

AUSMandurah 14:19View all odds View all odds

Planet Ox6/4

No Taxin3/1

Remi Monelli4/1

Got The Furyout5/1

Veyron Starout15/2

Max Flash10/1

Weblec Fire25/1

Sapphire Rose50/1

AUSMandurah 14:34View all odds View all odds

West On Harmony5/4

Noble Womanout9/5

Paddy Whack6/1

Blue Jean Bandit10/1

Vernalis Monelliin10/1

Disco Fawn16/1

Turbo Chargerout20/1

Reed Time30/1

Tyson RocksSP

Zipping GretaSP

AUSMandurah 14:57View all odds View all odds

Who Be Youin15/13

Minnies Monelliout23/10

Cosmic Typhoon4/1

Cheeky Rickyout13/2

Laser Beamerout14/1


Fab Philippeout25/1


AUSMandurah 15:12View all odds View all odds

Sleepy Georgeout13/10

Dandalup Jettin13/5

Lily Monelliout4/1

Sailing Shoesin13/2

Riley Has Itout8/1

Zipping Fergusin17/2

Bahrain Trainout50/1

AUSTownsville 00:00View all odds View all odds

All FocusSP

Aston FumeSP

Broken HalosSP

Malis BulletSP

Smirky SandraSP


Velocity LarniSP

AUSRichmond 00:05View all odds View all odds

Bjorn IronsideSP

Bluestone SophieSP

Dam The ManSP

Ducati GeorgeSP

Elle MarinaSP

Have A BlastSP

Legendary OpalSP

Pay Day BrianSP

AUSCranbourne 00:10View all odds View all odds

Always PrimedSP

Brother GriffSP

Bubba JoSP

Fly By ThemSP

Indys HappySP

Livvys PrincessSP

Midnight StormSP

Missys HandSP

Rusty ModelSP

Urana VieriSP

AUSTownsville 00:19View all odds View all odds

Cawbourne BlazeSP


Fifty FathomsSP

Highly RatedSP