Betslip not popping up

When you go to one of our tables a click on the odds should take you straight to the betslip through a pop-up. If this does not work you may have to take action to bypass some pop-up blocking software running on your computer.

Click here to check if a pop up blocker is running on your machine.

If the problem lies with your browser then you will need to add to the list of allowed sites. Details on how to do this for your browser type follow:

If the problem lies with a toolbar that has been downloaded then you will need to disable the pop-up blocker contained within. See details for how to do this in the most common versions here:

  • Google toolbar

  • Yahoo toolbar

  • MSN toolbar

  • AOL toolbar:
    1. Click on Settings
    2. Click on Preferences
    3. Scroll down to Pop-ups
    4. Remove the check mark next to Suppress Pop-ups from Web sites I visit using AOL software
    5. Click Save

Security packages also tend to have pop-up blocking functions, see here how to manage these:

If you are still experiencing problems please contact feedback with details of your computer setup (operating system / browser type / security package).