Greyhounds Coupon

International Coupon

NZManukau 01:21View all odds View all odds

Youre A Rebelin11/13

Rock It Redout7/2

Blitzing Starin6/1

Smash Misfitin15/2

Big Time Fendiout17/2

Grumpy Jockout16/1


Allegro Jordanout33/1

Ginger MascaraSP

On Your BikeSP

NZManukau 01:45View all odds View all odds

Bad Bro Bad13/5

Jilliby Sophia13/5

Thea Whoout3/1

Hurry Flurryout11/2

Diamond Tiger9/1

Big Time Ginaout14/1

Shelly Pomout22/1


All UniteSP

Big Time KobeSP

AUSHealesville 02:06View all odds View all odds

Comeback Jackin8/15

Rip Jazzout4/1

My Girl Maddiout9/2

Skips Turnin11/2

Latchis Girlout20/1

Nana Patin40/1


NZManukau 02:09View all odds View all odds

Zipping Saint11/5

Archie John Hill5/2

Coolibah Kid4/1

My Mate Speight5/1

Beau Beauout17/2

Opawa Cooperout11/1

Midnight Faithout12/1

Medusa Whoout18/1

Express EmporiumSP

NZManukau 02:10View all odds View all odds

Zipping Saintin2/1

Archie John Hill5/2

Coolibah Kid4/1

My Mate Speight5/1

Beau Beau17/2

Opawa Cooper11/1

Midnight Faith12/1

Medusa Who18/1

Allegro RorySP

Express EmporiumSP

AUSHealesville 02:12View all odds View all odds

Comeback Jackin8/15

My Girl Maddi4/1

Rip Jazz4/1

Skips Turnin11/2

Latchis Girlout18/1


Nana Patout100/1

AUSHealesville 02:27View all odds View all odds

Ivys Bobbyin6/5

Ally Melbain16/5


Nigerian Kaboom11/2

Claretown Dermotout13/2

Dr Wadein10/1


NZManukau 02:29View all odds View all odds

Danish Delightin4/11

Thrilling Gemin5/1

Rods Girlout11/1


Go Home Dukeout18/1

Master Bradyout18/1

Get Me Homeout25/1

Daddy Donnyout40/1

AUSHealesville 02:50View all odds View all odds

Throw Caution11/10


Knuckle Busterin3/1

Sharky Shark9/2


Infinite Will25/1

NZManukau 02:55View all odds View all odds

Otaki Riverin15/13


Railing Raccoon9/2

Opawa Donalout17/2

For You Pageout9/1

Zipping Panther10/1

My Bro Bobby12/1


Fernando CharmSP

Sub Twenty ThreeSP

AUSHealesville 03:05View all odds View all odds



Dr Lysandraout11/2

Harrison Housein10/1

Orson Emmy10/1

Val Ali10/1

Scuba Steve12/1

Three Bears25/1

Sitizano RocksSP

AUSCapalaba 03:11View all odds View all odds


Lets Go Suziein6/4

Unlimited Terror13/2

This Time Ken7/1

Fire Fly Elvis15/2

Austrian Legend33/1

Buccan Bail33/1

Austrian Beautyin66/1

NZManukau 03:22View all odds View all odds

Marray Princeout2/1


Zoe Star16/5

Its Complicatedout6/1

Big Time Bootsout10/1

Homebush Luther12/1

Just Nia12/1

Smash Zoneout33/1

Allegro SkyeSP

Rainy RiverSP

AUSHealesville 03:25View all odds View all odds


Lozs Bling4/1

Simon Says9/2

Blairs Tulip16/1

Just The Marjenout20/1

Kid Malawiout20/1

Amazing Royout33/1

Blackzin Prince33/1

King KaboomSP


AUSCapalaba 03:30View all odds View all odds

Bennys Jetin9/10

Sin Binout8/5

Tsunami Missin8/1

Little Shelly12/1

Blazin Brandy14/1

Stand Back22/1

Chintara Miaout33/1

We Have Soloout33/1

NZManukau 03:38View all odds View all odds

Romantic Dancerout9/10

Nana Molly4/1

Opawa Delight6/1

Kea Viking13/2

Black Mavisout15/2

React Respondout25/1

Bigtime Alfieout40/1

Tap Out Billout40/1

AUSMount Gambier 03:42View all odds View all odds



Compton Kath5/1

Simeon Star5/1

Thats A Problem5/1

AUSHealesville 03:50View all odds View all odds

Dream Wizardout17/10

Utah Ghostin9/5



Invictus Sybilin15/2

Louis The Legendout25/1

AUSCapalaba 03:53View all odds View all odds

Lifes Goodin11/17

Hop Along Hopeout13/5


Tuta Poppyin18/1

Leos Lettersout40/1

Inga Bellaout50/1


Unlimited Blitzout80/1

NZManukau 03:55View all odds View all odds

House Surgeon1/2

Allegro Ella6/1

Night Aceout7/1

Smokin Chimneyout17/2

Apollo Tomout12/1

Vegas Chops17/1


Smash Outout40/1

Big Time LennySP

Spring MechanicSP

AUSMount Gambier 03:58View all odds View all odds


Compton Rubyin2/1

Mary Bridgetout18/5

Velocity Adagein7/1


Millie Bayout20/1

AUSHealesville 04:09View all odds View all odds

Crispy Duckin9/10

Patricia Maureenout5/4

Unsolved Mysteryout15/2

Greysynd Spectreout10/1

Boes Banditout40/1

Caps Lock Onout70/1

Double Upout100/1

Invictus MurraySP

Red Hot LadySP

Silver SkySP

NZManukau 04:11View all odds View all odds

Up Your Quota17/10

Spring Bubblesout7/2

Just Oliveout5/1


Ruby Expressout17/2

Cosmic Meteor9/1

Chippers Choice11/1

Opawa Jawsout12/1

Moany MaloneySP


AUSCapalaba 04:12View all odds View all odds

Aston Ajaxin17/10

Tuta Thornin19/10

Sambuca Talks4/1

Jackies Big Boyin9/1


San Miguelout11/1

Wheres Deanout11/1

Meerkat Warriorout60/1

AUSMount Gambier 04:16View all odds View all odds

Nitro Shelbyin6/4

Compton Tess5/2

Daniel Sunout16/5

See Brookeout11/2

Bazil Brushout12/1

AUSHealesville 04:29View all odds View all odds

Ferdinand Boyin1/2

Smart As Jackin11/4

Hello George9/2

Dr Rykerout10/1

Rumour Is Factout25/1

Sole Elusionout50/1

Jordanville Jetout80/1

AUSCapalaba 04:32View all odds View all odds

On The Bayouin19/10

Trying Times2/1

Cosmic Spiritin12/5

Julie Maree9/1

Fat Turtleout10/1

Rushmore Chasein10/1

Alpha Calypsoout50/1

Ignition Source100/1

NZManukau 04:36View all odds View all odds

Pedro Lee19/10

Zipping Barty3/1


Zipping Hewitt11/2

Uno Me Nowout8/1

Spring Queenout17/2


Electric Shockout16/1


AUSMount Gambier 04:39View all odds View all odds

Runaway Ladin6/5

Oakvale Impactout12/5


Sonic Sammyout11/2

Golden Lesterout10/1

AUSHealesville 04:49View all odds View all odds

Mr Bobin1/1

Maverick Nacho16/5

Dark Arrow4/1

Dr Carmelout13/2


Aston Valkyrieout30/1

Beta Days Aheadout30/1

Rezzies Choiceout30/1


Zipping QuokkaSP

AUSCapalaba 04:52View all odds View all odds

Red Jerseyout2/1




Go Emmy Goin15/2

Chase A Lot9/1

Tuta Roseout9/1

Pink Flyerin22/1

AUSMount Gambier 04:55View all odds View all odds

Maybe Wrongin6/4

Amorphous Fireout14/5

Compton Kimout18/5

Galactic Anubis4/1

Starlight Gemmaout5/1

NZManukau Extra 04:56View all odds View all odds

Wheels On Firein4/5

Sports Modeout4/1

Wild Kiwiout9/2

Just As Muchout10/1

Portland Ecklundout10/1

Papa Smurfout15/1

Starlight Riaout15/1

Electric Dancerout22/1

AUSSandown Park 04:58View all odds View all odds

Zipping Loxleyin21/10

Rocket Power23/10

Change Of Habitout14/5

Pecheys Girl9/2

Mikado Galin7/1

Mazikeen Smithout14/1

Blue Cherry Missout50/1

AUSHealesville 05:05View all odds View all odds

My Faithin19/20

Two Facein17/5

Dr Collette11/2

Dr Luna11/2

Dr Topazout9/1

Stunning Onein9/1

Horizon Princessout25/1

Pretty MouseSP

Pretty MuchSP

AUSCapalaba 05:11View all odds View all odds

Sizzling Babein1/2

Vitesse Earnin18/5

Apollo Elevenin5/1

Donny Moscowin6/1

Pepe Le Fleurin16/1

Morris The Greatout50/1

Toy Soldier100/1

Lenray BonusSP

AUSMount Gambier 05:18View all odds View all odds

Zipping Batesin11/13

Rock It Barciain16/5

Born A Runnerout9/2

Oakvale Blueout9/2


Connies Entity22/1

NZManukau Extra 05:21View all odds View all odds

Pan Edition5/4

Hot Little Nancy6/4

Mitcham Gregout9/1


Yasawa Lights11/1


Glow Up20/1

Big Time Chanellout33/1

AUSSandown Park 05:24View all odds View all odds

Lala Juniperout3/5

Frays Courageout5/1


Piece Of Heavenin15/2

Kuta Cowboyout9/1

Shreks Thunder22/1

AUSHealesville 05:27View all odds View all odds

Bon Yogiout19/20

Col Cowboyin9/5

Murt Lawin16/5

Miss Button40/1

Cherokee FawnSP

Frainys WellSP

AUSCapalaba 05:35View all odds View all odds

Magical Travin5/11

Boston Banksout5/1

Full On Fabioout13/2


Zabdon Adesanyaout7/1

Magical Lenout33/1


Rams BonusSP

NZManukau Extra 05:38View all odds View all odds

Dark Hazard17/10



Knuckles Nugget6/1

Opawa Juneout10/1

Our Hotrodout10/1

Stay Me Brokeout16/1

Big Time Kobeout18/1

AUSMount Gambier 05:41View all odds View all odds

Oakvale Style1/2

Smokey Riverin17/5

Ton Eightyout7/2

Apache Jakitout9/1

Alpaca Delilahout40/1

Joes GoldSP

AUSSandown Park 05:49View all odds View all odds

Target Master11/13

Zipping Jazz2/1

Trending River5/1

Little Yaala13/2

Dundee Candy14/1


Scary TooSP

AUSHealesville 05:52View all odds View all odds

Superior Jessicain1/1

Lee Will6/4

Cyber Crimeout11/2

Star Hawkout7/1

Moon Sisterout11/1

Gee Daltonout100/1

Zoes Intention100/1

NZManukau Extra 05:54View all odds View all odds

Thrilling Freddy3/5

Boot Camp Tiaraout9/2

Full Of Secretsout13/2


Waiterimu Ripperout12/1

Bigtime Cutieout14/1

Opawa Roy20/1

Allegro Payton33/1

AUSCapalaba 05:57View all odds View all odds

Let It Happenin5/6

Donna Rumblein1/1

Petes Dream12/1


Bear Zarin25/1


Mookie Soxout100/1

Black TinkerSP

AUSMount Gambier 06:04View all odds View all odds

Under Studyin17/10

Howling Hossin13/5

Victa Jessout9/2

See Me Socksout11/2

Compton Amy6/1


Cookie Deedsout40/1

Vintage GirlSP

AUSSandown Park 06:08View all odds View all odds

Dundee Emberin1/2


Roxy Quakerout4/1

Jazz Iconin10/1

Cayden Baleout12/1

Fallen Petalout70/1

AUSCapalaba 06:12View all odds View all odds

Im Zac Man19/10

Stilton Gem3/1



Name Him Cooper6/1

Zipping Dustyout18/1

Shaggy Rose20/1

Grand Carterout40/1

AUSMount Gambier 06:19View all odds View all odds

Shantuis Ember4/5

Another Cadillacin16/5

Bettys Entity4/1

Velocity Alibiout13/2

Giveaway Vegasout12/1

Saint Cocoout15/1

AUSSandown Park 06:23View all odds View all odds


Mussa Jack2/1

Way To Important9/2

Brilliant Brian13/2

Leeky Lee13/2

Star Burner11/1

Mt View Shark20/1

AUSCapalaba 06:34View all odds View all odds

Tuta Mimosain1/2

Be So Goodin19/5

Laguna Colorada6/1

Ritza Dotout9/1


Guy Incognito20/1

Hazel BonusSP

Now Or NeverSP

AUSMount Gambier 06:39View all odds View all odds

All Showout1/1

Compton Crystalin3/1

Rock It Fabioout4/1


General Maxout9/1

Blackpool Marvelout100/1

AUSSandown Park 06:42View all odds View all odds

Mepunga Ruby1/2

Ripplebrook Glenin5/2

Fairytale Wishout17/2


Flo Lava22/1

Golden Teddy22/1

Son Of Indy22/1

AUSCapalaba 06:52View all odds View all odds

Khaleesi Lorettain9/10

Jackies Starin23/10

April Joonin8/1

Chocolate Pearlsout17/2

This Time Haydenout17/2

Vicki Bonusout12/1

Rebellious Nickout30/1

Team Austriaout33/1

AUSMount Gambier 06:57View all odds View all odds

Its Smudgy6/4


Saint Charlotteout16/5

Sianna Magic18/5


AUSSandown Park 07:04View all odds View all odds

Delancy Bale6/4

Woolybully Keats7/2

Zipping Hunter7/2


Why Not Lilah12/1

Reggae Mikado16/1

Evil Deed22/1

Cool Story Bro50/1

AUSSandown Park 07:27View all odds View all odds

Eat My Dustout15/13

Fantastic Ravenin29/10

Mahogany Jetin29/10

Nifty Nangar4/1

Ask For More16/1

Mt View Emmaout30/1


AUSSandown Park 07:42View all odds View all odds

Kenny The Brutein11/10

Persian Goddess11/10

Bradys Shout6/1

Zipping Normanout11/1

Smooth Talker25/1


AUSRichmond 07:54View all odds View all odds

Tick Warriorout1/1

Outside Worldout14/5

Fear The Spearin9/2

Urana Dreamout8/1

To The Riotsout9/1

Bella Leahout12/1

Manila Kingout20/1

Set To Beout40/1

Sabata RaptorSP

Te Awa KissSP

AUSAlbion Park 07:57View all odds View all odds

Stay Warm Danielout3/4

Barcelona Warrenout29/10

Cross Roadsin11/2

Soldiers Boldin13/2

Farmor Tappasin10/1

Art Formout30/1

National Cheerout30/1

Team Tszyuout30/1

Hayleys BoredSP

AUSSale 08:04View all odds View all odds

Into The Shed2/1

Darnum Divaout16/5


Hearts Denied9/2

Ballistic Breeze15/2

Double On Icein12/1

Into The River18/1

Shadow Giblet22/1

AUSRichmond 08:12View all odds View all odds

Closer To Rainout13/5

Pat Foot Charlieout13/5

Stone Masonout13/5

Cawbourne Helmout16/5


Muddy Manout10/1

Call Me Roosterout30/1

Red Pocketout100/1

Cyclone RufusSP

Shes A SunriseSP

AUSAlbion Park 08:14View all odds View all odds

Snap Keyout6/5

Go Forward May9/2

Twenty To Oneout5/1


Mr Murphyout15/2

Freds Flamein10/1

Grand Nandoout12/1

Kentucky Showmanout12/1

Farmor TappasSP

Ultra BomberSP

AUSGrafton 08:19View all odds View all odds

Redback Alfiein14/5

Mister Maggiein17/5

Kiss Biscuitout4/1

Son Of Dalmorein5/1

Tranquil Lexiein7/1

Mr Dude15/2

Saroo Dude15/2

See You Dudeout10/1

Fast TalkingSP

Whacky JackySP

AUSSale 08:22View all odds View all odds

Buster Gibletin19/10

Nathan Ryderin5/2

Aussie Legendin17/5

Jayville Hopein11/2

Collinda Dodgein17/2

Rock The Skyin17/2

Zippy Customerin25/1


AUSRichmond 08:34View all odds View all odds

Salute To Excelout19/10

Nova Siouxout13/5

Spring Brigadeout18/5

Time Lee Moneyout18/5

Victor Siouxout13/2

Tonnes Of Zipout13/1

AUSAlbion Park 08:39View all odds View all odds

Extra Nandoin8/5

She Has Stylein12/5

Willow Returnsin14/5

Rosetta Missin7/1

So Uniquein7/1

Lady Zelemar16/1

Ollie Sinclair25/1

Crown TinaSP

Hot TattooSP

AUSGrafton 08:42View all odds View all odds

Charcoal Valleyout9/10

Indigo Leeout16/5

Fine Cotton Kaosin7/1

Talk About Kaos15/2

White Rubyout9/1

Zambora Trickout9/1

Sudden Impulsein17/1

Cloud Snifferout22/1

Buddy Boom YahSP

Rock HarpoonSP

AUSSale 08:49View all odds View all odds

Sir Harleyin5/11

Hypo Harryin9/2

Hendrik Balein13/2

Yak Yak Mackin17/2

Bondy Bear9/1

Jaxson Minoin18/1


AUSRichmond 08:53View all odds View all odds

Sammy Sioux9/10

Miami Siouxout6/4

Jimmy Ballows11/2


Lava LadySP

Staten IslandSP

AUSAlbion Park 08:57View all odds View all odds

Slingshot Princeout23/10

Nalas Boyin12/5

Sargent Voightout27/10

Summers Missileout17/5

Jimary Cricketin9/1

Dark Banditout20/1

Jet Black Beachout20/1


AUSGrafton 09:04View all odds View all odds

Wink At Meout19/10

Candy Kaosout5/2

Sunset Blueout5/2

One Valley15/2


Loch Me11/1

Mac Madnessin17/1

Go Patty Goin33/1


AUSGawler 09:09View all odds View all odds

Spring Harbour7/5


Turbo Raiderout19/5

Long Gully Rogerout13/2

Vinnie Rumblingout15/2

Emerley Sharonout17/2

Cawbourne ChewSP

Long Gully LisaSP

AUSSale 09:12View all odds View all odds

Jet Like Rico21/20

Gracie Baleout3/1

Sir Champ10/3

Jayville Menace11/2

Helmet Giblet14/1

Cocos Hot20/1

Prada Gem33/1

AUSMandurah 09:16View all odds View all odds

Jimmy Mac9/10

Moment Of Impact19/10

West On Al4/1

Rage On Komara8/1

Really Baby8/1

Double Cracker40/1

AUSRichmond 09:19View all odds View all odds

Achira To Excelout19/10

Take The Lolliesout19/10

Zipping Freemanout14/5

Katara Loveout7/1


Reality Samout14/1

AUSAlbion Park 09:23View all odds View all odds

Nando Flyerout3/4

So Crazyout9/2

Double Aceout5/1

Baby Guinness11/1

Black Maxiein11/1

Opal Beachin11/1

Such A Villainout11/1

Dynamite Travisout20/1

AUSGrafton 09:27View all odds View all odds

Classic Reignout7/5

Miss Cousensout12/5

Double Displayout3/1

Ultimate Displayin9/1

Wild Ambition12/1

Skitzo Brianout13/1

Got Somethingout15/1

Winlock Blueyout30/1

Nimble ValleySP

Princess AnnettsSP

AUSGawler 09:31View all odds View all odds

Emerley Togetherout21/10

My Villanelleout23/10

Shady Sadieout17/5

Emerley Poidaout4/1

Banjo Rileyout17/2

Iranian Girlout17/2

Cawbourne ChewSP

Double VisionSP

AUSSale 09:34View all odds View all odds

Go Rogue9/5

My Mate Damienout9/4


Aston Pinotin8/1

Parumba Rebelout17/2

California Blond10/1

Castle Sweenout14/1

AUSMandurah 09:36View all odds View all odds

Lobster Monelli11/5

Dodgem Ranger13/5

Rage On Jye13/5

Mighty Mango9/2

Green Destiny15/2

Its All Zac15/2

Boom Operator20/1

AUSAlbion Park 09:39View all odds View all odds

Cosmic Colin1/2

Ready To Rubbleout17/5

Sleek Furyin6/1


Trindad Scorpionin10/1

My Bro Oreoout25/1

Grace Is Suaveout50/1

Slippery Duckout70/1

Leeroy RenegadeSP

Rusty JaxSP

AUSRichmond 09:42View all odds View all odds


Billy Bucca4/1

Remas Jade4/1

Mock Mockout9/2

Piper Keepingout9/2

Gorgeous Gelmiout13/1

Jerra Leeout13/1

My Lucky Mia25/1

Mighty MahomesSP

AUSGawler 09:46View all odds View all odds

Velocity Fairy8/5

Whole Way3/1

Aussie Swiperout9/2

Molly Blindersout9/2

Springvale Cherout9/2

Barelys Era12/1

AUSGrafton 09:49View all odds View all odds

San Polo6/4

Dark Fate3/1

Orara Dan3/1


You Know Meout6/1

Henson Parkout16/1

Cash Upfrontout30/1

Detective Deckerout30/1

Bago Go GoSP

Eye In SkySP

AUSMandurah 09:51View all odds View all odds


Stone Cold Ollyout13/5

Quiz Masterout19/5

Ruby Red Lomarin19/5

Coffee Cutieout11/2

One Chanceout15/2

Kiwi Collection40/1

AUSSale 09:53View all odds View all odds

Aston Glowout2/1

Victory Chase11/5


Sunnyside Pride15/2

Jayville Tuxedo14/1

Madalia Mick14/1

Moroka Magic16/1

AUSDarwin 09:55View all odds View all odds


Jugglin Jake14/5

Dashing Daph9/2

Thats Rising9/2

Texas Metal11/2

Arcadia Star9/1

Cawbourne Budgie9/1

Uno Slipper14/1

Desire Monelli25/1

Spring Leela25/1

AUSAlbion Park 09:57View all odds View all odds

Special Editionin19/20

Magic Dardarin9/2

Tuta Bye Byein6/1

Cribb Island Boyin13/2

Fairway Finderin15/2

Murphys Matein10/1

Fabio Beach13/1

Hes Smokingin17/1

Dayseas TrishSP


AUSGawler 10:01View all odds View all odds

Spring Lilac7/10

Straight Blazeout14/5

Love And Rainout13/2

Sweet Sapphireout15/2

Cawbourne Hopeout9/1

Black Bootsout14/1

AUSRichmond 10:04View all odds View all odds

Black Stridein17/10

My Boy Maxin16/5

Motown Princein7/2

Call Me Senorita11/2

Mighty Mahomes9/1

Money Run9/1

Nannas Naughty9/1

Eight CountSP


AUSMandurah 10:09View all odds View all odds

Sunset Bardot9/5

Black Garnet23/10

Dodgem Lacyin16/5

Prince Waldoout9/2

Zipping Aspenout6/1

Rage On Mylaout12/1

Verne Bale14/1

Boomerang Betty20/1

Mighty Handyout33/1

Just A Dreamer40/1

AUSGrafton 10:12View all odds View all odds


Bold Characterin16/5

Double Klatchesin8/1

King Sumnerin8/1

Rockstar Rebelin8/1

Vista Infernoin33/1

Jimary MatrixSP

Perfect NangarSP

AUSSale 10:15View all odds View all odds

Lakeview Bonnie2/1

Crowdza Dazzled11/5

Aston Bel Airout9/4

Second Pick9/1

Laras Love11/1

Lavish Diamond12/1

Shes Our Rocketout20/1

AUSDarwin 10:17View all odds View all odds

Bionic GirlSP

Greedy BossSP

Lemon DropSP

Maximum JodieSP

Miss ImmySP

My Shout RedSP

Red GateSP


AUSGawler 10:18View all odds View all odds

Victa Daryl11/10

Queen Meares13/4

Canya Stormout17/5

Velocity Tellerout9/2

Lady Bluebelleout13/1


Sandave Visionout22/1

AUSDarwin 10:20View all odds View all odds


Bionic Girl11/5

Greedy Bossout18/5

Lemon Dropin11/2

Miss Immyout8/1

Black Rock14/1

Red Gateout15/1

Maximum Jodieout16/1

My Shout Redout18/1

Benky Leigh20/1

AUSAlbion Park 10:21View all odds View all odds


All Acesout23/10

One Mummain12/5

Johnny Hot Feetout4/1

Bust Ups14/1

Selena Girlout14/1

Maserati Cloudout25/1

Xella Angelout40/1

AUSRichmond 10:24View all odds View all odds

Reenas Rosieout5/11

Typhoon Mae3/1


Ritza Aliraout12/1

Cedar Girlin14/1

Winlock Peteout20/1

Fawn FlashSP

Round The BasesSP

AUSMandurah 10:27View all odds View all odds

Global Trader9/10

Dark Edition9/2

Fernando Fury9/2

Prancer Lomar9/2

Dandalup Silver15/2

Cinnamon Monelli11/1

Top Fun14/1

Landish Boy20/1

Super Flyer20/1

Wise Lightning50/1

AUSGrafton 10:31View all odds View all odds

Amaranth Girl4/5

Additional Assetout3/1

Arena Girl4/1



Iron Ponyout50/1

Vista Roseout50/1

Unlawful DesireSP

AUSSale 10:34View all odds View all odds

Aces Are Trumps11/5


Wigram Roadout10/3

Cosmic Royout11/2

General Collinda11/2

Harlequin Rosein12/1



Airly SpenceSP

Rock On RunnerSP

AUSGawler 10:37View all odds View all odds

Deadly Mamba9/5

Wild Cardout21/10


Holy Reignout11/2


Galena Baleout22/1

American Manout33/1

AUSDarwin 10:43View all odds View all odds

Lovely Xenain11/5

Saint Wallace16/5

Smokin Coco7/2

Eight Jewels11/2

Judah Ben Hur8/1


Capital Kayout17/2

What Price Bucksout17/2

AUSAlbion Park 10:45View all odds View all odds

Hope Sure Canin11/10

Classy Zoroout8/5

Magical Billout5/1

Mr Denzelin9/1

Magical Cyndiein16/1

Hopes Heistout20/1

Juniors Legacyout20/1

Statue Sisout50/1

AUSRichmond 10:48View all odds View all odds

Money Too Tight7/5

Lexus Herrera5/2

Dual Custody13/5

Golden Brown5/1

Go Go Chicago8/1

Lady On Fire27/1

River LodgerSP

AUSMandurah 10:51View all odds View all odds

Bamsys Boyout7/4

Charos Diamondout16/5

Herekino Funin19/5

Crazy Fun9/2

Global Event9/1

Maid Of Argyllout10/1

Blue Girlout11/1

Rock Your Bodyout11/1

AUSGrafton 10:54View all odds View all odds

Cash Viewout19/20

Jericho Tuck2/1

Cindy Swansout6/1

Eye In Skyout10/1

First Beatout12/1


Why Zedout22/1

Malo Diabloout40/1

Golden SequelSP


AUSSale 10:57View all odds View all odds

Lots Of Chatter11/13


Zimmer Baleout17/5

Airly Blueboyout17/1

Hook Along Book25/1

AUSGawler 11:00View all odds View all odds

Zipping Sultan5/4


Sometime Crazyout11/2

Far More Crazyout15/2

Ask Me Nowout10/1

Burnt Goldout10/1

Nancy Leeout10/1

Mastermind Kidout22/1

Making DoughSP


AUSDarwin 11:02View all odds View all odds

Angelic BlueSP

Daphne IndeeSP

Flying LuckySP

High ArroganceSP

Ripplebrook MackSP

Secret RealmSP

Sierra ParkSP

Tomahawk JakSP

AUSAlbion Park 11:03View all odds View all odds

Quick Blastout13/10


Diamond Queen11/2

Dynamite Cyndie11/2

Ringbark Cutieout11/2

You May Anniein9/1

Last Danceout20/1

Laser Girlout40/1

Kekes MagicSP

AUSDarwin 11:05View all odds View all odds

Sierra Park9/5

Angelic Bluein2/1

Tomahawk Jak17/5

Ripplebrook Mack9/2

Molly Magic9/1

Secret Realm9/1

Sunset Dior9/1

Daphne Indee25/1

Flying Lucky25/1

AUSRichmond 11:07View all odds View all odds

General Payton17/10

Makes Cents11/5

Fire At Will3/1

Sweet Chicken3/1

Poppa Bluey12/1

Aston Coup16/1

Melita Eagle66/1

AUSMandurah 11:10View all odds View all odds

Jimmys Decisionout3/4

Butcher Birdin18/5

Bad Desireout9/2

Blazing Hype15/2

Teleport Tilly15/2

Fang It Flattyout8/1


Son Of Princess14/1

Boombox Charlie30/1

Rage On Lukaout33/1

AUSGrafton 11:13View all odds View all odds

Colonel Triggerout7/5

Martino Beachin7/5

Elsie Bayout5/1

Secret Angelin17/2

Bago Go Goout11/1


Mister Dooley20/1

Haitham Bale40/1



AUSSale 11:20View all odds View all odds


Mac Roosterout23/10

Head On Bonnie11/2

Locked Inin6/1

Slick Paws11/1

AUSGawler 11:23View all odds View all odds

Air Marshall1/1

Canya Go Wildout29/10

All Out Crazy9/2

Thunder Onout11/2

Long Gully Boyout12/1

Long Gully Barnyout14/1

Hes All Oursout18/1

Yellow Knifeout60/1

Cawbourne CrossSP

AUSAlbion Park 11:26View all odds View all odds

Elle Kodaout9/4


Fredas Pride4/1

Tracys Shadowout4/1

Wendy Sure Can4/1

Emmaville Bellain20/1

Fire Crackerout50/1

One Strange Dude50/1

Just Dont KnowSP


AUSDarwin 11:28View all odds View all odds

Cooper Dooperin16/11

Sketchy Butlerout13/5

Joni Keepingin7/2


Rockstar Jaimeeout14/1

Percys Dreamout16/1

Orwell Baleout20/1

Kakadu Cobberout25/1

AUSRichmond 11:30View all odds View all odds

Come Around6/4

Good Odds Reward23/10

Parisian Roc7/2

Toddler Tantrum7/2

Barcias Wish13/2

Give Us Ebony25/1

AUSMandurah 11:33View all odds View all odds

City Monelli1/2


Impact Mac11/2

Diesel Dust16/1

Molfetta Dream16/1

Nannas Nose16/1

Stanley Street16/1

Van Mac Filo16/1

Brooke Keeping30/1

AUSGrafton 11:36View all odds View all odds

Zanti Graciein9/5


Hootin Annieout16/5

Bowie Bonusin13/2

Jimary Passionout13/2

Mercy Dashout8/1

Inspire Usin22/1


AUSSale 11:39View all odds View all odds

Parumba Barciain4/5

Flying Farrokhin9/4

Addie Attitudein9/2

Diamond Cartelin8/1

Grand Mac16/1

Prime TimeSP

AUSGawler 11:42View all odds View all odds

Spring Burnerout9/10

See You Smileout9/5

Lily Padout19/5

Love And Thunderout12/1

Major Havocout12/1

Zipping SladeSP

AUSAlbion Park 11:45View all odds View all odds

Kick Onsout6/4

Chariots Awayout29/10

Waikarie Toriout29/10

Water Good Beachout17/5

Play Win11/1

Mista Kickout22/1

Blue Rockyout50/1

Cheer Whiteout50/1

Kanga BlueSP

Tarks Tammy RoseSP

AUSDarwin 11:48View all odds View all odds

Go Quantum6/5


Waltzing Mickey13/2

Another Eight9/1

Gippsland Storms9/1

Great Knock9/1

Victory Arrow20/1

AUSMandurah 11:55View all odds View all odds

Slingshot Tiller13/5

Spolly Mookin13/5

Scared Lomar7/2

Hillbilly Jillyout19/5

Penny Piperout19/5

Ant Manout6/1

Mystic Roseout6/1

High Plain14/1

Hes Alexis25/1

Mallee Girl40/1

AUSGrafton 11:58View all odds View all odds

Orara Charlottein8/5

Modified Trunkout5/2

Nangar Kashout27/10

Georgie Brannin9/2

Nangar Tazin15/2

AUSGrafton 12:01View all odds View all odds


Georgie BrannSP

Modified TrunkSP

Nangar KashSP

Nangar TazSP

Orara CharlotteSP

Sweet EllaSP

AUSGawler 12:03View all odds View all odds

Lucky Jay6/4

Material Girlout19/10

Gorgeous Georgeout18/5

Zinfandel Oompaout13/2


Chloe Burnerout17/1

AUSGawler 12:04View all odds View all odds

Chloe BurnerSP

Gorgeous GeorgeSP

Hot Desert StormSP

Lana RoadsSP

Lucky JaySP

Material GirlSP


Zinfandel OompaSP

AUSDarwin 12:10View all odds View all odds

Vice Grip9/10

Billys The Bossout4/1

Missing Linkout4/1

Vesper Balein9/2

Mighty Marshallout6/1

Good Charlotte20/1


AUSMandurah 12:14View all odds View all odds

Angelos EntitySP

Brother SoldierSP

Charos SpecialSP

Hatari StormSP

Hit It GypsySP

Junk Yard SpotSP

Minotaur TuxSP

Super BladeSP

AUSMandurah 12:17View all odds View all odds

Brother Soldierin7/4

Minotaur Tux23/10

Charos Specialin4/1


Hatari Stormout11/2

Hit It Gypsyout11/2

Smooth Operator11/1

Angelos Entityout12/1

Junk Yard Spotout12/1

Super Blade25/1

AUSGrafton 12:17View all odds View all odds

Hunter Kingsbrae5/2

Orara Maddison5/2

Bobby Brannout27/10

Floki Jappaout19/5

Lauries Bonusout8/1


Oh So Ellaout15/1

AUSGawler 12:25View all odds View all odds


Aston Hackettout3/1

Frodo Bagginsout9/2

Helena Ravenclawout10/1

Miss Breakout10/1

Bacardi Blazeout15/1

In TrinitySP

Long Gully LisaSP

AUSDarwin 12:25View all odds View all odds

Blasting Billy6/5

Aeroplane Rose11/2

Eight Over11/2

Go Brandi11/2

Take No Chances11/2

Lock In7/1

Want It All7/1

Hard Taskmaster25/1

AUSDarwin 12:28View all odds View all odds

Aeroplane RoseSP

Blasting BillySP

Eight OverSP

Go BrandiSP

Hard TaskmasterSP

Lock InSP

Take No ChancesSP

Want It AllSP

AUSMandurah 12:40View all odds View all odds

Global Desireout9/5

Sobbing Monelliout9/5

Right Night19/5

Betty Spollyin4/1

Riley Has Itout4/1

Blue Magic Opalout10/1

Major Minterout10/1

Connors Choice20/1

Darcy Keepingout33/1

Iconic Funout33/1

AUSGawler 12:43View all odds View all odds


Hey Graceout17/5

Velocity Doryout17/5

Halis Girlout5/1

Hopey Girlout16/1

Our Katie Roseout16/1

Big Chance MateSP

Blaze MakerSP

AUSDarwin 12:47View all odds View all odds

Female Bossout13/5

Villa Parkout13/5


Zothans Magicin19/5

Good Bye Vince5/1

Im Not Leaving15/2

Aeroplane Millyin10/1

Billies Jo Card25/1

Bridwood Page25/1

Sketchy Spider25/1

AUSMandurah 12:55View all odds View all odds


Light The Wayout13/2

Weblec Blissout13/2

Black Quein15/2

West On Rogerout10/1

Dancing Funout33/1

Blue Jean BanditSP

AUSDarwin 13:10View all odds View all odds

Pie On Wednesday5/2

Porsche Monelli5/2

Sparkys Chance5/2

Choice Way9/2


Apres Monelli13/2

Bow Axel11/1


Three Six Suited30/1

Cawbourne Dixie50/1

AUSDarwin 13:25View all odds View all odds



Sunset Shieva5/2