An update on Ladbrokes, Coral and Betdaq

Ladbrokes, Coral and Betdaq will no longer be available on oddschecker services from 9th July. However, you can continue to enjoy all oddschecker services from up to 21 other bookmakers.

oddschecker will continue to provide all the best tips, insight and odds comparison on our our website or through our mobile app.

Statement from Oddschecker Global Media CEO, Toby Bentall:

“It’s disappointing to no longer be working with Ladbrokes, Coral and Betdaq. However, oddschecker needs to maintain a careful balance between serving its users with the best odds and offers whilst ensuring its business relationships are of sufficient commercial viability to allow investment in the market-leading products and technology expected of the UK’s number one odds comparison site. oddschecker sincerely hopes to work with Ladbrokes, Coral and Betdaq again in the future”


What's happened?

From time to time oddschecker reviews its commercial relationships to ensure that its users’ needs are best served whilst monetising the site as best as possible to continue to invest in its improvement. On rare occasions oddschecker will be unable to reach an agreement and as such a partner may be removed from its product offering leave the service.

Will they be back?

oddschecker has worked with dozens of operators over the last two decades. Whilst from a user experience perspective oddschecker hopes to maintain a degree of consistency and balance to its offering, some firms choose to stop working with it for reasons such as i) leaving the UK market, ii) licensing restrictions or simply iii) the repurposing of marketing budgets. It's worth noting however that operators which leave oddschecker often return, as was the case for Ladbrokes in 2011 but oddschecker are unable to guarantee that the same will happen again. In addition to this we regularly welcome new operators to our offering with three such bookmakers becoming grid partners over the last year.

Who will replace them?

As the UK’s number one odds comparison site oddschecker is the destination for sports betting brands wanting to acquire both new customers and retain existing ones, which means it’s in a privileged position in determining with whom it chooses to work. oddschecker is currently in conversation with numerous brands who have a keen interest in the grid vacancies which have arisen.

Will they be coming off the app too?

Yes, having invested substantially in its app over the year oddschecker needs to ensure that the fees it charges its bookmaker partners are sufficient to continue in its ambition to remain the trusted connection between customers and all their favourite gambling experiences.

Will the balance in my Ladbrokes or Coral accounts be affected?

No. The balance in your Ladbrokes or Coral accounts will not be affected and will be accessible via their products.

What about Betdaq?

Like Ladbrokes and Coral, oddschecker have also been unable to agree a new deal with Betdaq.

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